Reincarnated into Tales of Demon and Gods as the Antagonist Book

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Reincarnated into Tales of Demon and Gods as the Antagonist


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Shen Yue has been acknowledged as the wisest, most knowledgeable man on earth. Entitled as Sage, he opens his eyes only to discover he's thrown into the world parallel to Ancient China...Only that, this world seems to be more chaotic, even magical beasts exist? Within the body with the same name as him, is it a coincidence? Wait a minute, I have a system and have to become an antagonist... Antagonist! Damn, I become a novel’s villain! **** Literal synopsis: The protagonist comes from modern earth where he had been entitled as Sage of Knowledge. He reincarnates within the body of Shen Yue TDG's Sacred Family but without knowledge of how the storyline goes...Can he prove his title as Sage of Knowledge in this world and beat the shit out of Nie Li? Read to find out! ***** Disclaimer: I don’t own any pre-existing character, or rather, the Tales of Demon and Gods, solely belong to the rightful owner. This is only fanfiction and nothing else, please don’t take it seriously.


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