1 Introduction

Hey everybody! Lemon here, I'm a brand new author to this site, so I just wanna say a few things to help you understand more about me.

I'm not a noob when it comes to creating story-lines, as I've been typing on Word for years now. I'm still a high-school student and there's some parts of story-making that I'm not the best at.

An example that I have a poor time with is describing emotions for characters. The reason is because I'm an introverted, pessimistic person who spends most of his days sitting his room, reading books/novels while watching YouTube occasionally.

I have read enough to have a good idea on what a character may feel emotionally in certain events, so be rest assured that I'm not complete crap. But the problem is describing it. (It sounds like I'm a robot but I just have trouble in general with knowing how other characters will feel).

Another thing I'm bad at is politics, as it's my bane. But this really only applies to the modern world as it's complex. I'll still have trouble if it's like medieval or some cultivation story, but I should be able to pull through as I do have experience in reading those types of novels.

The next thing I'm pretty bad as it character development. I can develop the main character all I want and progress the story with no problem, as I'm focusing on him, but I occasionally forget to develop the other characters. I'll try to keep a reminder of this issue.

The last thing I'm bad at is business, accounting, and financial. Don't get me wrong, I took finance but that's about as far as I'm gonna get. But since this isn't modern, I should be able to barely scrape by as long as I do occasional research if necessary.


Now that all that's out of the way, I do wanna address a few things.

1. I've been reading novels on this website for a few months but I'm a little noobish even today. But for years I've read them on other sites. Although I have memorized the Terms and Conditions.

2. This is my first time publicly letting loose my work so I hope that everyone enjoys my style.

3. My schedule for chapter releases will be very chaotic/disorderly. The reason is because I have extreme mood swings. There'll be times when I'm depressed, irritated, excited, or in a good mood in general. This can be once a day or many times a day for one or more of these moods.

4. I'm an incredibly lazy person, and combined with any mood swing mentioned above, I may not feel like releasing a chapter. However, I will guarantee at least one chapter a day unless something happens; in which case I'll explain when the next chapter is released.


I think I've covered everything I needed to cover. I've been enjoying this website so I'm gonna give this a go even if I'm an American.

If there's any mistypes, issues, recommendations, or ideas in general, please comment and I'll see if I can satisfy them.

That's all I wanna say. I do hope you stick along for this rough journey with me.

Lemon Grenade, signing off... [Insert Radio Music]

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