1 Do you believe in Reincarnation?

It was very dark this night. A man in mid twenties was walking home from work. His name was Maxwell. He was a very kind hearted person who likes to help others. He was an orphan who didn't have any parents. So he grew up without any real parents, he only had a Father and Mother figure in the orphanage. He was always envious of children who had parental love but did not understand its true value. So to fill this void in his heart he had read many novels and manga's, watched Anime's. He was intrigued by many things he had read and seen.

As he turned around in the alleyway he saw a woman be robbed by a man who had a knife in his hand. he was holding a small boy in his grasps. It looked like the kid was her child. Without even thinking his body moved and he had a rough fight with the robber and at long last he won the battle. But alas the robber had won the war as the robber had a lucky shot and it injured Max in a critical place. He was losing a lot of blood. As he was dyeing, He heard an old man saying," Maxwell, you have done good and passed the test. You shall be sent to the Pantheon." With this he drifted into darkness.

When Max opened his eyes he saw an unfamiliar place. He looked around and soon found himself on top of a floating cloud that looked eerily familiar to him. It looked like the cloud was taking him somewhere. After some time he noticed a Golden gate that was open and many people were being taken in there like him. When he reached the place he looked around there and soon found out there were Gods & Goddess in there who giving the followers a blessings. As he was looking around clueless wondering what he was doing here, an Old Man came to him and said,

"Young Man, Do you believe in Reincarnation?"

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