Reincarnated With SSS Deathless Skill in Female Dominated World!

"SSS Skills are said to have a will and inheritance. What more have you inherited other than your immortality, Deathless Hunter?" "Death... your demise is also in my hands." Reincarnated into a world where women sit on authoritative seats, Hunter appeared to lack both mana and skill. However, aware of the real circumstances of his body, he kept his true strength and past life a secret and lived as a sidekick to the village's primary hunter team, hiding in plain sight as "just a man." On one fateful day, Hunter's role changed dramatically when his hunting team encountered a red wolf, an enemy they could not defeat. The beast's jaws appeared to have killed Hunter, but in reality, they had awakened his slumbering SSS Skill - Deathless. But is immortality all there is to this seemingly simple yet remarkable skill? Invited by the gorgeous woman known as the boss of the guild Darkness, Hunter leaves his village to learn more about himself and to get stronger to consort with the most beautiful women of this female dominated world! To become him! Yes, him! Him... wielding the law of Death across the entire universe. The Death Himself... More tags: No NTR, No Yuri.

HomieLv1 · Fantasy
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131 Chs

The Demons' Maze (7)

Chapter 40: The Demons' Maze (7)

A few things couldn't have been changed…

One of them was Hunter's speed.

It was still quite low.

As he extended his gloved hand toward Aza's face, she kicked the ground and distanced herself from him. Then, her alarming body told her to escape as far as possible, or at least toward her grandma, who was the guild leader of the Beast Domination Guild.

Which she listened to, running toward the exit.

However, Hunter's original skill barred her way, knotting the roses and their stems to form a hedge of the bloody garden! This wasn't something she could easily tear through. And even if she did by combining her innate skill with her mace, roaring like a beast with her muscles drawn taut, Hunter had produced so much blood beforehand that he could easily stop her from leaving this place.

Soon, he sealed another route, with nothing but his towering body encased in black armor, which made him taller and closer to a monster than a human.