1 Chapter 1: Learning how to use a bow

Hi my name is Matthew today is the day I learn hope to user a bow I was really excited to use one for the first time.

I had been waiting for this for two whole weeks this had become the best moment of my life ever since I was a kid I had been watching videos about learning how to use a bow.

The first time I had really saw someone in person use a bow on a three headed dragon was my dad the dragon tried to kill my dad he told me to cover my eyes but I peeked just a little bit and saw the dragon dead on the floor I thought to myself did I just witness a three headed dragon get slayed by a bow.

Those dragons were really hard to slay with one BowsMan you would need atleast three people with a bow to help you slay the dragon that day later in school I told my friends what I saw they believed me when I got home there was a note on the door saying that my dad had been tortured and executed for something that he did but I never thought to myself that my dad would kill someone.

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