3 Possible danger!

The building was incredibly huge with doors only leading into rooms with more doors and I for one was actually worried that the others may have gotten lost.

I looked over at Kiyoko with a smile to which she looked away once more.

"you're pretty weird" I said voicing my thoughts with a smirk. The girl didn't respond simply focusing on the task of finding the others.

"You don't seem like the type who'd hang out with these type of people" I said looking towards the girl as we continued checking rooms. She looked down as if she was trying her hardest to come up with her next set of words.

"Wakabes my childhood friend..." she finally began. "a lots... Happened..." she said her eyes seemingly thinking back.

"like what?" I questioned. "my older brother died" she said. I didn't move nor dare to speak.

"the factor that caused of death his still unknown... But his death caught me off guard and Wakabe was there too... She was there too...!" the girl broke out into tears at the memory.

"she was there to help me and comfort me...!" her grey eyes turned to me as I pulled her into a hug. "... I'm... Sorry" was all I could say.

I couldn't bring her brother back....

Nor could I tell her the reason....

I was powerless...

"thank you" she said my eyes widened as I turned to her in surprise. "I didn't do anything though" I quickly said.

"I needed that... Sometimes I need to be reminded that there are others looking out for me" she said smiling a blush clearly visible on her face. "anyways.... Let's keep looking" she said.

"yea" I responded.


"Gojo-San" Kiyoko said garnering my attention. "what?" I responded turning to her she seemed to be fixated unto something that laid there.

"a bird?" I said as I looked over at the animal stained in red. "it's dead".

My eyes suddenly darted to the door there a monstrous figure with unatural proportions stood. Its eyes glowed red and the muscles on its arms pulsated much like a human heart which gave it a much more abnormal appearance despite its humanoid like shape and body.

Kiyoko took notice off the ceiling that seemed to give way not knowing the cause.

A cursed spirit...!

And a strong one at that!

I was confident in my strenght but I could tell that the creature before me was leagues ahead of me and even weirder while I couldnt sense the cursed spirit until it actually appeared.

It didn't matter if it masked its presence I would still know if one was coming just by my senses alone.

A scream followed after which caught the white haired girls attention. "it's Wakabe...!" the girl stood up prepared to rush to her friends aid to which I quickly stopped her.

"what are you doing Gojo!" she yelled trying to free herself from my grip.

Should I just run and abandon them?

Her grey eyes looked at mine trying to discern my current thoughts.

The creature finally prepared to move its legs size doubled as it prepared to attack.

A human being can only see a cursed spirit when they're on the verge of death or when they're death by a cursed spirit was without a doubt confirmed.

Kiyokos eyes widened as she caught sight of it and she immediately froze at the sight of its unnatural and disproportional figure.

"get on my back ill get us out of here!" I yelled snapping her back to reality. But before she could the creature dashed at us. I concentrated my cursed energy to my entire body the creatures fist made contact with the back of my fore arm immediately blowing me into the next room. "Gojo-San!" she screamed out in response.

My white t shirt now completely stained in blood and my head rang I wasn't even able to discern who was who within the other room.

I did my best to get my self back to my feet after all the others were in danger. A smile etched on the spirits face.

It was toying with me.

"the moment Satoru pulls up" I pointed at the cursed spirit.

"you're fucking dead!" I cursed at it. Kiyomi rushed to my side forgetting the cursed spirit that was near her.

It moved its arms in preparation to end her life I mustered up all the cursed energy I had speeding towards her just barely managing to prevent a life threatening blow.

"y-you got punched into the wall" she said looking at me. To her I should be dead.

"get out!" I yelled snapping her out of her surprise. My cursed energy rises even more in response to the cursed spirits. "but what about you!" she yelled in response.

"once I'm done here I'll escape with you" I quickly responded my eyes not leaving the cursed spirit that stood before me.

Gojo had taught me a lot about the strenght I had and what my cursed power would most likely be. Despite his playful nature he was a careful cautious man at heart. "ill kill this thing so get out of here!" I yelled once more prompting her to exit the room.

"Now then" I said standing up.

How to deal with you.

I increase my cursed energy even further charging the spirit head first a quick fist was thrown at me but its large frame despite its speed made it much easier for me to dodge to which I quickly responded with a punch right below where the diaprham should be assuming its human like form wasn't for nothing.

A punch that shouldve ended the fight was only met with another quick smack to the face which I somehow managed to avoid.

The creatures movements where readable but my attacks didn't affect it. The terrified screams could still be heard as I heard the sound of crashes being made in other rooms where the others could've been hiding. The cursed spirit smiled. An eery one that quickly gathered my interest. "what's so funny!?" I yelled looking over towards it.

I should've guessed this would happen.

No it didn't matter even if I didn't get them to leave they would've gone.

I shouldve called Satoru rather than doing something so stupid.

The sounds of crashing soon appeared to be right next to me as two cursed being similar to the one that stood before me came crashing through the walls and with little to no time to react at all I attempted to block the hits that came in my direction.

Naturally dodging the first one and barely blocking the second one that completely knocked me out of the building.

I had sensed them coming but still couldn't block them completely. The bleeding in my head quickly came as I struggled to me feet mustering up as much cursed energy as I could.

The three abnormally huge cursed spirits jumped from the building the streets weren't bright and the light in the sky had disappeared showing just how much time we had spent within the building.

"shit...!" was the only word that came from my mouth. Yuta, Dora, Haruki, Wakabe as well as Kiyoko all watched in panic as the three creatures made their may towards me.

"get out of here!" I yelled towards the group. From the looks of it they were already trying to escape and seeing the cursed creatures sped up their movement.

The cursed spirits walked towards me victory was after all clearly on their side. The one that stood at the center began raising its hands in preparation they had every intention of taking their time killing me.

But why me?

Without a doubt in my mind these spirit had intended for me to die like this it was premeditated

Was this how I was supposed to die?

Gojo was never seen with a relative in the anime after all.

"s-stop p-please" a familiar voice said and I didn't even need to look to know who it was.

"get the hell out of here you idiot! This isnt some manga will both be killed!" I yelled at Kiyoko. The girl didn't budge only continuing to do what she did before. "their after me! Get out of here!" I yelled once more.

"it's better if you're not alone in situations like these" she said with a smile. I looked at her "that's really dumb" were the only words I could muster as the giants swung it's arms at the girl causing several cracks to be heard as she flew into a garbage bin just a few metres from were we were stationed.

Tears welled in my eyes at what had occurred. If she wasn't so stupid she would still be alright...!

I silently cried as my tears dropped to the ground.

A huge explosion soon ovvured blasting me back several metres.

A huge crater seperqted me between from the cursed spirits. "you weren't answering my calls..." a calm relaxing voice said as the dust began to settle.

"I'm glad I had a tracker placed in you're phone" the man said his attention not turning from the cursed spirits before him. "Gojo!" I yelled finally realising it was him.

"you know I was really worried" he said though his voice sounded calm I could tell he was furious. "don't worry too much Akito" he said as he palmed his fist together.

"ill finish this up quickly."

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