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If you want a cold, calculating, absolutely ruthless protagonist that manipulates everyone around him, even making women fall in love just to take advantage of them, this is the story for you. It will take up to 3-4 chapters to really get interesting but the description of the story or this review makes you feel like this is your kind of thing, stick with it for at least the the first 5 chapters and I can promise you won't be let down.


The author has passed away. Hence, this book will never be able to continue. Please understand this and stop slandering the book for no updates.


I like this story quite a bit. Just one thing is that I would prefer if some things would happen outside the mc's control. but then again, it is only 4 chaps and will update soon. Will be waiting for the new chaptersa


Great start. Excited to see where it will go. I hope this gets famous as it has the potential and appeal to do so. The nun in the last chapter though 😹😹😹


Ten chapters in I’m already addicted and author, please don’t abandon this novel it is reallllly great and I guarantee it will completely take off.


What else can I say that this is a very good book if you're looking for a god character protagonist... and well the title of the story and the author's name really intertwines well together.


I would love to read this novel, but the problem is that I don't believe author will not drop this novel. Because he interacts with his comments too much, I have seen him even arguing with some people. And I have seen it with many other authors as well, who gets frustrated with comments and decides to drop the novel. Even if the powerstones are coming. Overall it is actually a masterpiece novel with amazing storyline.


Rest in peace bro, may your soul rest in heaven ..., ... ............................................................... .......... .... ...............................


it would be higher if I didnt have to wait this long and still not get a upload like I love this but like please just please update this (not Kidding please!!)


Thoroughly enjoying. A Cold and heartless protagonist, perfect read if you like that genre (which I like quite a bit). Great scope for future development. And to show the dark and calculating side of what a person/ god can do is invigorating.


This is a great book. I like the MC and he is not dumb. But I’m writing this review because when is the next chapter???? I feel like I’ve been waiting for a year now


ive really liked the book so far and from what ive seen my only problem is that the author has to publish the next chapter because some of us readers can wait lol but take your time and hopefully it comes out soon


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i love this chapter book its something really interesting i would expect less but this is wow i hope the next chapters come out soon i wont miss out on them


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I love this story and have been waiting a month checking ever day for the new update


I am the wheel of my bumper... Steel is my body, diesel is my blood... I have sented over a thousand reincarnators... Unknown to trains, nor known to bikes... Have withstood pain to create many deaths... Yet, those wheels will crush nothing... So, as I run over, Unlimited Truck Works ~!