Rejected Love Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Rejected Love


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Sya Summers is a girl who once believed in fantasies and love. It was until she lost her parents in a car accident. She was with them in the accident however some mysterious creature saved her. Someone whose eyes she could never forget. What about that mystery creature? Well, Kane Wilson, a vampire, never wanted a mate. He was forced to enter the dark side of this immortal world. At was cost though? He lost his family like friends, the ones he grew up with. Nothing would faze him in the world again. The only thing he desired was revenge from the bastard who made his friends go through that excruciating painful death, having their blood sucked. He would have the same fate if Bryson hadn't interfered and saved him. Kane was adamant at not wanting a mate. So, when he came across the site of a car about to fall off the cliff, he just did what he felt was right. He save the car from falling however the front passengers were already dead. Then he smelled the most intoxicating scent of his life. He recognized his mate in a nine-year-old Sya who was lying unconscious in the back seat. He didn't know what to do or how he should have felt. But one thing was obvious, he had to get away from her; to keep her safe. Hence, he rejected his mate that night, her still not conscious to know what was going on. Years later, what will happen when he will come across his rejected mate again? Yes! The mate bond made him crave her, to want her beside him, and to protect her at all costs. But being with her wasn't necessary to do that. However, he had never thought that he will get so deep in love by protecting her again and again that there will be no way out. He confessed his feelings and Sya responded positively. They thought that they had found their happy ending but then the person whose blood Kane always thirsted for blood came again in his life only to steal away his supposed happy ending, his REJECTED LOVE. Many trails were then passed to reach the end Kane and Sya desired.