3 Who do we die for?

[12 years ago]

"How awful..... to think…"

"Then isn't this our time…"


"There's no way such a young man can take care of the....at his age..."

"As his....we should take over."

Several whispers filled the room. Whispers of adults with dirty schemes and plots, those who came only to sneer at the deceased couple's misfortune and some who were truly sympathizing about the sudden deaths.

"Brother, brother" 12-year-old Imogen tugged on her brother's clothes. The black clothes became wrinkled, but the face of the man remained emotionless. It regained some of it's light after he was pulled out of his thoughts.

"Yes? Does Imogen need something? Tell older brother and I'll get it for you." The man forced a smile for his younger sister, but only managed to gave out a faint one.

Imogen was worried, even during this time, her brother prioritizes her over his own self. She bit her lips as an attempt to hide her frowns.

"Older Brother, you should rest. I will go and greet the guests who will come to pay respect. You should recuperate."

Upon hearing the suggestion, Sherdan smiled at his sister. A weak smile that weren't reaching his ears.

"It's fine, older brother is fine."

He was more worried about his sister. He does not want her to develop a depression, because of this. What he feels doesn't matter right now.

When most of the guests and relatives left and only a few people remain, Sherdan took another peek on his phone.

'Still no sign of Friedde' He thought.

He felt another throb in his chest. His head ached from tiredness, so he sat in the dark corner and massaged his head.

There's no point in denying it to himself, he's not fine. But he had to show that he is for the sake of his sister. If his sister saw him break down, then he will just add on to her sadness.

And if he did express his emotions so openly, those vile and abominable people will surely point their fingers at him. They would call him immature or weak, and would use it against him to prove his incompetence to manage over the wealth of Cohens.

Although such things won't change the fact that he's the legal heir, he wanted to avoid hearing those things during such a sensitive period. More so, he doesn't want anyone to show such disrespect during his parents wake.

If only...

If only Friedde will lower down his pride and comfort him. He badly needs it right now. He really needs someone right now. Just someone who will understand him. Someone who he can show his weakness without being afraid. Just someone.

"Vice President." A voice called out to Sherdan. The other seemed to be worried, it was obvious. Sherdan raised his head and saw his closest companions in high school. He remembered the one who called out to him, he was the SSG Secretary during Sherdan's term of being the council's vice president. His name was Meyer.

"We came to say our condolences. I'm with the other SSG members before."

"Are you alright?" Meyer asked.

He wasn't Sherdan's closest friend before, but they've been under the same organization for two years. So even though they don't talk much lately due to the fact that they registered on different courses, they can still be called as one of his closest companions.

After they heard the news of Sherdan's parent's death, they rushed to come to where the former was.

Sherdan weakly smiled, making everyone pity him even more. Sherdan had always been bright and easy-going. To see him like this is nothing but heartbreaking. He had dark circles under his eyes and he seems paler than usual. Almost like a walking dead.

Meyer stared at the former vice president he had always looked up to and felt his tears almost about to burst out.

"If Sherdan doesn't cry then i will! That's what a friend should do!" Meyer did cried right after he thought of that.

Sherdan saw Meyer like this and couldn't help but smile to give them comfort. "It's alright, Come in" Sherdan said as he consoled Meyer.

The four people paid their respect and accompanied Sherdan for a long time. When the sky was almost black, they bid their goodbye.

Lucian who came along didn't leave right away. He glanced at the three who bid farewell beforehanf and waved them goodbye. Lucian did that until they were all gone from their sights, while standing beside Sherdan.

There were only a few times that they communicated. And it was just a short period of time. Lucian coming here is actually unexpected, he wasn't part of the Student Council before, but because he was Meyer's close friend and he somehow knows Sherdan, he came along.

Sherdan noticed Lucian staring at him. Actually, he finds it odd that Lucian wanted to stay. And it was a little awkward. After all, the number of times that they talked can be counted with one hand. So he wondered why?

"I don't know you that much." Lucian talked and looked away.

Because of this sudden sentence, Sherdan looked at him. Lucian continued talking while still looking at the sky that was gradually changing colors.

The darkness consumed the indigo sky, giving off a depressing but oddly beautiful vibe. Beautiful because of one sole reason, that darkness brought along numerous twinkling lights.

"My father died when I was 12. My mother had no other relatives she can turn to, so she raised me all by herself. At front, she's a strong woman, but...I will always see her cry at night. Her face looks saddening and the usual beautiful smile will be gone."

Lucian had a nostalgic smile on his face, while Sherdan was confused. He doesn't know where this is going, and why Lucian is saying this. Lucian seemed to notice his expression, so he smiled brightly.

"Vice President, I think you're an awesome person like my mom. And when I saw you earlier, you also reminded me of my mom. You had the same sad face, the same blank eyes. It was heartbreaking."

"So i want to say this, even though you and I are not close."

Lucian looked at him and smiled genuinely.

"You look beautiful when you smile." He said. His friendly voice and vibe made someone want to smile with him.

Sherdan stared at him in daze, and the throb in his heart dissipated a little. He smiled back, this time it is because he is grateful for the other's care. What Lucian wanted to say, he understands it.

"Thank you." He said.

Lucian left after that. He was actually embarrassed to admit such a thing out loud, but he couldn't help it.

He was once one of those who admired Sherdan's bright smile. It was mesmerizing and beautiful, it makes someone think that he was smiling at your soul. It makes someone's mood turn bright too.

Although it wasn't 'that' kind of admiration, he still thinks it will be a waste to lose such pureness. So he said it, despite how it might end up setting Sherdan off.

After 2 days the wake was done and the closest relatives gathered for the deceased pair's burial.

There was still no sign of Friedde, and Sherdan had long given up. The successive problems drained his energy, leaving him nothing else to use for coaxing the other.

After this, the management of the company was overtaken by Sherdan. Leaving him no other choice but to study and work at the same time.

This reduced his time for Friedde even more.

"You better not do something stupid!" Boss Arie said. He's a famous tattoo artist. Friedde apprenticed under him last year.

Friedde snorted and continued texting with Clara. He met Clara in a bar one time. She's a beautiful lady with blonde flocks and she seems to be a half based on her accent and her blue eyes. Friedde likes her looks and her coquettish behaviors.

Aside from that, she's a girl!

Even if he flirts with her, no one will give him weird gazes.

In the middle of the 0heated conversation. Sherdan's incoming call emerged on the screen. Friedde frowned and ended it without hesitation, he then blocked Sherdan.

He barely sees Sherdan in a week. After his parent's death, Friedde heard that he took over the company. This must be the reason why he can't even give him much time.

If he can't adjust his time properly, then why enter a relationship at all? All his time was spent on other things that they barely had time to meet. Friedde even sacrificed his peace of mind to be with Sherdan , but Sherdan could barely give him his time.

Then, Clara came in such a right time. The attention he had for Sherdan was now all focused to Clara. Flirting with a girl was different from being with a Sherdan, it gave him a sense of superiority. It made him feel more like a man.

Whenever he was with Sherdan, he would always be the one on the receiving end. Thi did a lot of damages on his pride as a man.

Before, he actually thought that he's gay. But now that he became interested with a girl, he realized that he must have been wrong. Or at least, he could be a bisexual.

"Friedde you brat. Your boyfriend's parents is dead and the poor guy's stoll mourning, but you, you had the guts to cheat? If you aren't a scum, then I don't know what kind of creature you are anymore." Boss Arie scolded him.

The two was careful in front of him, but as a gay man himself it was impossible not to notice their relationship.

"I'm not cheating, isn't this just friendship? After all, I'm gay," Friedde said without feeling an ounce of shape. Boss Arie's face distorted, he wanted to roast him so badlt, but in the end he just shook his head.

This apprentice of him is truly audacious. He had such a thick face that an encyclopedia can't even rival.

"I'm gay but I never act like you do. What a sham." Boss Arie murmured to himself.

He would love to imprint this fact on his apprentice' head, but personal things are personal things and work is work. He cannot drive him out because of how irritating he wad . His personality was surely questionable, but his talent was not. Boss Arie can only sigh in his heart.

After Friedde clocked out he saw Clara outside waiting for him. She wore a sexy spaghetti dress and the jewelries on her body shines in the dark. Her red lips curved into a smile after she saw Friedde.

She went to him and encircled her arms on his firm shoulders.

"Brother, how about we go to your place tonight for a drink?" She said, she openly pressed her big front on Friedde. Seeing this provocation Friedde agreed.


"Haaaaa haaa." A short series of breath came out of Sherdan's mouth. He grabbed a bottle and filled it with water then gulped it in a second.

His Adam's apple moved up and down. Sweat dripped down from his forehead, and it even made his black shirt stick to his body, revealing the form of his big build.

After he emptied the glass, he placed it down and headed to his room. Everywhere he walked, the maids along the way would greet him. He will only return it with a nod.

He had another vague dream about his past. And this time, he could only remember that it was about his parent's funeral.

Sherdan's brows knitted in a frown.

This dreams about his past life had been haunting him for several days. Like he was being reminded of the past that he wanted so badly to forget.

His fist formed into a ball, he was trying so badly to suppress his anger.


The sudden ringtone surprised him and he ended up flinching. He ganced around and found his phone on the wooden table, what he saw upon checking it was Secretary Lincoln's incoming call

"Yes? What's the matter?" He asked upon receiving.

"Oh! Good morning Sir. I just want to report about the new secretary I suggested, he will be your temporary secretary during my leave." Secretary Lincoln said.

"Is that so."

"Yes. By the way, his name is Lucian. He's actually my friend in college and I heard from him that you were schoolmates in high school? Have you heard of him?"

His tone suddenly went from formal to casual. Secretary Lincoln have this habit.

After he heard the name, Sherdan's brows loosen. He can vaguely remember who Lucian is. But they weren't close before.

"I know him"

After hearing this, Secretary Lincoln was delighted.

"Oh! Is that so! Then that's great, at least you know him. He's pretty good at his work, but if he slipped up then please tell me. I will personally scold him---hey wait you're here already?---come---Oh! Sorry sir, bye bye."


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