4 Humor me Part One.

I remember.. I remember now... I come from another world..A world called 'Earth'. It was beautiful from afar but deep inside, that world was rotten. I paid the price of living there with my life. But I got a second chance. And I won't waste it. I may have become a king, but I refuse to be a tyrannical one....



My Supreme King. The sun will soon disappear and that will mark the end of day. Do you perhaps want to hear the report ?

"Report....Ohh right, I am a king. Go on, Butler. How's the preparation for the war going ? Is my army perfected ?"

Yes, my Supreme King. I made all the preparation. And it was all perfectly done to your will. Also, I wanted to ask my Supreme King if, maybe, I could assign myself the 'General' of each battalion.

"Hmmmm...Butler, please do so. I never planned on directing them to be honest."

My Supreme King ! I apologize !! I thought...It was my mistake to assume you would control such weaklings. Of course, his Supreme King has better to do.

"What ?? No, I meant--"

My Supreme King !!! Please, cut my limbs !!!!

"Just go choose some generals already. I'm tired !"

Yes, my Supreme King.

"That gu--"

Done, my Supreme King. I apologize my Supreme King. But to be honest, I had already chosen them. Because I specially trained them. They are the children with super strength, super durability and high intelligence. I trained them so that they would obey you, like I do.

"Is it me or is my Butler insanely overpowered in all categories ?"

My Supreme King. They are here to salute his Supreme King.

"Is that necessary ?"

Ohh my Supreme King ! I apologize for being so intrusive. I will have the generals and myself limbs tore off--

"Shut up ! I've had enough with the limb thing. Just shut up for a sec. And regarding the children behind you, general huhh ? I guess its okay then.. So, please introduce yourself before me, your Supreme King !!"

To be continued...

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