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Relationship Status: FAKE


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Annalise Hart is a first-year college student and just an ordinary and simple girl. One day, she was approached by a guy named Prince Ace Knight and told her to be his fake girlfriend. The condition is to fall in love with each other. Prince Ace Knight is the popular guy in the university. Girls would go gaga when they see him. They would give him gifts, letters, and sometimes confess their feelings to him, but he would turn them all down. Prince Ace is sick and tired of girls following and giving him stuffs. He is not interested in them and love. Prince Ace approach Annalise because his best friend, which is a classmate of Annalise have an idea. The idea is to have a fake girlfriend so that girls would not follow him, and Annalise is the right girl to be his fake girlfriend. Will Annalise agree to be Prince Ace's fake girlfriend? The ordinary girl and the popular guy together. They do make great chemistry. But how long will their fake relationship last? Will their fake relationship agreement would turn out to be a real one?


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