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Rekindled Youth


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Sherdan Cohen is a 32-year old bachelor and is known as one of the "most sought-after businessmen". Aside from that noteworthy and respectable reputation, there is one more rumor circling around high society.     He never had a girlfriend or a fling!     Ladies, single to married, all shared the same goal. To pursue this ideal man, and get their golden ticket to both riches and success.      Several ladies tried their luck, but to no avail.     The man was like an impenetrable wall. An invisible but solid barrier seems to be looming around him, as he wouldn't even let anyone take one step inside his zone.     This made every woman wonder whether he was emotionally inept.     But, the truth is that Sherdan is a 'deeply' closeted gay man. Who once had a complicated relationship with his sister's soon-to-be-husband.      Sherdan, who came back from a business trip, only recently found out that his sister was already engaged, and is now about to get married.      Sherdan, who's neither expressive nor immature, remained silent. He attended the wedding without complaints, and even watched them as they exchanged vows.      For a taciturn guy, the past does not need to be told.      The pain does not need to be known.     And the suffering does not need to be shared.     The only thing he could do is to wish for a chance to rekindle the things he lost, the flames of his youth.     This is the story of a 32-year-old man, who woke up one day 16 years in the past.   ------   [Original Cover by meee~ You interested in commissioning one? Do DM me on my social media accounts! IG account: callmeotooosanDiscord   : callmeotooosan#2412   fb page: Mignon ]       


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