1 Chapter 1: Dead? How?

**whistle **whistle...

**street noise

I always walk around in this street before going to school. Why? Because I love the food and games here. Specially students who wear skirts... I meant girls who wear skirts. D**n it.

--- Who I am? I am the wargod... Of course it's self proclaimed. My name is J in game name - wargod an ordinary college student. I like to play games. Read manga. Novels. Flirt with girls. Hanging out with my friends.

--- Loner? No I'm not. I have friends. We always play LOL, ML, Dota 2, CS. Etc... I'm a trasktalker so a few of my friends get angry sometimes. Hahahahah. Example? **You f**k*ng pick a damager but yet you always goes front? You think you are a god?

--another, there are 10m+ users in the game but I have 4 idiots in my team. Am I that strong huh??l

-- don't get offended if you're a noob. I only states the truth. Hahahaha

- - - wanna play with me?

--- Sports? Da** you can't beat me in nba, fiba and other sports games.

--- Race? Im a professional drifter in need for speed and you can't beat me in drag racing.

--- Boxing? I can always k.o you in real boxing and fight night.

--- FPS? I can kill you only using a knife.

-- Survival? Call all your neighbors and I'll still be the winner winner chicken dinner..


While walking in the street. And bragging to myself. I feel hot in my head. Blood dripping and felt a headache. I touch my head and see the blood.

People are staring at me.

It seems that a pot falls in my head while bragging to myself.

It hurts like hell but I kept a poker face. Why? To act cool of course.

I pull out my towel to cover my head, make a glaring eyes then walk away.

After 5 mins of walking, a f*c**n* knife flew suddenly. It miss me but scratch my shoulder.

---- F***, Is someone trying to kill me?

***Looks in the surrounding

***only sees students who's rushing to go to school

I continue walking with a glaring eyes.

****Walk another 5 mins and suddenly heard a *bang*

--- A gunshot? In morning? Why the he** is this happenning right now. Did I step a fu*k** shit? Did someone curse me? Do a vodoo? Is it because of the girls I'm flirting right now?

**while thinking whis is this happening. I saw 2 man running in my direction while shooting at their pursuers who looks like a gangsters.

--- Go away!!! Don't block the way!

-- *bang *bang *bang

Suddenly the pursuers fire the gun.

I go to the other side, i saw a hole in my backpack.

**arghh I use this bag for 3 yrs

- I run to distance myself in the firing and hide in the alley.

After resting, I suddenly felt that my chest hurts and I'm having a hard time breathing.

I can't think and my consciousness is fading away.

Before I black out. I saw a guy which holds a scythe. Smiling in me.

Am I dead? How?