Reincarnation of the Demon Beast Emperor (BL) Book

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Reincarnation of the Demon Beast Emperor (BL)


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*THUNDER CLASH* "Huff huff..." "My son you must survive! You have to take care of yourself and your younger brother. Is this understood?" "Yes... mother wuu..wuuu *sniff sniff* I'll be strong.!" He a 24th century famous doctor/surgeon and a secret vet that love animals to death and loved by all animals. He is known as the Dark Demon Rose that trampled over many older doctors/surgeons that was proffessional in those fields. He Zheng YangWei was killed in such a damn embarrassing way, he died by electricity that he accident touch the wire when his hand are wet. "F***! Damn why! I still have my beloved cats to take care of!" Next life Our Mc was purring and our ML was petting the sliver pattern black panther back. As wanting to touch more he lowered his down to the waist then the butt. *Hiss* "Wifey why are you not let me touch you"*whinning* "Mmm?hmph!" "Damn pevert if I wasn't drug then I would have not did that contract!" "Wifey~ Please..please~?" Hello to all to all reader this is my second book and another BL. *Warning* Please be aware it contain little bit (or a lot) of smut and bad languages. Those who feels uncomfortable please don't make your self read. Thank You! R+15/18