7 Good Luck at the Sports Meet

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As soon as he returned home, he could hear Ye Wanling's voice before he even saw her. "Third Brother! Where are you?"

When Ye Mingjie heard her voice, he quickly came out to welcome her. "Little sister, it's been a long time. You've gained some weight."

Hearing this, Ye Wanling wanted to jump up and hit him. "You're the fat one. I'm still so thin."

Because of these two clowns, the whole family burst into laughter.

After that, they sat down at the dining table one after another. Ye Mingjie and Ye Wanling were still bickering with each other, while Ye Wenhao couldn't help but say sourly, "My little sister is so mean. She did not attend my concert or show any support. She's very close to my third brother."

Ye Wanling stuck out her tongue in embarrassment. "That was an accident… yes, an accident."

It was obvious that this reason couldn't convince Ye Wenhao, but Ye Wenhao couldn't do anything about this little sister of his. He could only sigh helplessly. "Sigh, alright, alright. Just promise me that this won't happen again. If there's a next time, I definitely won't forgive you."

Ye Wanling nodded with a smile.

As Ye Mingjie was one of the country's top athletes, he had to prepare for this year's National Games. Therefore, he spent almost the entire year training in the training camp, and the chances of his family meeting was even fewer.

Therefore, when he returned home, Ye Chenweng also came back from the research institute to welcome his grandson who had brought glory to the country.

Ye Chenweng chuckled and stopped the siblings from laughing. "Alright, alright, stop fooling around. Mingjie, you have to work hard for this sports meet, but you just have to do what you can. Don't give yourself too much pressure, okay?"

"Don't worry, Grandpa. I have confidence." Ye Mingjie was very happy that Ye Chenweng could come back.

When he was young, he liked to study strange things, so he stuck closely to Ye Chenweng. Naturally, he ended up staying by Ye Chenweng much longer.

Later, when he grew up, he gradually realized that he had astonishing talent in sprinting, so he begged Ye Zhiyuan to send him to the national team. As the training period was too long, he slowly lost the chance to meet his with his family.

Ye Mingjie was very touched that his whole family was present.

Ye Wanling said incoherently as she ate, "Don't worry, Third Brother. I'll definitely go to the venue to watch your competition and cheer you on. You must win the championship."

Ye Mingjie smiled confidently too. "Alright, come and see Third Brother. I'll definitely win the championship."

At the other side.

Yan Ziqing looked at the summary on the computer and dialed Shen Lin's number. "Do you want to watch the National Games?"

After Shen Lin received the call, he said in a strange tone, "Oh, you remember someone like me. How about you return my car?"

Yan Ziqing didn't give him any time to talk nonsense. "Investigate whether Ye Wanling will go to the National Games or not and buy two seat tickets near Ye Wanling."

With that, he hung up the phone. There were four children in the Ye family. The eldest brother was the president of the company, the second brother was the Prince of Music, and he had countless fans. The third brother was the country's top athlete. The last one, Ye Wanling, was rumored to be silly..

Yan Ziqing had wanted to get in touch with the elder brother, Ye Yuze first, but he had just returned to the country, so he didn't have any business with the Ye family for the time being. Later, he heard that Ye Wanling also went to work in the company, and he also heard that Ye Wanling wasn't a business-minded person, so he thought it was the easiest to start with her.

Although Shen Lin had complaints in his heart, he knew the severity of the matter. This was currently the best opportunity to get into contact with the Ye family. However, because he had never cared much about the Ye Corporation before receiving Yan Ming's notice, he did not know anyone from the Ye family.

He could only ask around and asked someone to help him find Ye Wanling's seat list in the audience.

However, the tickets for the sports meet were sold a long time ago, so he could only ask someone to buy two tickets from scalpers.

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