7 Special grade!

Akito quickly noticed the cursed spirit when it was in range quickly signalling for Fushiguro to follow after him.

"how far away is it!" Fushiguro yelled following after the young boy. "its presence is pretty weak I doubt killing it now when there's only one would be of any help" Akito suggested looking towards Fushiguro.

"then why are we following after it!" Fushiguro questioned. "theirs gonna be more of them later besides we can't have it harming innocent people, now can we? " Akito explained as they made their way passed neighbourhood after neighbour hood.

"..." Fushiguro didn't speak only watching as Akito explained his thoughts on the situation further and further.

'I won't be outdone!' the boy thought to himself with determination. "anyways want a drink?" Akito questioned as he noticed a nearby vending machine. "..." Fushiguro didn't reply simply not wanting to slack off on their mission.

"you're gonna get hungry later we should probably buy some food" the reincarnator suggested maintaining eye contact on the somewhat reluctant Fushiguro. "ill get us some coke--" he began walking towards the machine. "I prefer sprite" he quickly interrupted Akito.


Nightfall quickly approached and with full stomachs and wide smiles Fushiguro and Akito exited the local McDonald's.

"you did some pretty stupid shit I'd have never expected from you" Akito said shooting a glance at his new friend. "well I wasn't expecting much from tonight but it was better than I thought it'd be" Fushiguro said calmly.

"sooo... How do you and Gojo know each other?" the reincarnators asked politely looking over towards his new found friend. The boys black orbs cast off seemingly reminiscent of the past.

"Gojo took care of me after the accident..." he trailed off and it was clear he wouldn't explain any further looking back at Akito who could only wonder as to why Fushiguro didn't just live with them.

"so you at least know about that thing Gojo does right?" Akito inquired and though Fushiguro was confused at first it didn't take long to read along the lines of what Akito was saying.

The two looked at each other staring at each other briefly before bursting out into laughter. "let's get back on track" Akito said inbetween huff of breaths. "yea" Fushiguro responded with just as much excitement as Akito.

"so where is it?" Fushiguro asked looking over at the boy.

"there's more of them like I thought" Akito said looking towards Fushiguro. "how many?" Fushiguro asked preparing to engage the spirits.

"20" Megumin completely froze his mind not having processed what had just been said. "20?" he repeated. The reincarnator nodded.

"mostly third grades that should be easy to deal with 17 third grades, 2 second grades and 1 first grade" Akito explained looking up at the young jujutsu sorcerer. Fushiguro didn't seem fazed by this in fact he seemed disappointed by the lack of second grades which Akito took notice off. "you can deal with the first grade" he said looking over at his friend who despite not much change in facial features was without a doubt excited.


The hunt for the cursed spirits was at an abandoned store which was quite helpful reducing the amount civilian casualties.

The hunt for exterminating the cursed spirit was... Well a complete and Utter massacre with Megumi and me using each others abilities to help each other. Despite barely knowing each other we were already completely in sync.

Soon enough we were down to the first grade spirit.

"so you fight by enveloping you're fists in cursed energy" Megumi said looking over towards me and despite him himself fighting with cursed spirit manipulation he fought with a cursed tool or sword if things were simplified. "this one's mine" Megumi reminded after all he wanted to see how he compared to a first grade.

"Yea yea I get it" I responded. Megumi quickly got into position as two wolf like spirits appeared right beside him.

"cursed manipulation" he said aloud preparing himself to end the creature that stood before him. Eyes that bulged at every corner of its body and a lizard like body.

Its cursed energy truly was a sight to see but not something Megumi couldn't handle. As long as he didn't lose focus.

Megumi ran at the cursed spirit each attack had power and precision behind it whenever he was pushed back his cursed spirit compensated for whatever opening he left.

Megumi despite his age was a third grade sorcerer and after a hard fought battle he won Completely exhausted at the battle. "great job" I said at an exhausted Megumi.

A powerful presence similar to the one that appeared when i was with Kiyoko happened once more. I shot a glance at the door maintaining my gaze as a humanoid figure entered the room.

A whitish blueish colour and several line like lumps that stretched from its eyes down to near its mouth quite similar to the one Itadori and Megumi encountered.

Megumi took notice of it, his eyes widening at the sight of it after all it didn't take him to be a Gojo too notice the immense cursed energy that it released.

A special grade.

A smile grew on its face as Fushiguro struggled to his feet trying his best to amass what little amounts of cursed energy he had left. "we have to run" Fushiguro said looking over towards me to which I only sighed.

This had after all confirmed Gojos suspicions people were trying to kill me.

"stay near me" I ordered. Fushiguro looked over at me. "you can't take that!" he yelled trying his best to convince me.

"Ryouiki Tenkai!" I said putting my hands up In a similar fashion to Gojo, Fushiguro eyes widened in disbelief.


A black purple like space quickly enveloped us the raw cursed energy that layered the walls that displayed my cursed energy left the special grade with a more worried look rather than a smile.

"you can already use domain expansion" Fushiguro exclaimed his eyes darting from corner to corner to see if what had occurred truly did. "stay near me" I ordered raising my hand into the air, a black ball rose Into the air gathering both Megumis and the cursed spirits attention.

"gravity manipulation: black hole" I said my hand closing Into a fist. The black ball immediately began sucking up the cursed spirit black lightning emmited from it and despite the cursed spirits struggles it was immediately ripped apart and sucked into the mini black hole that had been created. My domain disappeared as I looked over to a Completely stunned Fushiguro.

"Akito-San" Fushiguro called out gathering my attention.

"what?" I responded

"how are you only a second grade sorcerer."

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