1 Before reincarnation.

[cry] [cry] "Now Now, dry your tears." said her mother while is sipping and enjoying her cup of tea.

Rosenda who is 6 years old with her knee bleeding, she stands up while wiping her tears said to her mother "Okay mother and thank you for the warning beforehand"

Her mother said "go to your room now to study." Rosenda nod to her mother and start to turn her body and walks towards her room. Her mother added "Oh, before going to your room, make sure to clean your wounds and I do not want to see a single drop of your blood everywhere. " Rosenda said "Yes mother while bowing to her mother." Rosenda begin to clean her wounds and do as her mother told her to do.

[Open and closed the door] She begins to read and without knowing the time. It is already dark outside her house. Suddenly Rosenda, hear her mother footstep and heard her mother calling her in a faint voice which her mother is far away but the echoed voice travels to her room. She stands up and rushed towards kitchen as she forget to cook dinner for her mother. Her mother voice become more clearer and louder as she knows her mother is coming nearer to the kitchen. Her mother said "Rosenda! Rosenda" Where are you and where is my dinner? You better come out now before I come to find you. "

Her mother reached Rosenda's room and found she is not in her room. She begins to called Rosenda "Rosenda! Rosenda!" with furious voice. [chopping in the kitchen] While Rosenda is preparing dinner for her mother she keeps looking out for her mother while preparing her mother's dinner with trembling hands.

In a blink, her mother is in the kitchen seeing Rosenda is preparing her dinner. Her mother then said " How dare you not have prepared my dinner already and at this hour my dinner should be served to me already and not preparing like now!" Her mother added "Since you prepared my dinner this late, you are not allowed to eat for a week!" [sob] [sob] Rosenda is holding her tears and quickly continue to prepare her mother's dinner. Later her mother's dinner is served. She begin to go back to her room.

When Rosenda had reached her room and close the door. She sits on her straw bed while unable to hold back her tears. She cried but she tried not to cry loudly as her mother will punish her again. After cried some time, she has fall asleep. She sleep so soundly.

Suddenly in her dream, there is a anonymous voice "Hey Rosenda, I have a deal for you" Rosenda then said "Whho's there? Who are you? How do you know my name?" What do you want? The anonymous replied "Muahaha! You do not need to know who am I and how do I know your name. Just listen and remember do not interrupt when I am talking will you? Jeez....." The anonymous continued "I have a huge opportunity for you and it is come with a price. " Rosenda said "What do you mean?" The anonymous said " I said do not interrupt when I am talking didn't I?" "Sorry" said Rosenda.

"Whatever, let's continue with the offer that I am about to offer you. said the anonymous. The anonymous added "You see, the deal is you can live in other world and live freely unlike the life you are currently living. deal?" Rosenda said "It is indeed a huge opportunity for me but it is also sound too good to be true." The anonymous said "Fine I will give you 1 day to decide... " interrupted by Rosenda "What? Why one day that's too ... " before Rosenda finish the sentence, she has been awake by her mother. Rosenda saw her mother with a furious look then look at the sky. She talked to herself <It is morning already?! Oh my!>

[Achoo] [Achoo] Rosenda looking at her body. She is wet after been pour cold water on her by her mother in the morning. Before she could wish her mother good morning. Her mother said "You sleepy head! What time is it now and where is my breakfast?!" Rosenda then said to her mother "Yes mother, I am sorry and I will now prepare your breakfast immediately" with that being said by Rosenda to her mother, Rosenda rushed towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her mother.

As Rosenda is preparing her mother's breakfast. Her mother said "What happened to you this few days, do you not want to live in this house anymore?! If you continue like this, I will throw you out of the house!" After hearing her mother said so she begin to run towards her mother while gripping her mother's leg begging her "Please do not throw me out of the house. I promise I will not repeat the same mistake again. Please..." Her mother said "No, I will not give any chance if this is to happen again. Do you understand?!" "Yes, I understand. Thank you mother for giving me this last chance." said Rosenda with happy tear on her face.

The day finally here, Rosenda had given the time to think whether or not to accept the offer that the anonymous in her dream had offer her. She thinks the whole day until she do not realized it is night time where she will have to sleep in order to reply the anonymous voice's offer. After giving a long thought about the offer so Rosenda went to bed. In her dream the anonymous voice appear again her dream and said "So what is your answer?!" Rosenda replied "No sorry I cannot take this offer as I have mother to take care although she treats me badly she is still my mother." "Very well, I see you value your mother preciously. I decide to give you a chance. If you ever had a chance to change your mind, the offer still stands, alright?" said by anonymous voice.

The days went on as usual after rejecting the offer offered by the anonymous voice in her dream. Her mother told her to go to the town to beg for food and bring it to home and cook it for me as our house do not have any more supply of food left in our home. "Yes mother" said Rosenda. Rosenda begin to pack some stone one the way in case she got lost in the woods and she will able to find the way back to home through woods from the city.

While she is walking in the woods, she stop by the river to have a drink and rested for the night before continue her journey to the city. The next day, she is waking in the woods, she saw some edible berries. So she grab some and grab some to put inside her bag before continue her journey to the city. After walking several days in the woods, she have reach the city at last.

She begin to wonder the city and find a place to beg for food. Hours later pass by, she did not receive any coins more over food. It is almost dawn, she is sad. She have to think of a way to get food or else her mother will throw her out of her house. She decide to visit all of the shops and houses in the city has. She begins to visit the first building she sees and knock on their door. After the owner of the building opens the door, she begin to ask " Hello, kind Mister and Mrs. can I work here? I can do anything you need me to do. Wash plate, tidy the house or even feed the animals. Please let me work here." After hearing Rosenda said so, they close the door in front of her face. So Rosenda visit other shops and houses but failed. Some houses and shops have not listen finished Rosenda about to say have close the door. Some even close the door right after seeing Rosenda on the door. After quite some time, the last resort which is a house with hope and disappointed at the same time, she give this house a final hope and she prayed to god that she will get the job. She then give it a one last try and knock on the door. A kind hearted man come to answer the door, he open and sees Rosenda. Rosenda begin to say like what she had said at any shops and houses. The man look at Rosenda and decide to give her a chance to work with him despite the current crime happen in that city. The man said "Okay, you can come work with me and what do you want in exchange?" Rosenda begin to explain her situation to the kind man. Suddenly the man cries after hearing her situation, then the man says "Okay Rosenda, I will give you work and give you some food for you to take home." The man added "Are you okay if you come to my house to work as a cook?" Rosenda replied to the man "Oh thank you for giving me the chance to work and I promise I will work hard to repay your kindness."

She begin to go to the man house ever since the day she got the job as a cook at the kind hearted man house. One day, she is on the way back home through the woods, a group of bandit in the woods. The bandit ask Rosenda to give her everything she has. She has nothing to give to the bandit because she had nothing on her. Even a single piece of bread she do not have. She dare not to cry although she is afraid of being hurt by bandit.

The leader bandit asked one of the member who is female to search to prove whether or not Rosenda lie. The female bandit searched and did not find anything. The leader of bandit become angry and immediately ask another member of bandit who knows magic to make a poison. The member of bandit who knows magic gave the leader the potion to let Rosenda drink. After drinking it. Rosenda closed her eyes. The group of bandit check to make sure Rosenda is died by checking her nerves and breathing whether or not she died. After confirming it, they leave the place happily.

The end