64 Ch 4

Black Heaven above the Central Continent.

This was the place where the most powerful super force in the five regions was located.

Heavenly Court!

In the Gu World, since ancient times till now, the greatest Gu Immortal organization was only the Heavenly Court.

Right now, within the Heaven Overseeing Tower, the Rank nine Fate Immortal Gu was floating on the top of the stairs at the peak of the tower.

It had suffered a fatal injury at the hands of Red Lotus Demon Venerable and was close to destruction. For countless years, the Fate Gu was being repaired slowly by the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals.

Using the powers of Fate Gu, the Heaven Overseeing Tower could capture details of all the Otherworldly Demons and Fate Escapees throughout the world.

"Otherworldly Demons", the Heaven Overseeing Tower sighed to himself. They were the biggest hindrance to the recovery of Fate Gu.

The Otherworldly Demons are different from the natives of the Gu world. Although their bodies were born in this world, their souls are foreign, so they can break free from the fate planned by Fate Gu and embark on a different path.

Therefore, whenever an otherworldly demon is born into this world, the Heaven's Will will know it immediately, and then it will design to frame them or make use of them. The Otherworldly Demons generally face suppression in the Gu World and have low aptitude.

However, Fate Gu only controls the fixed aspect of the world, but there is still a variable of luck in this world. If there is external force interference, the outcome can be changed.

The representative figure of the Otherworldly Demons is the Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

Moreover, Fang Yuan refined the Spring and Autumn Cicada, and used it to go back to the past, it was also the plan of Heaven's will to destroy the hundred thousand year plan of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.

If I don't go in accordance to heaven's will design, it will obliterate me.

So before I have the confidence to escape from the pursuit of whole of Heaven and Earth, I have to follow Heaven's Will plan all the time.

But I'm still only a rank one Gu Master right now. Those are things that I need to worry about in the future. What I need to figure out now is how to reach rank three as soon as possible.

To earn sixty thousand primeval stones, I need to get my hands on my parent's inheritance which contains lots of Primeval stones as well as rank two nine leaf vitality grass gu. I can also threaten Gu Yue Chi Lian about Gu Yue Chi Chen's secret and extort some primeval stones.

To get good gu, I can rely on the caravans as well as the beast tides. During the beast tides, the three major villages would temporarily unite and publish the battle merit list. At that time, the battle merits could be exchanged for Gu worms. There's also Wang Da, who has rank two Shadow Follower Gu and rank two Love Life Separation Gu.

Getting resources is the major concern.

Now that I think about it, if I didn't leave directly that day, but waited until my uncle sent Shen Cui to come to my room, in that case, Fang Zheng would have come to me the next day, and I would defraud him of the six primeval stones.

It's a pity that it's over, it's useless to think about it now. I also don't regret it, maybe my uncle would have dealt with me in a different way.

Few days have passed since the day I refined Moonlight Gu and Liquor worm.

In order to avoid suspicion, it was enough to wait so many days.

I will go to the academy tomorrow morning and receive twenty primeval stones for the first prize. I can also live in the dormitory of the academy, so I can save money spent on the inn.

The following events happened exactly as the novel. Fang Yuan went to the academy elder to report that he had refined the Moonlight gu. He got the first prize of twenty primeval stones increasing his reserve to twenty five primeval stones. He had spent two primeval essence stones to feed the moonlight gu and inn staying costs.

Afterwards, there was huge commotion amongst the students as they couldn't believe that Fang Yuan took the first position.

The long river of time will always flow forward at a constant speed, neither speeding up nor slowing down, nor will it stop.

It has been more than 20 days since Fang Yuan won the first place and about a month after his awakening ceremony. In the past 20 days, students have refined the vital Gu, and the last student has also refined the vital gu today. Tomorrow, the school will start school again.

Months passed by.

Gu Yue Fang zheng, Gu Yue Mo Bei, and Gu Yue Chi Cheng broke through to the rank one middle stage one after another however the first to breakthrough the rank one middle stage was undoubtedly Fang Yuan with the help from Liquor worm as well as 59% primeval sea which was much higher than the original Fang Yuan.

As a reward for breaking through the middle stage, he got thirty primeval essence stones as a reward. His original reserve had almost been depleted when this came in as a timely help.

Outside the bamboo forest, a young man was fighting a boar.

"My usage of moonlight gu has improved a lot but it's still difficult to handle more than one boar at a time. To defeat a single boar, I have to use almost my full primeval essence and put my life at risk. It's only because of continuous use of White Boar Gu that I can last this long."

I already knew where the hidden passage to the secret room was located as shown in the game and I entered it and found Earth Treasury Flower Gu and got the White Boar Gu within it. There was no need to wait for hundred days for the audio video gu to change the display and open up the passage.

To feed the White Boar gu, I needed meat. However, Boar's meat is costly and hence I would need to hunt down boars to feed the White Boar Gu. I immediately remembered that in the original, Fang Yuan went to the the hunter in one of the villages under Gu Yue clan and got the beast skin map.

I know that Old Man Wang is the best hunter in the entire Gu Yue Village, and has the most detailed and largest beast skin map in his hands. But I didn't go to him. It was not because I was afraid of his son Wang Da but because I already had the map thanks to my perfect memory of the game.

The red and green spots on the map, indicating the dangerous and safe areas, were clearly plotted in the Reverend Insanity game that I used to play.

It took me some time to match it with the actual surroundings but I was able to avoid many hardships which I would have faced otherwise.

Regarding Wang Da, if I could make him my chess piece, that would be the best.

Meanwhile, I also got my hands on a wild little light gu. This was a side event which happened in-game where a Rank 1 gu master in Mo Yao's team had died in the forest but his body was not found until ten days later from which a Moonlight gu and a little light gu was recovered. He had just finished his academy and joined the team when an unfortunate event happened in one of the wolf tide mission and he died an untimely death.

I remembered it happening around two and half months after the awakening ceremony. I immediately went to the location and found the body and got the gu worms. That body was never found again.

Time passed by and I got stronger and stronger with the help of White Boar Gu but it's effectiveness was reducing quickly. However, unlike the original Fang Yuan, I didn't extort the other students of their primeval stones. I didn't have the confidence nor the expertise to beat them all in a fight. My primeval stones reserves were rapidly dwindling due to feeding two Moonlight gu Little Light Gu and the Liquor worm.

Three months had passed by. Even the video of Flower Wine Monk had popped up regarding the inheritance. I had mastered using two moonlight gu at the same time and created a trump card as well.

Inside the secret room, I pushed the stone boulder which was blocking the way using the strength I gained from White Boar gu. I pushed the boulder fifty steps and it rolled into the flat ground and stopped moving.

"Phew, Finally! Just knowing that the end goal is fifty steps makes it much better."

I went around the boulder and saw the stone gate of the 2nd secret room as I recalled the novel.

Walking to the stone gate, I found the second Earth Treasury Flower Gu and took out the Jade Skin Gu that was sealed inside.

"Another Gu worm to feed but I need to improve my strength faster for any unexpected situation. If there are not many differences from the game, then my luck should be pitch black right now. Any unfavorable factor can affect me really badly. Only by my own strength can I grasp the fate in my hands."

I stretched out my hands and slowly pushed open the stone gate with difficulty.

The scene outside the door suddenly brightened, and a vast underground stone forest appeared in front of me.

From the top wall, there are huge dark red stone pillars hanging down. Each stone pillar exudes a slight red light, and so does the surrounding stone walls. Just like the corridors and secret caves, the light in the space is dim, but it is enough for me to see something.

The surface of the stone pillars is not smooth, filled with black and deep small holes one after another, countless stone pillars are large and small, hanging down, forming an upside-down mountain stone forest.

Nature really is amazing. The game could never match in the details compared to the actual experience.

Relying on the game, I clearly knew the arrangement of the Flower Wine Monk, and I clearly understood the situation here. I waved a moon blade and shot it into the black hole.

There was a sharp and annoyed cry from the black hole, and with a swish, a gray monkey flew out of the hole and suddenly rushed towards me. It wasn't the only one. Tens of such monkey came out of the hole and rushed towards me.

A smile appeared on my face unknowingly. I wasn't idly sitting by these days. Other than trying to attack the aperture walls with the primeval essense and hunting down the boars, I took out 5 hours daily for practicing with the gu. Due to the liquor worm Gu, I had rank one upper stage primeval essence which lasted for much longer than Rank one initial stage.

Each Moonblade currently cost me only two percent of my primeval essence.

Recently, I came up with some moves that even the original Fang Yuan didn't use. Although, it was a miscalculation on part of author but it didn't apply to me.

I moved one hand in front of me and it started glowing with blue.

Killer Move - Condensed Moonblade!

It was combination of two Moonlight Gu and the Little Light Gu. Moonlight gu and Little Light Gu are both light path gu worms and compatible with each other and even have been shown to be used together even in the novel. Use of two Moonlight gu was a upgrade I made after practicing for a while with the gu worms.

These all gu worms contain traces of the great dao and the different gu worms would normally conflict with each other and cause backlash to the user and even damage the gu worms itself if not handled properly.

However, who am I? I am Fang Yuan, the owner of Rank six Spring Autumn Cicada as a mortal, the person who knows a lot of things about this world. What may be impossible for others may not be that big a deal for me.

The laws of this world were very comprehensive and really helpful for me particularly.

I had not only carried over the Spring Autumn Cicada but the Blood Path Grandmaster attainment too. I don't know how this was possible in the first place. Attainment was something magical. It was the understanding of the Great Dao and the Heaven and Earth itself.

There were five major sources of attainment shown throughout the novel.

One, through continuous experiments and research upon the path.

Two, through the dream realms which would be present throughout the five regions in the upcoming Great Era. It would extract the predecessor's true meaning and pass it onto those who clear the dream realms objective.

Three, a very rare option, to get the true meaning of some great ancestor. For eg, the Long Hair Ancestor's True Meaning kept in Lang Ya Blessed Land, or Tao Zhu's true meaning hidden by Tao Zhu somewhere in Southern Border. True Meaning can easily raise the attainment to the same level as the ancestor.

Four, an arrangement of the Venerables like Reckless Savage implanting the True Meaning in Northern Icy Plains or modified dream realms of Thieving Heaven or Paradise Earth.

Fifth, the fastest but the most difficult way to raise attainment was through Primordial Domain. However, it was currently in the ninth layer of the Crazed Demon Cave with multiple arrangements of Venerable. Without quasi-venerable strength, even reaching there was not possible.

Attainment in itself is like a special kind of intuition that helps the Gu Master to make the correct choices to solve a problem at hand. Using the blood path grandmaster attainment, I can even have an intuition about the other paths.

After using my intuition and practicing a lot, I finally found a way to revolve the two moonlight gu around the Little light gu such that the power of two moonblades is compressed into one and is amplified by the little light gu in the middle.

It was my first time trying to create a killer move and hence it was really difficult. The angle and rotation speed of Moonlight gu on my palm should be perfect. Also, I had to activate primeval essence at the same time where each of the moonlight gu required 2% of my primeval essence and little light gu required 1%. However, the amplification was quite amazing. It had four times the power of original moonblade.

A deep blue moonlight shot out of my hand and passed through two monkeys before stopping.


The moonblade was really fast and the two monkeys at the front weren't able to avoid it. They fell dead on the ground.

All the other monkeys stopped on the track, seemingly afraid of this powerful killer move.

Five of these monkeys instantly retreated while the remaining three were showed signs of attacking.

There was not a drop of blood in the wound on the body of those monkeys that died. The gray body suddenly turned into stone, and in an instant, it changed from a flesh and blood body to a stone monkey statue.

The posture of the statue and the expression on thier face are as vivid as when they fell to the ground before they died.

After two breaths, the surface of the stone monkey made a crackling sound, and the cracks quickly covered the whole body from the inside to the outside.

I approached and squatted down while the other monkeys retreated a bit, pushed aside the pile of rubble, and took out two green balls. These two balls are the two eyeballs of the Jade-eye stone monkey.

Seeing me plundering the green eye-balls, the other monkeys suddenly went met and started madly rushing towards me. Even the five monkeys which had retreated rushed after me.

"I can collect four green eye balls with 5% of my primeval essence. I can only use the killer move four times a day since it consumes a lot of mental energy to use the move. I need to escape now to a safer distance to prepare the killer move again. Then I can only rely on normal moonblade which would consume 2% of my primeval essence but this attack is slow and could be easily dodged by the jade stone monkey."

I retreated and then used the killer move again and then again retreated back to the stone wall after collecting jade stone eyes. I continued the process and collected about 15-20 eyeballs daily to slowly clear up the stone monkey cave and to get food for Jade Skin Gu.

Three months had passed after the awakening ceremony.

The school elders announced the news of appointing Fang Yuan as the head of the class, Mo Bei and Fang Zheng as the deputy head of the class.

Although I was first person to break through the rank one middle stage like the original, and thus beating Fang Zheng and Mo Bei, I chose the position of class head to get more primeval stones weekly.

After all, the resource supply for the position is very different. Class head gets ten primeval stones every week while others get only three primeval stones.

'I don't want to deviate from the original but this is only due to my incompetence. Sigh.'

"As of today, all of you have refined the vital Gu, we can start the next step of cultivation, and now all of you will go to the martial arts field."

Hearing the words of the elders of the school, all the students walked together in twos and threes to go to the martial arts field.

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