1 Am I in another world?

" Where am I," I said

Then it hit me, have I transmigrated to another world?

I wouldn't have been here if it is not for my ex-boyfriend. I work as a designer in an office. That Morning, I was off from work that day, and I had a date with my boyfriend. As I was going to meet my boyfriend, I saw him with another girl heading towards a hotel. I didn't know what I was thinking, the next thing I knew, I was following them to the hotel. I was really angry and it even caused a ruckus. It hurt me because we have been dating for 5 years, I thought he would marry me. I went to a bar and got drunk heavily. I don't even remember how many shots I took. After I was done, I decided to go back home and prepare for work the next day and I remember that it was pouring very heavily that night. As I was driving, I crashed into something, I don't even remember what it is. I thought I was going to die, now, I am on a bed, I still it was all a dream.

" Where am I," I said again

I saw a girl, she was shouting as soon as she saw me.

" Everyone! Princess is awake," She said

I thought I was in a movie because of the clothes she wears.

" Who are you?" I said

" My princess, you don't remember me?" she said

" Excuse me, what princess are you talking about? I am not a princess" I said

" Do you have amnesia?" she said

She called a doctor.

" Are you okay? My princess. " The doctor said

" Oh, Yes. And can you stop calling me Princess? I am not a princess" I said

" It seems like she has serious amnesia. Let me talk with the King and Queen" The doctor said

The doctor leaves. I don't know what to do. I look at the girls and I decided to ask them a question.

" Excuse me," I said

" Yes, my princess," she said

" em, what place is this if I may ask?" I said

" The place is Qiando," she said

"hn?," I said

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