536 Meet Bai Xueyan

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"Alright, I'm coming!" Gu Ning said.

"Great!" Bai Xueyan was satisfied.

After hanging up, Gu Ning told Gu Man that she was going to meet a friend in City G.

Gu Man had heard their conversation on the phone so she didn't stop Gu Ning.

"Since your friend invited you to meet her, we can go home right now. Shaoting can send us back to Clean Water Blue Sky before driving you there," Gu Man said.

"It's so early now! Please stay for a while longer and Qinyang can send you home later," Wen Yulan said.

"Yes," Gu Qinyang echoed.

"Don't worry. We can get Shaoting to send us home," Gu Man said. Gu Qinyang and Wen Yulan didn't insist but invited them to have a meal together tomorrow.

Gu Man wasn't sure when they would be flying back to City F so she didn't answer yet, but said that she would call them tomorrow.


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