1 Shen Yue

Don't tell me I transmigrate?

Shen Yue stared around him, eyes wide opened in disbelief.

What greeted him seemed to be inside a classroom. Over thirty students, with a female teacher who was teaching in the center, could be ranged within his inspection. Just like the night with just the howl as the sound, the unfamiliar room only clamor with the female teacher's speech.

Where am I?

Confusion overwhelmed Shen Yue. As the most prominent figure in the field of teaching, a well-regarded scientist, the word 'transmigration' was far from his vocabulary. Yet found himself in such a fantastical situation, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

In the 23rd century, Shen Yue was acknowledged as the wisest, knowledgeable man on earth, almost none wouldn't disagree with it. A person that had speed up the advancement of the civilization by twice, who would not crown Shen Yue as the Sage of Knowledge?

Shen Yue had attended several associations of schools in various countries, but he hadn't been in this room once in his life. With a photographic memory, you could hardly dispute Shen Yue's words, as he had never been mistaken.

'Calm down...If I truly transmigrate, there shall bound to be clues...Let's see..." Shen Yue did a quick glance at his body, the room, the dresses of the people around him. The longer he examined, the confusion within his eyes gradually turned into realization. "I indeed transmigrated from the looks of it. These hands of mine seemed to belong to that of thirteen to fourteen-year-old kid...'

'The clothes on the other hand are very identical to the Tang and Song Dynasty's Era. Have I arrived in Ancient China?'

'After all, scholars from Tang Dynasty use to wear loose-fitted robes, but the chairs are made in padauk...It's as if I transmigrated within the world fused with at least Five dynasties all in all.'

'Ancient Chinese civilization fitted the descriptions, but if I truly arrived in that era, why the hell did this female teacher teaching in front of the classroom suddenly transform into some sort of a fox? Have I arrived in a world mixed with fantasy?'

Shen Yue felt a myriad of complicated emotions as he tried to calm his unnerved hands. Although this had been his first time seeing a human transformed into a flaming fox, his thirty-plus experience in life told him he wasn't in some sort of danger.

As Shen Yue was in a trance, he suddenly felt a knife slicing to his head. Groaning momentarily, however, the splitting headache only lasted for about a minute before it thoughtfully vanished.

Bringing along with the pain was foreign memories, Shen Yue felt it belonged to this body.

Shen Yue scanned the memories as his eyes flashed in amazement. It seemed that in this life, he also had the name, Shen Yue.

Striking while the iron was hot, Shen Yue began to sort out the information of this world in the foreign memories.

From the foreign memories, this world indeed has closeness to Ancient China, but the difference between it and this world is that this world seemed to be in a parallel universe.

This world has experienced the Age of Darkness, where demonic beasts are rampaging across the continent. That era caused the decline of human civilization, but the reason it all started is because the beast race unlocked wisdom which threatened the position that has been glorified by humanity for several, dozens of years. Humanity thereafter attacked the beast race in hopes of eradicating them, but the plan backfired and it even costed the life of three hundred legendary experts. Within few months after the humanities lose, they could only relocate in the St. Ancestral Mountain where they built a stronghold that only belonged to humans now known as Glory City.

Knowing all of this, Shen Yue felt a deep astonishment and horror. Imagining a thirteen-foot-tall demonic beast ruffling its arms into you, Shen Yue couldn't even imagine how he would die.

Squashed into meat paste?

Shen Yue's hair stands in the end thinking of these horrifying things. Even if he created a nuclear weapon here, it would probably be meaningless when facing the demonic beasts.

But, other than that, Shen Yue felt satisfaction in this brand new life. Although he had no clue how he even died in the first place, having a second life is better than none. And even though he felt terrified by the demonic beasts, the identity of the body that he now possessed seemed promising as he was a descendant of the Five Major Family's Sacred Family, so he had nothing to worry about.

Awash of warm air swept the sleeve of Shen Yue as he lifted his head up to stare at the female teacher in the center of the room. Fragments of memories entered the head of Shen Yue which made him realized that this female teacher who goes by the name Shen Xiu was his aunt.

When Shen Yue realized this, he pinched his nose and continued observing around him. This time Shen Yue's interest was piqued. That was because his aunt was in a heated argument with a student.

This student had spiky, orange hair. The mischievousness on his face would fool people, but his sharp eyes couldn't escape Shen Yue's meticulous observation. Shen Yue's eyes lit up, having to realize this orange-haired youth wasn't simple as he seemed to be.

Shen Yue scanned the foreign memories, on it he learnt the spiky-haired youth was called Nie Li.

Nie Li came from an ebbing aristocratic family, Heaven Marks. From thereafter, the foreign memories didn't have much information about Nie Lie.

Shen Yue shook his head in disappointment. Indeed, he had a good start in this second life, but he didn't think this person he transmigrated into had big problems with his personality and conducts.

"God, a silkpant..." Shen Yue cursed on his mind. Then, crossing these thoughts out, he playfully watch the twos as their argument intensified. This time around, the student Nie Li gave out a mockery as he asked Shen Xiu if she was certain that the people on the Glory City were the only humans who survived the Age of Darkness. After that, he named some bunch of unfamiliar lands, not forgetting to ask about the proof of Shen Xiu's statement.

Hearing him, Shen Yue was slightly interested in Nie Lie. Despite being young, this Nie Li knew how to play with his words and this discovery surprised Shen Yue.

Although the question Nie Li proposed was simple and slightly questionable, it hit hard to the natives in the Glory City, as it would baffle them.

Personally, Shen Yue thought that there would be a slim chance humans existed outside Glory City, but the following words of Nie Li caused Shen Yue to fell into a moment of silence. That simply meant the question of Nie Lin was shrouded with tricks.

Like the other students, Shen Yue remained silent.

Shen Xiu frowned. She heard some of the places that Nie Li mentioned, but those places were far away, and she was not even sure if those exist or not.

Having these thoughts, Shen Xiu snorted. "Hmph...Me and even of all you hadn't set foot outside the St. Ancestral Mountain, and here you expect me to know such places? Can you be more reasonable?"

Shen Yue's brows furrowed. How could this aunt of his be so dumb to reply while showing her weakness? Why not just reply 'And how can you prove those places exist, student Nie Li? Jeez, this little aunt's profession is questionable.'

As Shen Yue guessed, the student Nie Li set the trap. "If Teacher hadn't left Glory City in her entire life, how come you were so certain that we're the only humans that have survived? Don't tell me Teacher Shen Xiu is...lying?"

Shen Xiu was stunned. Hands trembling, she wanted to rebuke but found that she couldn't say any words out.

The places which Nie Li mentioned were unfamiliar to the students and even Shen Yue had never heard of them, so the moment Nie Li had silenced the arrogant Teacher, Shen Xiu, everyone started murmuring with their buddies.

Hearing the students began murmuring in low voices, Shen Xiu suppressed the anger in her heart. "Bumpkin... Sit down! Stop saying nonsensical things else I'll punish you!"

"Eh...It seems that not able to come up with another lie, you're going to bully a student with your status and strength? Are you a teacher?!" Nie Li's voice was loud, causing others to be influenced.

Shen Yue sighed, but his sigh became even more meaningful. After being baited in the trap, his aunt was like a fish trapped in the net, unable to escape. If this continues, no doubt it would affect Shen Xiu's academic reputation. Not to mention, it could even damage the status of the Sacred Family.

This time, Nie Lie spoke once again, as he tells the story of a frog trapped on the bottom of the well. This caused the quick-witted students to laughed at the metaphor, not knowing that this word of Nie Li was meant for them too.

Although Shen Yue was slightly uncomfortable by those words, he didn't mind it and just laughed. This Nie Li was indeed smart, but the laugh of Shen Yue only lasted a couple of instances before a mechanical sounded onto his head.


[Congratulation for Activating the Antagonist System]

[As the antagonist, the host will receive a starter box.]

[Be aware that as the antagonist, the reason you exist is because you have to antagonize the main character. If you breach this rule, your soul would be wiped, and you'll be dead than death.]


[Here comes your first mission!]

[Triggered Mission #1: This is bad, your aunt is losing her face, and this pertains to the reputation of her and your family! Go on Jafar, spread your wings, unsheath your sword and reveal your fangs!]

[First mission: Continue and Win the argument with Nie Li!]

[Mission Success: A mystery box!]

[Trigger Mission #1 Starts now!]

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