1 So I died apparently.

My eyes shot open.

Where the hell was I?

Didn't I get killed?

It didn't matter I struggled to my feet as I prepared to get off my bed only to notice just how short I was.

I examined my surroundings noticing just how empty it was the light switch despite being in a pitch black room wasn't too hard to locate only being next to the door that opened into the room.

I exited the room my gaze shifting from one end of the house to another as I entered what seemed to be one of three bathrooms.

Jet black hair and sky blue eyes quite similar to a character I used to watch. My face was indeed a little bit chubby and my hands were short confirming that I was in fact in another body.

Astral projection was a theory that I had come up with.

The click followed by light that illuminated the hallway followed suit as the sound of someone making their way to the bathroom became visible.

"Now I'm certain you were already asleep..." the voice of a man could be heard he rushed to my side andy eyes widened in surprise as is aw his face.

White hairs and eyes similar to mine his hair colour was unusual enough but that didn't distract me from the weird feeling of deja vu I had.

"Akito" the man said softly picking me up a smile clearly upon his face.

"you shouldnt be all alone out here" he said softly taking me back to the room I was previously in.

Just what the hell was happening!?

"don't be scared of those cursed spirits now after all you're a proud member of the gojo clan" the man said.

And that was when it hit.

I couldn't believe I didn't realise it sooner.

The man before me was none other than Satoru Gojo!

But wait I'm a Gojo?

I died but then was Brought into this shitty world with cursed spirit...

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