573 I Walk In The Darkness So That Others May See The Light

"Eve. Where are you, my cute granddaughter?" James shouted.

The White Goose glared at the noisy old man who had come to the lakeside. It was currently swimming in the middle of the lake, with a sleeping girl on its back. Seven ducks slept beside the little girl, encircling her in a protective formation.

The Seven Ducks whom she had cared for since they were young were now full-fledged adults. These ducks would attack anyone who dared to hurt Eve, and bite their noggins if they were a boy. 

Because of this, Eve's playmates were only girls. James and Mordred didn't have any complaints with this setup. Anna would shake her head from time to time because of how overprotective the men of their family were towards her daughter.

"Oi! Goose, bring my granddaughter here!" James ordered. 

A second later, James heard an annoyed voice speak inside his head. 

"Shut up, old man. The Mistress is sleeping. Tone down your words and stop shouting." 

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