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Reincarnator Terminator


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Those who reincarnate as the villainess or a side character would always hate the heroine and the male lead. Yet, by the end of the novel, they become exactly what they swore to destroy. Or perhaps worse. A reincarnated villainess who woke up and became cute and cheesy, destroying her previous evil image and is now doted by her own reverse harem? Check. A reincarnated villainess who will, at every chance, run away from male leads for no reason at all, and slap a maid for her own good? Check. A reincarnated side character who would rather ‘stick to the plot line’ while ruining the lives all around her and is suddenly a hot topic? Check. A reincarnated side character who becomes an edgy, ‘cold-hearted’ and ‘emotionless’ prodigy who simply got plot armour and plagiarised modern technology? Check. Hey, I can’t do this anymore. Lady Madonna, the head of an orphanage in a fantasy novel, peacefully passed away in her sleep. In the afterlife, she is given a free will. “I want to become the reincarnator terminator!” Lady Madonna will save the ex-heroines and heroes so the orphanage’s children can sleep knowing that their favourite character is not ruined by some sketchy author.


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