1 Ch-1 Pilot

(This story is of an alternative universe of Dragon ball series. Please do not try to connect to the original dragon ball series)

So the story starts with planet Olet the home planet God of destruction. The hakaishin has some plans for mortals of his universe and wants a backup plan of somehow he is replaced. So he decided to form an army. He thought of a civilization which can obey him. First he went to namek but the population was just above 100. Then he went to yardrant there they had a rule that they will never leave there planet. His last 3 options were planet vegeta planet truffles and planet Earth. Trufflea and vegeta was already under frieza. So he came to Earth. There he recruited 500+ soldiers. They were not other than all the upcoming protagonists...…

These 500+ were trained by planetary gods. But a few of them discovered about other masters they can learn from.

Who are those masters? Will frieza ever be able to know about his distruction? Can anyone even replace this hakaishin?

The main focus of the story would be on Razdan, TJ, Agent 47, Ruffy, Mafudoro, Shuryaa and more to be reveled soon

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