28 Chapter 25

Fenris was now getting close with Selene,it was evident to everyone that both are attracted to each other.Lucian,Cecelia and Sonja were happy that both found each other.Fenris found Selene to be strong and loyal friend or now girlfriend,their relationship grew pretty quickly.But the interesting thing was both were not romantic at heart, so we both took pleasure in doing normal everyday things like training or eating diner together.

Fenris and Selene where having dinner togther as Fenris spoke"Our informers found something interesting,It is about Kraven."

Selene frowned and asked"What does he want?"

Fenris taking a sip from his wine replied"He seems to have asked his minion Soren to be ask the Lycans on how to contact me."

Selene didn't like he knew Kraven was unhappy with how much attention and power she was getting also he was unhappy with the Councils decision to support me she snapped out of her thoughts ans asked"What do you think he is planning?"

Fenris sighed and replied"I asked Cecelia to compel Soren to get info and it turns out Kraven seems to want an alliance with me,after all his life in the council is not great as he thought it to be,it seems he wants more power and by the looks of it he wants to be an Elder by killing all the Elders and even some of the council members who are not agreeing with him."

Selene scowled and says"Then he will have to kill all the council members because it is pretty clear to anyone but Kraven that they are jumping ship."

Fenris with chuckle and replied"He figured that part out it seems he was you to be his queen and be by his side.He was smart enough to understand your power and influence."

Selene was now really thinking of killing the asshole,but Fenris calmed her down and said"Don't we can use him to take out Victor,bit also make him the scape goat.Even though Victor has less influence,but his adopted daughter and progeny Semira has enough influence to cause trouble for us."

Selene if she killed Victor this Semira will use everything in her power to kill her and Fenris,if she finds out about him that is.Selene was now curious about what Fenris had planned for Victor as she questioned"So what is your plan?"

Fenris grinned and answered"We will kill victor when the time is right and like I said we are going to make Kraven the scapegoat for Semira's anger and vengeance.But I am sure she will also try to kill you because of her jealousy."

Selene was now really looking forward to seeing Victor killed as Fenris looked thoughtful and added"Maybe we could reveal that Romulus being alive,if Victor finds out about his hybrid nature I am sure he will flip and if we add a certain rumor about him trying to create more hybrids then Victor will surely lose control."

Selene smirked as she knew Victor obsession with keeping the bloodline of vampire pure.Fenris who was thoughtful added"We can easily make Kraven think their is a power struggle between the Lycans and me,I am sure he will try to contact the rebellion group because of wanting revenge after

against me.I am thinking of making Raze play the role."

She grinned and asked"Isn't Raze you most loyal lycans,I remember you even granted him the corvinus strain."

Fenris nodded and with a smile replied"Yes,but he is best friends with Lucian,I can easily create a rumor about how Raze was angry at not avenging Lucian.I am sure that idiot will fall for it."

Selene asked"But wouldn't he be suspicious that Raze doesn't show any hostility towards him after all he thinks he killed Lucian."

Fenris thought about it and said"Then I will ask Xristo to do it,he is also loyal to us.But their is another Lycan who probably use this to cause a rebellion his name is Marius he is a capable leader ,he has huge hatred for the Vampires. He is a capable warrior, and he similarities to Lucian, in that they are both ambitious and strategic leaders who tried to organize the Lycan's into a proper fighting force. Like Lucian, Marius also has a vampire, Alexia, as his lover, but I get the feeling that he is just using her,as it gives him strategic advantage rather than having real feelings towards her."

Selene questioned"Is this Marius dangerous?"Fenris scoffed and replied"The fool thought he would gain the leader of Lycan's position after he killed me with Mathius,but it backfired and he is now exiled and running from deathdealers,but thanks to his lover he is able to escape them.But we will think about him later on."

Fenris was really planning on destroying more of Victors support before killing him,he wanted to make sure Victor has the front row seat to watching Victor fall from power and death.

As both were walking back to their room Fenris kissed Selene and went to sleep.

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