4 Ch 4 - Legends of Ren Zu

On the side, Gu Yue Mo Bei's grandfather, Gu Yue Mo Chen had a smile on his face.

The Awekening Ceremony continued.

"Gu Yue Chi Chen!.... B Grade"


"Gu Yue Fang Yuan!" the elder shouted.

'So his turn came finally. Now I can definitely figure out if he's the one from 500 years from the future or this is his first life by looking at his expression after finding out that he had C Grade. All my future plans will be based upon this'

Countless numbers of eyes were on Fang Yuan. Everyone expected him to have A Grade.

Fang Yuan started moving towards the river. He withstood the pressure, continuing to walk forward.

Mo Bei saw that Fang Yuan stopped walking exactly after 27 steps. He was counting the steps and at the same time observing Fang Yuan's expression with the minute details.

"You can't go any further?" The academy elder shouted across the river, holding onto a small thread of hope. Fang Yuan turned around and walked back, answering with his actions.

There was no expression on his face. Seeing this, Mo Bei confirmed his line of thought that this was essentially an old demon from 500 years into the future. There was no chance for him to survive if he were face off against Fang Yuan. He could die 100 times without knowing why.

"What? Fang Yuan walked 27 steps?"

"So he was just a C grade talent?!"

"Unbelievable, only a C grade for such a genius like him?"

The great disturbance jolted Mo Bei awake from his thoughts and even the minute thought of defying the person in front of him left his mind.

"Damn, he was only a C grade!" The Gu Yue clan head clenched both his fists, drawing a deep breath, disappointment in his voice.

Mo Bei secretly snickered when he heard this.

"Sigh, the bigger your hopes the bigger the disappointment. The Gu Yue clan's generation now is no longer like the first generation." Gu Yue clan head said.

'Well, the arrival of this demon has essentially taken away all hopes of survival for this clan. I should focus on surviving myself first' Mo Bei thought as he tried to recall all the events where he appeared in the story.

"Next, Gu Yue Fang Zheng!"

After Fang Zheng fell due to clumsiness, Fang Yuan picked him up and said "Go on. The road to the future will be interesting."

The same words echoed in the mind of Mo Bei too who was standing not far away.


"Oh my god, A Grade Talent!", The academy elder screamed, seeming to have lost his mind.

The clan head took him under his wing after some debate. Similarly, the awakening ceremony also came to an end in some time.

Mo Bei took a final glance at Fang Yuan before hurrying towards his home.

After reaching home, he asked servants to bring him a copy of Legends of Ren Zu and then started reading it as soon as he received it.

[ Part 1 - One of the oldest legends talk about the Hope Gu. In the legends... ]


Mo Bei had already spent the rest of the day reading <<Legends of Ren Zu>>.

"So that's how it was. Hahahaha. I finally know how the story was going to end. This is really surprising. How come no one could predict this. That's right. Very few people know what I already know about this world in this Gu World and none of those MTL readers have read full Legends of Ren Zu. Who is the author really? Is he a person of Gu world who has transmigrated to Earth? Is Author of Reverend Insanity really related to Ren Zu (His title goes by The name Gu Zhen Ren). The ending of Legends of Ren Zu is that in the end when all his children are dead, he gather their corpses and uses his own life force and his children bodies to created the Human Race. At the end of his life force, he finally finds a mysterious portal. He writes his and his children's life story and make it into a book and make it widespread amongst every human in this world as The Legends of Ren Zu which is still read amongst humans even millions of years later. Ren Zu himself then enters the mysterious portal and even write his final thoughts and description before entering it in the Legends of Ren Zu."

"I assume that the mysterious portal is most probably the space door. It connects the Gu World with Earth and is probably the biggest hint behind my transmigration."

"Ren Zu's going into that portal can also be connected to the appearance of Otherworldly Demons otherwise given the existence of Fate gu, no one should have the power to affect the gu world and it's fate. It's mostly due to Ren Zu creating One Self's gu and removing the restrictions of fate on himself. This is something I can confirm since it is stated in the Legends of Ren Zu "

"This also makes me remember tales from Earth like Bible, Gita, Quran, etc which all states the truth to an extent about our world."

"There is finally hope for me to return home. I will likely have to change some plans. Even though this world is something that brought me back up from my most sorrowful times on earth and gave me Preserverence, I cannot stay here for my whole life. My family and friends are still waiting for me back on Earth. I have to get back to them anyhow" Saying this, Mo Bei's eyes filled with resolve. Originally, he had no plans to interfere with the future in the novel because that would lead to butterfly effect and he would not know what changes would occur.

But now he was determined to become stronger, determined to get back home. Looking back, his goal was similar to Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable. He wondered if he could get the help of Thieving Heaven's will and access his inheritances.

"That is all for the future. Currently, I will go for the best available alternative to improve my strength"

"I am already a Rank 1 Initial stage Gu Master. My road to cultivation has just begun."

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