2 Wake up call Part Two.

I told you, you would give up. That butler, seriously, he is asking for my death. But if there's still people not affected by my butler's way of doing things. Maybe this chapter will help....



My Supreme King !!! Good morning, my Supreme King. I hope the bed was to your liking. If not, I will have the lowly being who made your bed feel the most excruciating pain possible.

"It was okay, Butler. Calm down..Just prepare my calming tea."

Okay...? My Supreme King, I did not know. I let you sleep in a bed that was merely 'okay'. Please, cut my limbs for this erro--

"You know what. Just kill the guy who made the bed. I am tired. Go !!"

Ohh my Supreme King !!! Of course !! Attention !!! To every personals of the Empire, our Supreme King has asked for the head of the man who made his bed. The reason being, it was just 'okay'. Bring me his head to his lowly being, now !!!!

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"I feel like I spouted some harsh words... Nah..I'm just tired."

My Supreme King. Here it is, the head of Alexander Repriote Dandelle.

"Ahh ! I know why now. I forgot I was the king. Shit !! And now the most talented bed creator is dead. Ahhhhhhh...., I'm so tired !!"

My Supreme King !! Are you okay ? If the bed had this effect on you. Then, I will have his family lives' taken too. Ohh no, maybe he was a spy...

"Dear god, I just want some silence !!"

My Supreme King !!!!! I was lenient on your security. I will have it tenfold times this instant. Attention to every Personals of the empire, find me five beings of whatever races. As long as they are the 'Strongest', 'Toughest' and 'Most Intelligent'. They must bear those criterias. Now go !!!!

"It was my fault, I guess. I sold myself. I shouldn't have said all of that from the start. But I guess its too late now. Shit, fuck me !!"

To be continued....

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