1 Ch 1 - Otherworldly Demon

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The spring rain quietly rained down on Qing Mao Mountain.

It was already late in the night, a slight breeze blowing with the light rain.

Yet Qing Mao Mountain was not covered in darkness; from the side down to the foot of the mountain, dozens of tiny lights shone like a bright band.

These lights shone from tall buildings, even though it could not be said to match up to ten thousand lights, yet it was still a few thousand in number.

Situated on the mountain was Gu Yue Village, giving the vast lonely mountain a rich touch of human civilization.

The wind from the spring rain breezed through the window and beside the window, a young man was standing, feeling the cold and gentle wind brush by on his face.

He had a lost look on his face. His body was absolutely still as if possessed.

"Where am I?", he was wondering while taking in the cold breeze. Just a minute ago, he had completed re-reading a novel for the 100th time and was really frustrated about the fact that the novel was incomplete.

This novel was banned in a particular country due to it's conflicting portrayal of human nature and society. This novel was named "Reverend Insanity"/" Daoist Gu". Some say that the author never gave a name to his novel and it was selected by it's fans. The story was so well done and perfectly balanced that he had wondered many times about how the author even came up with such a story. Even after reading it for 100 times, he couldn't find many flaws in the story or the worldbuilding. Each character, each event, he could recall them with ease.

"What is this place? I was just about to go to sleep after reading the 2334th chapter. Is this a dream? However, this wind seems too real and this familiar feeling? Why do I have a bad foreboding. I am somewhere where but I can't really recall."

He saw many bamboo houses in the surroundings. The sky was dark and thunder was roaring. At the center of the place, huge bamboo house with was standing erect with the height of about ten floors

"Ohh I recall now!!! This is really similar to the description.. It can't be..?", he was shocked by the revelation.

He went to the mirror to confirm the situation. He had well built muscular body and clean shaved face. He looked really young, around mid 20s. He was tall in height about 6'0'' and wore linen robes.

"This... Hahaha I am really experiencing a dream from the novel I just read and that too as some side character. I must have gone insane to even think of this."

"I have read the novel 100s of times, I have gone through each and every page of RI fandom, I have read the RI manhwa, and I have read so many posts and comments about RI on reddit and discord. Each time, I would be left amazed as I try to find and exploit holes in the book and debate with others."

"I have really gone insane to be able to see all these scenes in such details, the bamboo huts, this boy's face and body. For a second, I really thought I transmigrated. That's what happens to one's mind after reading thousands of webnovels. I should probably leave the world of webnovels and focus on real life. Anyway, this dream is really vivid. Let's see what my mind can imagine."

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He moved around the room and found a photo. It contained the picture of the body he was in and some girl, presumably his sister. His sister had dimples and looked quite older than him.


"But how is this possible? Am I dreaming? "

"But this feels so real. I can feel the cold wind coming from outside the window and the view and feel is so clear. It doesn't seem like a dream at all."

"Am I really reincarnated to Gu World?"

He was feeling very lost and some complicated emotions sprung up from the bottom of his heart.

He asked himself, "Why?"

Even his voice was unfamiliar to him. This was a very bizzare experience for him and he was not able to put his feelings into words. His mind was totally blank.

Just as he asked himself this, he heard someone's voice coming out from behind him.

"Gu Yue Mo Bei, why aren't you asleep yet? Tomorrow is your aperture awakening ceremony. Sleep and Rest well. It's the most important ceremony of your life" Gu Yue Mo Chen called out.

This confirmed most of his initial suspicions. He was really in the Gu World. He had somehow transmigrated into this world. He had become an Otherworldly Demon from an ordinary person on Earth just like that. He was feeling horror just at the thought.

"Yes, Grandfather", saying this Mo Bei turned around to see his grandfather standing.

Gu Yue Mo Chen was a Rank 3 Gu Master of the Gu Yue Clan.

'This is the aura of Rank 3. Just standing before him makes me shiver'

Thinking so, he went to sleep. Currently he was too tired to have any thoughts about the future or to further comprehend the situation. He knew he was totally fucked.


At the very same moment, a pair of clear eyes quietly looked at the same lights sparkling in the night, full of complex feelings inside.

"Gu Yue Village, this is 500 years ago?! Looks like the Spring Autumn Cicada really worked…" Fang Yuan quietly gazed, standing by the window, letting the rain from the wind hit his body.

The use of the Spring Autumn Cicada is to reverse time. In the Ten Big Mystical Gu rankings, the Spring Autumn Cicada managed to be ranked seventh, naturally it was no mere creature.

In short, it is the ability to be reborn.

"With the use of the Spring Autumn Cicada I have been reborn, going back to the time of 500 years ago!" Fang Yuan stretched out his hand, his sight fixated on his own young and soft, pale palms, then slowly clenched them, embracing the truth of this reality with all his might.

The sound of the drizzling rain hitting softly against the window sill filling his ears, he slowly closed his eyes, opening them after a long while. He sighed, "500 years of experience, it really feels like a dream."

But he knew it clearly: This was definitely not a dream.


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