1 Reincarnation Success

I miss you mommy and daddy", she said while tears trickling down her cheeks. She was sitting with her back to the two graves. Her name was Saima. She had average looks and a tall figure.She had brown eyes eyes with black hair. She lived in Istanbul, Turkey. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 10. She was with them but hopefully, she survived. She never rode cars due to her trauma.

She left school and started working in a super store. She didn't earn too much money, just enough to keep living. She didn't have relatives. She lived in a rented room. Today, she would be 18. She really missed her parents.

She thought to visit them and here she was. She couldn't find hope in her life. She would follow the same boring routine everyday.

She was returning to her living place when she saw a child on the road and a truck driving fast towards him.

The child didn't knew it and was slowly crossing the road. She wanted to save him. In a split second, she decided to help him. She got him out of the way and before she could run, she got hit by the truck. People gathered there. She heard people calling for help. Then, her mind went blank.

She felt like she was in the darkness. She couldn't see anything. Suddenly, she heard a voice saying, "Welcome to the world of magic". She wanted to ask him who he was but she felt sleepy, her eyes were closing.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw herself in a room filled with baby things. She felt very tired. She saw a woman near her sitting on the chair. She was a beautiful woman in her 20's. She had silky blonde hair and black eyes. She was wearing a commoner dress. She smiled when she saw her waking up. She tried to ask the woman about where was she. But instead, she heard baby voices coming from her mouth. She was startled. That was when she came to a realization, she saw her baby hands and gasped. She was surprised.

She came to know that she had reincarnated into this one years old baby. The woman saw her waking up and smiled at her. "Good morning baby girl Ayesha", she said. That was when she came to know she was a baby named Ayesha. And this woman was her mother. Her mother picked her from her little bed. Ayesha felt something she had forgotten, embrace of a mother. She felt happy. Ayesha giggled.

Her mother took her outside of her room. She sat with a man. He was a handsome man in his 30's. He had shiny red hair with blue eyes. She realized that he was Ayesha's father. He smiled towards Ayesha.

Woman called a boy named Zain. He was a boy with red hair and black eyes. He was around 7 years old. He took her and tried to play with her baby sister. But what would you suppose from an eighteen years old girl? She didn't even smile. She intentionally started crying. Her mother took Ayesha from Zain and tried to quiet Ayesha gently. She stopped crying.

Ayesha's family name is Khan family. Her father is a marquis, full name: Marquis Mustafa El Khan and followed by that, her mother is a viscountess, full name Marchioness Razia. Ayesha's family was a loving family. Alas, their daughter Ayesha died and Saima took her place. She promised to make Ayesha's family happy and try to be happy too.

Her father went to work and Zain went to school after breakfast. Her mother, carrying her, went to the books in her house and started reading them. Her mother was a scholar. She gave Ayesha a small book, so that Ayesha will not be bored. She was trying to read the book but she didn't know the language. When her mother saw her trying to read. She smiled and thought to teach Ayesha the language by starting with Alphabets.

And as time passed by, she started speaking too. Now she was 2 years old.

She grew into a fine young toddler now. She could now speak in her babyish voice. She could walk too. Today her mother was going to teach her about history and awakening.

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