65 Ch 5

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"Most of the people present here have chosen Moonlight Gu as their vital Gu. You should watch me carefully. Next, this old man will personally demonstrate how to activate Moonlight Gu to attack. This classic long-range attack method can also be applied to other Gu worms, and the scope of application is very wide."

Saying that, the academy elder stretched out his right hand, spread out his fingers, and lowered his palm so that the teenagers could see his palm.

"First of all, use your mind to mobilize Moonlight Gu and transfer it to your palm." Following his voice, the crescent moon mark representing Moonlight Gu moved along the patriarch's arm and appeared on his palm.

"Then, mobilize the primeval essence in the aperture and pour it into the moonlight Gu."

A trace of lustrous white-silver colored rank three primeval essence poured out almost imperceptibly, from the academy elder's body and poured into the moonlight Gu in the palm of his hand.

'It's the same', I thought.

Seeing this scene, I recalled back to the day I first practiced moonlight gu. It was the day after I got my hands on the moonlight gu. I used the instructions provided in the game.

In the game, we had to put on the VR handset and as per the instructions, we had to put our hand forward such that the palm faces the target. Primeval essence would be used as soon as I shout 'Activate' and the Moonlight gu would shine on my palm and shoot out the moonblades. While accuracy was not an issue in the game due to the markets, it was definitely a huge problem in the real life.

However, having experience of shooting out hundreds of moonblades in the game, I had developed some level of accuracy and using moonlight gu for the first time was quite smooth.

When I used the Moonlight Gu for the first time after I transmigrated into this world, I was standing near the Flower Wine Monk's skeleton in the inheritance ground. I found a steady boulder and focused on activating moonlight gu using my knowledge. It took some time to get used to mobilizing primeval essence into the moonlight gu but my first attempt to shoot a moonblade was half-successful. It consumed 5% of my primeval essence and a moonblade formed but it disintegrated midway.

Coming back to the present, I had already successfully use the moonlight gu to shoot out moonblades. It was just a rank one gu while I had blood path grandmaster attainment and refinement path quasi master attainment. Just the intuition was really helpful in getting through the tough parts of using any gu.

Attainment was magical. Right now, my mind was filled with countless thoughts and countless inspirations whenever I thought of blood path methods. My understanding of blood path was on whole another level, and I could even create many blood path Gu worms and many mortal killer moves that were related to blood path just by using blood of mine or any beast.

However, I didn't dare to because I knew that this was a trap set by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable.

Attainment was a concept which I found quite different from the game. The game treated attainment similar to deducing stuff. To unlock some killer moves or gu worm recipe available in the game, higher attainment would be required. The attainment was similar to 'xp' used in other games which could be filled up by doing different tasks and accumulated over time. In the later stages of the game, dream realms and other stuff can be used to gain a lot of attainment.

While in reality, experiencing Blood path grandmaster attainment was quite magical. I can't quantify my experience. It was just that I knew things and could understand profound concepts, those which I normally could not have understood or made sense of. That's how I was able to able to create a killer move this early.


The grass puppet's neck, which was thirty centimeters thick, was cut off by the moon blade shot by the academy elder, and the puppet's body shook, and it's huge head fell to the ground.

It also brought me back from my recollection as I prepared for my turn to shoot the moonblades. Afterall, there were primeval stones rewards for the first place holder in the novel.

Looking at the neck of the grass puppet, I saw that the cut surface was extremely flat, as if it had been cut with the sharpest sickle.

'I need to make quite an accurate shot to shoot off the neck from this far away.'

"Next, as long as you have refined Moonlight Gu, you will stand up, and practice with a grass puppet. Following the method I just used and showed you, you will use the same to activate the moonlight gu and shoot the moon blade at the grass puppet to practice."

"Practice hard. Whoever can cut off the neck of the grass puppet using a single moonblade within the next three days will receive fifty primeval stones as a reward."

The eyes of all the students lit up.

Even I was excited. The original reward was much lower than this and I already had rank one upper stage essence with the help of Liquor worm. The person with the highest chance to earn this reward was me.

What was the thing I required the most right now? Yes, it was primeval stones! To reach Rank three, to refine gu, to compete for my family's inheritance and to get the Heavenly Treasure Lotus gu, I needed huge amounts of primeval stones.

This was a heaven sent opportunity. I immediately started practicing with the upper stage primeval essence. Many students were impressed by looking at my shots.

"Wow. As expected of the class head."

"Even when the older brother fell down to Earth with low grade aptitude, he has so much better adaptability. Truly waste of an extraordinary talent."

Even the academy elder sighed when he heard this. Afterall Fang Yuan had a C-grade aptitude. "Sigh. The height of his future achievements is already determined. If he can atleast reach rank 2, he will be useful to the clan."

"If brother can do it, why can't I?" Fang Zheng was looking at Fang Yuan with competitive eyes.

Even he started practicing but his shots were quite far off from the target compared to Fang Yuan. Once again, jealousy and shadow of Fang Yuan reflected in his heart. Fang Zheng felt shrouded and uncomfortable but he was unable to defeat Fang Yuan.

Time passed, the group of students continued practicing the use of Moonlight Gu, and the academy elders would occasionally give pointers. Fang Yuan, Fang Zheng, Mo Bei, and Chi Cheng were of course the key targets.

However, after few minutes, the moon blades flying in the air gradually became sparser. Only the above four were actively shooting moonblades. Each moonblade cost 5% of middle stage primeval essence.

"The consumption of the moon blade is too high. I only have a C-grade aptitude. Only 38% of the primeval essence sea can be stored in the empty aperture, which is only enough to trigger three moonblades in a row.", one of the students spoke who had yet to breakthrough to the Rank one middle stage.

The teenagers stopped their practice and sighed one after another.

Seeing all this, academy elder looked calm on the surface, but sighed in his hearts: "This is the advantage of high cultivation aptitude, to use the moonblade well, it is nothing more than practice makes perfect. High aptitude students can practice more. The more primeval essence you have, the faster your primeval essence recovers, and there are more opportunities to practice. I wonder how Fang Yuan advanced to Rank one middle stage so fast. Even though he is C grade, his cultivation speed is on par with B-grade."

Three days passed,

The first person to cut the neck of grass puppet was naturally Fang Yuan. He didn't even need to use the little light gu or his killer move.

Following Fang Yuan was Fang Zheng, Mo Bei and Chi Cheng. Academy elder did not expect this result but he followed his words and gave fifty primeval essence stones to Fang Yuan.

Everyone who saw this felt their mouths drool at so many primeval essence stones. Some even had the thought to snatch it but this was not allowed within the academy.


I was happy to receive fifty primeval essence stones. Given the weekly ten primeval essence stones which I recieved from the academy as well as cost of feeding all my gu, I had amassed a total of one hundred and fifty primeval essence stones.

I didn't care at all about the buzz around me but I was busy thinking about other things and left the place in an instant to go to Flower Wine Monk's inheritance. I took many turns and ensured no one followed me.

Since I found the second secret cave, I visited it regularly. During the past few months, I also did a few experiment. I found my primeval essence reserves to be quite lacking. Even killer move was not sufficient to let me clear even a single stone pillar. Hence I thought of a few things.

First, I lured the jade-eyed stone monkey out. At the beginning, I used the moon blade, and then I switched to bows and arrows in order to save my primeval essence.

After the jade-eyed stone monkey rushed out, I controlled the Spring and Autumn Cicada, to exude it's aura, and the jade-eyed stone monkey immediately fell to the ground stiffly in fright.

I stood at a distance and aimed at the neck of the jade-eyed stone monkey and shot a moon blade, and then I saw the jade-eyed stone monkey getting beheaded easily by the moon blade without any resistance. It was particularly helpful when using my killer move which took about three seconds to prepare. It would cut through three stone monkeys with a single attack.

Seeing this result, I knew my idea was correct.

The idea is, can Spring Autumn Cicada help me when I fight monsters?

The reason why I came up with this idea is that I was recalling all the plots of Qing Mao Mountain in the novel and the game, and I remembered that Fang Yuan once relied on refining the Chainsaw golden centipede to scare off the centipede group, so he was able to find the Heavenly Essense Treasure Lotus unimpeded.

I just thought, since the rank three Chainsaw golden centipede can scare off the swarm of centipedes, maybe the rank six Spring and Autumn Cicada can do it too.

With this idea in mind, I wanted to try it out right away.

The results of the experiment were gratifying. In this way, Spring Autumn Cicada added the function of killing monsters in addition to the super-assistant function of Gu refining.

River of Time continued to flow, the Spring Autumn Cicada was recovering and it's aura was getting stronger which also helped more in fights.

Relying on the Spring and Autumn Cicada, I could pass through the second secret cave unhindered, and soon found the largest stone pillar in the center of the stone forest.

Under the shadow of the huge stone pillar, there was an artificially created opening before my eyes.

At the entrance of the cave, rough stone steps lead all the way to the dark underground.

I lit the torches that I had prepared, and then activated the White Jade Gu, I carefully walked down the stone steps.

After walking for a long time, I finally reached the end of the stone steps, and a rough stone door appeared in front of me.

"If you kill yourself in the Golden Centipede Cave, you can use it to avoid the disaster." I raised the torch and found some words carved on the stone door.

Then, at the door, I found the second-rank grass Gu - Earth Communication Ear Grass Gu.

It resembled a human ear, but much smaller. It was yellowish-brown, and looked shrivelled and dull. It was shrivelled like marinated radish and carried some warmth. Dozens of roots like the ginseng roots grew out from its sides.

Its food was the ginseng roots. It was easy to feed too. There were many forested mountains in the Southern Border.

After refining the earth communication ear grass in an instant, I returned to the academy.

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Ch 1

Meanwhile, on a far-away continent,

An old man was sitting on the leaves of a ten-thousand year old plant. The leaves were dreamy and illusory, changing from real to fake and then to real again. Any immortals who saw this scene would be shocked beyond belief.

His eyes were closed and he was sitting peacefully. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

"The change of this era has begun. One of my arrangements took place."

His gaze wandered at the vast empty lands stretching for thousands of miles in front of him for a long time.

There was total still in the surroundings with no movements of any beasts or any living object. Even the air and the sky were as still as a statue.

"It's time for me to reappear in the world."

Saying so, he disappeared into thin air.

The winds started blowing again and there were noticeable movement all around. The whole place seem to have come back to life.

The old man and the dream plant were nowhere to be seen. Only some words forming a beautiful and sad poem were left behind which resounded in his original place.

"I once saw there's a golden star,

Unreachable but still not far.

I held out my hands to hold it close,

when from the firmament it rose.

A bright moon, white and cold and fair,

and filled with magic was the air.

Forgotten was the golden star, the dream of Immortality,

Forgotten was the original goal, the original path,

Forgotten by self, Forgotten by the Great Dao, and Forgotten by the world.

I wish I knew who I am."

Ch 3

There was a thunderstorm raging at a remote location in the Black Heaven above the Southern Border.

An old man was floating around observing and manipulating the thunderstorm. Countless lightning bolts with immortal aura passed by him. This was immortal material Electrolytic Starlight. It is generated by the starlight and hence mostly found in Black Heaven.

Great Treasury Immortal, Rank seven information path Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, had created electrolytic iron starflower using this material as an inspiration.

However, the quantity of Electrolytic Starlight flowing around the old man was very abnormal. It was discharging lightning qi very quickly and the lightning path dao marks interweave and blend with each other.

The old man waved his hands. Suddenly all the lightning path dao marks condensed at one point and the lightning qi started simmering down until there was no lightning qi left except the shining ball in the old man's hands which was still shrinking.

It shrank to the point until it became completely invisible to the human eye.

The old man had a satisfactory look on his face.

"My arrangements here are complete. Now I need to do some few remaining tasks and then I can go check out my disciple's progress."

Saying so, the old man gazed at Southern Border with a fond look. Then he directed his gaze towards the Black Heaven above the Central Continent as his look became solemn.

The next moment, he disappeared into thin air.

However, the ball made of lightning qi was still there. Anyone who looked at it would hear a profound sound directly in their mind.

"The rough path of relinquishing everything,

That leads so far into the heart's own haze,

That is one of the two path I walked upon.

Where shades and shadows merge as evergreen,

Both the paths which are overlooked by the Dao of Heaven,

The Remembrance of the past, and Forgotten is the future."

Ch 4

Black Heaven above the Central Continent.

This was the place where the most powerful super force in the five regions was located.

Heavenly Court!

In the Gu World, since ancient times till now, the greatest Gu Immortal organization was only the Heavenly Court.

Right now, within the Heaven Overseeing Tower, the Rank nine Fate Immortal Gu was floating on the top of the stairs at the peak of the tower.

It had suffered a fatal injury at the hands of Red Lotus Demon Venerable and was close to destruction. For countless years, the Fate Gu was being repaired slowly by the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals.

Using the powers of Fate Gu, the Heaven Overseeing Tower could capture details of all the Otherworldly Demons and Fate Escapees throughout the world.

"Otherworldly Demons", the Heaven Overseeing Tower sighed to himself. They were the biggest hindrance to the recovery of Fate Gu.

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