1 Wake up call Part One.

So, you must be either lost or trying to predict what will happen in this story. Well, good luck trying. I gave up on my first day. Good luck !



Okay. Mic ! Mic !! Mic !!! Okay. It is working. Well, I welcome everyone taking a ticket to the unknown. Please take a seat to your designated location. Be quick !!!......Okay. We are off to a great start then. My name is LaVoire, The Butler Of The Supreme King. And you people of the outer world was invited to witness the absolute power of my supreme king. So please, welcome the Supreme King, You !!!!!!![Kneels instantly before his Supreme King]!!!!!!!!!!

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"Huhh !!? Why am I standing ? I am sure I was sitting just now. Ohh, hello again Butler !"

My Supreme King !! I invited the outer population as you told me to. Please, bless them with your absolute leadership magnetism and prowess.

"I did ? Maybe I did. I don't remember very well but sure. So...hello, People of the whole world. I am a mere king who just arrived yesterday through transmigration. But do not worry, I plan on global domination very soon."

Ohh Myyy !!!!! Thank you my Supreme King !!! And now, people of the outer world. I will kill half of you all so as for the other half to witness the beginnning of my Supreme King Dictatorship on the whole world. Those who will survive, I count on you to pass the message to your stupid kings. Tell them that my Supreme King is going to take their heads before the end of the year.


Yes, my Supreme King. I understand. In One month, my Supreme King will rule over the world. Now, go !!!!! Scram !!!!!!!

"Uh-oh...I feel like I got scammed...Since when the butler decides of what I should do. Normally, I'm supposed to be the hero who fights the demon lord kind-of-thing. But I guess, god had another plan for me...ha-ha..."

To be continued...

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