3 Wake up call Part Three[Last Past].

What ??! You are telling that its my fault, now !! I didn't reincarnate to go through this hell. I just wanted a simple king life. Instead, I became the biggest villain in the world history for the most mass murder...



My Supreme King, sorry to bother your moment. I wanted to have your permission for something. Can I ask his Supreme King ?

"Go ahead, Butler."

Could I perhaps have better firearm ? This old Ak-48 is too shabby. And as you have seen during the meeting with outer people, I had a bit of a trouble killing them.

"You don't have to bother me for that. As the butler, you have full authority for my protection. Pick any other firearm you might need. The best, if possible."

My Supreme King, I didn't know you had that much faith in me. Thank you, my Supreme King !!!! My Loyalty and Respect are only for you. My life is too.

"Sure, sure...."

Excuse me, my Supreme King !! I didn't notice I was bothering his Supreme King !! Please cut m---

"Just go take a break, Butler. I want silence right now."

Yes, Yes my Supreme King ! Please, forgive me.

"Finally, a moment of peace. But why does he need new weapons...I gues ms I should have aaked...Nah..It will be oka---Wait ! No, its not okay !!! I must check on him befo--"

Supreme King, I tested our new nuclear missile on the Andre Kingdom. And the test was concluent. We are ready to start the war....

"The sneaky bastard. He wanted my permission to use that kind of weapon....But I did kind of tell him to use any firearm. And it is too late now. I officially started a war with another kingdom. Well, let's see how they reply.. I am quite eager to finally meet sane people..."

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To be continued....

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