Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Author: Elyon
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TLDR: This is one of the best novels I have ever read. If you are comfortable with all of the tags on this book, I strongly urge you to read it as well. Long Version: At 501 chapters as of reviewing this work, this is one of the best written, planned, and executed novels I have ever read. While action, systems, magic, abilities, romance, love, and harems can be difficult to write well this is a master craft in not only exectuing all of them, but combining them into a tale that is funny, heartwarming, fear inducing, and constantly evolving. The 18+ sections and potentially traumatic sections are marked well so that people not interested can skip them without missing too much context, while used effectively to inform the reader about characters moral such as those who do and do not ask for consent in romantic and sexual moments. The characters are rich and three dimensional, ever character of importance has goals, dreams, and acts based upon them rather than being only plot devices. It feels like a developed world that we are just following this protagonist through. Each battle has a purpose, every person has a role to play, however short, and theg come together to create a story unlike any I have read. The fights, abilities, and system are some of the best as well. They make sense in context of use, fights are one by picking good strategies and taking risks as necessary. Growth is observed Often through battles as well as time skips to center on the most important moments. This is to the stories credit, as some novels feel extra long to make more money when barely anything happens or changes from the readers perspective. This novel has every word count, they all are important to the story whether for laughs, or to inspire awe. I have never felt that my money was spent for nothing. However that does not mean that the author barrels through things, rather they take their time at the moments that matter, and allow characters room to breathe, grow, and understand their relationships. There are very few novels I have read throughout my life that I hold this esteem for, and most of them are fantasy classics. If after reading this review you are still unsure I urge you to at least try the free chapters, and see if it is for you. I truly hope you enjoy this book, and that you grow to love it just as much as I do. I will be sure to update this every 500 chapters or so as long as I am reading. Thank you, author, for this book, and looking forward to reading more!


Review after reading 1400+ chapters...nonstop...kekekekek.... Disclaimer: It really is addicting just like the author says. I stopped reading other novels just so that i could catch up with this novel and man....i gotta admit that it was worth it. I am looking forward to next chapters author-san. Seems like this novel is ending which makes me sad cuz i'm gonna miss them(William and his group). I wish Author-san would write their next generations as well.


I hate doing reviews and writing these are a pain. There are only three (now four) authors I am willing to write one for. The story has amazing development and some parts that are really funny. The progression is not slow nor fast you actually feel like you are growing alongside the character. Along with that fact the character is not over powered at all in the beginning, he has the abilities but there useless unless he actually trains and becomes adept. I never experienced such an amazing story with a very well rounded plot. Over all I would recommend this book to all. I have a lot of respect and love for this book and can not wait for it to really bloom and I hope any who read this comment will join me in this amazing journey.


Shameless author here, giving myself a shameless review. If you are looking for a story with Funny MC Beautiful Girls. Fluff Comedy Action. Adventure Romance. Game Elements System Reincarnation Ecchi Scenes Pure Awesomeness And one of a kind Epicness then this is the story that you are looking for! Open the pages that will bring you to a world where adventure runs wild and free. Follow William as he embarks on a journey to live the life that he had always longed for in his dreams.


If you don't like MC being forcefully enslaved and tortured by the heroine candidate then this novel isn't for you. I rate it 5 because although I hate Celine as much as I hated Mineta, Malty and Rachel, the novel deserves attention.


It is written in an entertaining enough way, but the MC’s behavior is often weird and doesn’t make sense when you consider that he was 18 before reincarnating. My main issue is a bit further on. Stop now if you want to avoid spoilers. His dark magic teacher decides to put a slave collar on him and have him do manual labor for her, while spending nights torturing him with dark magic to build resistance. After of a year of this she also trains him with a spear. Compared to all of his other teachers, who asked consent, and actually taught him properly, he is most grateful to her! On top of that, he feels guilty for being mad at her for the enslavement. I was willing to give it a chance at first but that was the final straw.


unfortunately, i feel like i have wasted my time reading this, and most of this review will probably be what i dislike about this great novel. a great beginning, that will probably hook in most who like this genre, showing interesting characters as the story goes on. as Will (MC) becomes older, more of the world is revealed, but not explored beyond "this is this, and that is that." although it feels slow-paced, the author is constantly releasing chapters. however, sometimes the writing feels muddy and repetitive, but i think those moments became rarer as i continued reading. i think many people will probably like this story with the exception of a few things like Will's shepherd class, Celine in general, and maybe Will's character. all the way until the tldr at the end are spoilers, so skip if you don't want those. i don't like Celine, mainly because her character is defined as "yandere crazy, but is actually a good person at heart." in the first few chapters she is shown, her only redeeming action was helping Lont. right before she enslaves Will as the price because he was the one to interrupt her experiment. she goes to torture him for the sake of his training and building resistance to dark magic. his reaction is: "She is a good person." Will's only mention of resentment is a single sentence and is only "a little bit." basically, she never looks or seems like a good person, because she never does anything to warrant that besides random thoughts where she sympathizes with Will. an unlikeable character for me. it might just be my bad memory, but i don't think Will has any meaningful character development. throughout the 114 chapters, he is always the happy boy who is kind to others, but comedically narcissistic. besides learning his motivations for the future and maturing in the most obvious ways, he is painfully generic. the only unique thing i can say about him is his narcissistic joke. hopefully his changes are more prominent after he recovers from his apathetic mood around chapter 114 or his training in general. lastly, the entire novel up to now feels like a very, very long setup. i have already said this is slow-paced, because it seems like the author is setting up and showing all of these characters who will be relevant to future plot points. some are even the cause of future plot points (Celine, Ella, Will's mother), but i think this is what ruins it for me. i do not know when this setup will ever pay off, and i'm not enjoying the novel as much as i was before. to me, it's dragging on and i don't want to invest more time into it. tldr; feels like the novel drags on, and many small events that i don't like pile up and ruin my enjoyment of it. it's still a great story, so for those reading this, please do give it a try. it might just be for you.


Reveal spoiler


I started reading this thinking it would be an okay read to pass time because off the generic name and interesting synopsis, but man... was I wrong The story really reeled me in from the first chapter with how fun Will's death letter was and his interactions with the Gods. The pacing was just right for me and I felt the story never progressed too slow. Even the weird little interactions between character that might not be important at all don't feel unnecessary. I can definitely day this story has one of the best Character Development across the app as we see Will grow from a small goat milk loving baby to a goat milk loving young adult. The harem and romance was done amazingly as well. The interactions between Will and his lovers ( even before they get into relationships ) don't feel forced and the transitions from friends to lovers actually feel fairly real. The Link between the current and past lives is just the overwhelming good topping on an amazing cake. And finally, the World Building... This was probably my favourite, even though though I barely have any knowledge about most mythologies, I can't help but get invested into Hestia, the different classes, the Gods and how the foreshadowing of the different crisis looming over Hestia and Will. Overall, an Amazing book that's worth the coins and fast passes and an Author that clearly has passion and put his blood, sweat and tears in his work. Hope to be able to see this Story to the end. Best Luck Author, Thank You for this Amazing work of Art. :)


I dont normally review books. Im more of a nomad type of guy. Meaning read some books then continue on my way. But this book is way to good for me to not write a review for. Plainly put this book is just all types of awesome. The story beats Progress at a good rate!The character development and world building are leagues ahead of most other books on this platform! The slower bits of the story dont drag on! And A Really big compliment… THE MAIN CHARACTER ISNT STUPID! And the biggest thing(for me) that I love is that the author will set up a plot point… and the ACTUALLY pay it off later in the book! If this is the only review you read(which I know it wont be) Im telling you…. read this book. Its worth it!


My first ever review for my favorite novel so far on Webnovel. I’m not good with the review thing but this story has surpassed all my expectations and raised the bar so high it’s difficult to like any other story now. Whether it’s the world background, character’s design or the story development, everything is superb and I’m amazed at how the ML isn’t OP. I just lose interest most of the times when the ML is so OP that there’s no logic to it. The character development of ML is well written and I love his progress so far. His growth and falls are logical and impressive which made me cry and cheer for him. The risks taken in the story and characters development is applaud worthy. The writing is so meticulous which shows that the author has put lot of efforts and heart into this story. Currently at chapter 340 and I’, hooked to the story and can’t get enough of it. I keep refreshing the app when I’m free to check if there’s surprise update by mistake, even though the author is blessing us with 3 chaps daily! Thank you for the hard work dear author. 💖💕 P.S. I loved the song referred in earlier chap performed by William “Isle of hope”. It’s my fav song now. Can you please share the new cover pic?


The novel is great, the world-building and the progress of the story are immersive and all of that is ruined by a stupid goat that is why I dropped the novel. Mc is a man with intact memories of his past and blessed by the Gods but he still took a goat as his mother


between chapters 1-100 is the best section of the story between 101-200 is sort of okay but the system almost doesn't exist(not exactly the strongest system) between 201-300 the MC makes decisions that make reading further impossible. At least for me, and it really let me take a step back and analyze details I had been ignoring. Which really killed everything that was interesting about this story all at once.


Seriously, I'd been looking for something new and interesting and not overly done coz' I'd also been frustrated by how there are so many books with good concept but utterly poor and inconsistent in characters and storyline...just so many loopholes plus constant annoying attempts to make the mc so unique and unnecessarily op despite lacking in logic. I've read LOTM and such so I'm kinda a strict reader when it comes to these kind of traits hehe. And I really wonder why this has not gone on the first place yet though I find it more technical and fun compared to the current top book. All the best, Author-kun!!✨


started out very nice and interesting then there was some blatant slowing mc progression, moments that made me cringe when reading or dubious whether it is me or this book that has logic issues. overall interesting story with annoying bits and thickly written plot.


Although the Story is good and interesting. I Am having goosebumps reading this. calling a goat His mom is driving me crazy. I am sorry but i canT continue.


Overall the writing quality, update frequency, story development, characters and world back ground are excellent. The best way to describe this webnovel is fun. Brilliantly paced, everytime you get a little frustrated with the MCs naive personality his character would progress. The charaters are funny and interesting, you can’t but help laughing. The plot is overall simple so far, though that makes a part of the charm. The foreshadowing leaves that anticipation for an amazing chapter which leads you to impatiently waiting for the next release. Power of shepherds is both awesome yet so entertaining. Expect to laugh at the power but secretly admire its power. I both wanted to binge read and leave some chapters to read because each one was consistently entertaining. I went with the former and now regret not having anything left to read! PS - there are some chapters that might play with your heart strings - eg. MC loses his innocent view of the world. Make sure to bring tissues, youve been warned ! PPS - Silliest thing i did was leave this in my “to read” list for a month. Lesson learnt!


my only complaint is that the main character, a reincarnated 18 year old, acts as if he's mentally 2 years old near the beginning of the novel, which is rather frustrating. other than that, it's pretty solid.


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the whole enslavement thing made me stop reading due to the notes in novel about spoilers and the fact that the reasons for enslavement could've been achieved willingly, it was good but if you got ocd when it comes to stuff like plot holes just becareful encase you end up putting the novel down