381 Coronation (Part 2)

Liu Feng looked at the arrangements made for his coronation.

At the end, he caved in and said that he would wait another day so that the arrangements could be made for the coronation to be proper and grand. For the leaders of every sect and major power to gather to witness the upcoming of the new king. 

And he had to saw, he was impressed. 

The arrangements made were certainly grand. In just a day, they managed to put together quite a scene. And alongside this, they also managed to patch up the palace from the attack of before. 

Sure, there were not many problems within the palace except for the attacks that came from the palace's side. 

The most destruction to the palace was by Liu Ling Tian, followed by Liu Feng when he opened the Terracotta Army. 

Liu Feng shook his head and chuckled just thinking about it. 

He stepped foot on the red carpet that led the way straight to the golden throne that was to be mounted. 


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