5 An apology?

4 months had gone by quickly and training has become the new norm, my new schedule involved learning what a normal 13 year old kid would, getting my ass kicked by Gojo and visiting the hospital to visit Kiyoko.

Though she wasn't awake I hope she appreciated my visits.

"gravitational field" I yelled concentrating my cursed energy into a 30 m wide area gravity was doubled then tripled but the amount of cursed energy I expended always made me drop to my knees.

"great job" Gojo said pulling me up. His supportive behaviour despite how small were always so helpful to me. "are you visiting that girl again?" he asked as he packed up his things to take us home. I nodded.

"she was transferred to a hospital in Tokyo." I stated getting Gojos attention. "can you take us there?" I asked to which he nodded.


Gojo sorted things out at the reception while I had already gone on ahead. Focusing on the cursed energy she had I had estimated she was on the 4th floor first door to the right.

It didn't take long for me to reach there with Gojo following after.

"so uhh, I'm sorry for, you know putting the group in trouble and all that." I began Gojo watches from afar not interrupting my talks at all. "thanks for helping me." was all I could muster.

The room door opened as a family of 3 including what seemed to be visitors entered the room. A crying mother and her daughter looked over towards me.

"Gojo-San?" a familiar voice could be heard as she entered the room.

"Wakabe?" I replied in confusion. She held her arm awkwardly avoiding eye contact. "who's this?" other members of her family asked though Kiyoko parents didn't as they had gotten used to my usual visits.

"he's that guy Kiyoko used to talk about..." she said her voice filled with guilt as she spoke. "that guy?" Satoru joined in looking towards me. I simply shrugged my shoulders not knowing what she was talking about.

"she looked up to you" Wakabe began. I looked over to see a sly smile on Gojos face which was without a doubt not the time for one. "I didn't really know" were the only words I could use.

"well she did try talking to you but... You were completely unapproachable" she ended. I looked towards Gojo who had a completely calm demeanour on.

"I understand..." I said looking towards them. "sorry about my interruption" I said before leaving.

Gojo looked over at me in disappointment. "completely unapproachable" he said repeating those words.

"that's unacceptable!" he said yelling at me. "my little Akito was unapproachable" Gojo said fists clenched as though he were about to cry.

"wait!" the voice of Wakabe could be heard from behind me. My eyes met hers unable to find what her intentions truly were. "I'm sorry!" she said bowing her head tears welled up in her eyes and eventually fell.

"I ran away... I tried to help her but she wouldn't come with me... Those monsters you saw them too...!" she said trying her best to rub away her tears. "and just what would you have been able to do to help her?" I questioned looking at the poor girl.

"and I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'monsters'" I stated feigning ignorance. She looked at me in confusion.

She didn't answer as if thinking on what she could've responded with. "nothing you would've been injured like her or maybe even killed in that explosion... And I doubts she'd want that for her best friend" I said turning back to Gojo. "let's go." was all I said.


Time went on and my training had been going well spacial manipulation was still difficult but on a more positive note I had completely mastered gravity, wracked up experience on curses with Gojo and my ability to sense when a cursed spirit would appear was even greater than before.

"hello?" Gojo said picking up a phone call he had received. My attention quickly turned to him as I prepared myself to hunt another cursed spirit. "oh my has she now?" Gojo said in response to the caller. I tilted my head slightly confused as to where the conversation was going. Usually for cursed spirit calls they explained the basics and me and Gojo would arrive on the scene to take care of things.

"I'll tell him right away" Gojo stated his eyes now looking at me. "Yatamoto" that was the only things that came to mind with this call.

"is she alright!?" I yelled to which I was quickly silenced by Gojo. "yea we'll be on our way." Gojo said nodding. The call ended and Gojo looked over at me.

"you're girlfriends awake" he said calmly looking over towards me. "Kiyoko!?" I quickly responded rushing to get prepped.

"let's go!" I yelled at Gojo who despite knowing my excitement took his sweet time to get ready. "alright alright" he said as he grabbed ahold of me.

"to Tokyo!" he yelled raising his hands up into the sky.


I rushed down the halls passing the receptionist all the way up not bothering to even be aware of my surroundings.

Until I was right in front of her door.

Now that I thought about it.

What the fuck was I gonna say.

I took a deep breath as I prepared to enter the room not surprised to see the others there with her. "guys I'm fine really" she said trying to relieve the guilt her friends felt. Family members as well as those of that day were all there.

"Kiyoko" I said finally getting her attention.

She made eye contact and this time rather than breaking away with an embarrassed look on her face she maintained her gaze.

I walked up to her wrapping her in a hug. "I'm sorry" we're the only words that I could say all the stress I had felt finally left me.

"thanks for coming here everyday" she replied back with a smile. "who told you that?" I asked to which she pointed over to Wakabe.

"you did come here everyday though." Wakabe said with a smile as she pulled her friend into another hug. Gojo entered the room abruptly leaving the moment he saw that he probably wouldn't be needed.

"well I gotta go but it's nice to see you awake again" I said looking over towards her she nodded back.

As I exited the room I made a promise to myself.

Saving as many people as I could...

There was no telling what could happen at any moment after all...

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