Reincarnation into The World Of Douluo Dalu Book

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Reincarnation into The World Of Douluo Dalu


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Ling Tian, a boy from modern earth transmigrated into the world of Douluo Dalu without any prior notice. Watch how the wheel of fate changed it's course because of his existence. Caution:- If you are a fan of Tang San then this novel is definitely not for you.... Otherwise you will surely regret this decision... Warning:- a) It's a harem novel, so if you don't like this tag, then please kindly fu** off..... b) The MC is a self insert type, so hope you like it..... c) I am writing this novel only to pass my leasurely time, so don't expect a marvelous plot..... d) This novel is only for wish-fulfilment....


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