1 Chapter-1:Let’s go to another world

In a room that is quite disorganized. There is a young man sleeping and that young man has been sleeping for about 16 hours by now but still looks like a person who just started sleeping just a few minutes ago.

As the young man sleeps his sister enters the and says.

???:wake up.

Slightly moves the young man, but there's no reaction so she decides to say louder as she shakes him faster.


???:WAKE UP!!!


As I woke up Screaming. I felt like I was gonna die with a heart attack, seriously to wake me up so brutally.

???-2: Olivia, you don't have to wake me up so brutally u know.

He has a dissatisfied face while he says so to his sister.

Olivia:its your fault for not waking up the first time. Anyways it's not like your gonna died with a heart attack or something like that, your too young for that Rayden.

She says that while making an annoyed face with her tongue out.

Rayden:don't be disrespectful to your older brother.

Rayden hits Olivia's head as he says so.


Olivia:that hurt you know I was just trying to help you, why do you always have to be so mean to me . I'll tell mommy about this.

Olivia went out of the room while saying that with a quite angered face and with her tongue out again.

Rayden:well that's gonna bring trouble later, I hit her head so lightly why did she have to make such a fuss about it. Well I'll solve that later right now I'm too tired to do so.

As he said so, he went back to he's bed and once again fell asleep.


Rayden:where am I ?

Rayden said that white around and realizing that he's no longer in his room but is now in completely white room with nothing in it.

???:ur in my Domain.

Rayden:who are y-.

Rayden was about to ask who was that person that spoke to him but once him turned around he got surprised to see was none other than himself.

Rayden:just what's going on here? What are u? And why do you look exactly like me?

???:well those are good questions. I really thought you would be dazed for longer than that but guess I can't be to surprised a soul that got here to be a weird one.hahaha.

The man said so as he laughed at his own words.

Rayden:so will my questions get answered or not?

???: even tho your being a little rude but it's understandable in your situation. Normal humans would probably react a lot worse.

He had a quite sinister or even maybe creepy smirk on his face as he said that.

???: to answer your questions your dead. I'm a Goddess and I was just playing a prank on you. Oh yh before you ask you died because the ceiling fell on you, that's quite the way to go. Well it wouldn't had happened if you were nicer to your sister tho you know.

Rayden:so that's the kind of situation am in huh. Well it's quite something but I can work with this and I was being nice to my sister.

Goddess: well I wouldn't want to know how you treat her when ur not being nice and once again ur reaction, isn't it a little too weak for the kind of situation your in.

The Goddess said with a quite disappointing face.

Rayden:can't you please just turn back to your original form it's awkward to talk to you when you look exactly like me.

Goddess:since you said please even tho it still sounded rude I'll do it.

Then white and bright light came from the Goddess as she returned to her original form.

Rayden:if you look this good, why do you even change your form?!

Rayden said as he looked at the dazzling beauty in front of him.

Goddess:even your reaction to my looks was quite weak, seriously what's up with that.

Rayden:well I was actually going to ask you to marry me but then realized what kind of situation I'm in and gave up on the idea.

Goddess:hehehe. Well that would have been fun to see. Your way too cautious, loosen up a bit will ya.

As the goddess was saying so Rayden was getting enchanted by her beautiful smile that would move an army of 10000 easily.

Goddess:so your that type of guy huh. Maybe I was giving you a little too much credit.

Rayden:well no matter what I'm still a man.

Goddess:well let's talk about what's gonna happen to you now.

Rayden:good I was about to ask.

Goddess:from now on you have two choices one is to reincarnate in your world in a new life with no memory and the other is to reincarnate in another world with your memory intact. Which will it be?

Rayden:i would like to know more about this other world before I decide.

Goddess:good you seen interested. The world you'll get reincarnated to if you choose that, is a world of swords and magic its quite similar to the worlds in the games,mangas,animes and novels you used to play in your world.

Rayden:so it really is that kind of world huh. If that's the case I'll choose the other world reincarnation.

Goddess:great now that you made your choice because of your abnormal luck you get to choose 7 skills.

Rayden:skills? Like special abilities?

Goddess:something quite like that.

Rayden:okay how do I choose?

Goddess:while your choosing your skills you will get the information directly to your mind choose wisely.

After thinking and choosing for days maybe

Weeks Rayden finally had picked the skills he thought be best for him.

Rayden:the skills I chose are: creation magic, space-time magic, eyes of gods, hyper thinking, immunity to all abnormalities, universal language, and Ultimate regeneration.

Goddess:those are not that bad, humans usually just choose flashy and destructive skills, I kinda like you so I will give you some extras.

Rayden:what kind of extra?

Goddess:you will know when you get there, and remember just have fun in your knew life.

Rayden:Thank you.

Goddess:so you do know words like those?hahaha.

The goddess said while laughing.

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Rayden:of course I do.

Goddess:well no need to thank me, I'm the goddess of Skills and Magic Erza after all, for me this is a small matter.(of course I'm lying, this is such a dangerous move from my part, I just expect it doesn't bring me too much trouble but it's not like I have much of a choice anyways).

Note:what comes inside the () is considered the thoughts of the character.

Rayden:then what now?

Erza:u will soon be transported.

Rayden:will I ever get to meet you again?

Erza:well as long as you pray to me with an idle that represents me you will. You can always simply go to church tho.

Rayden:so as long as I pray to you with an idle or in church, I'll be able to meet you?

Erza: yh your a special case people don't usually get to ever meet gods you know.

Rayden:well that much is expected.

Then suddenly Rayden's body started disappearing in light.

Rayden:see you when I pray.

Then he completely disappeared.

Erza:(Good luck Rayden).

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