1 Chapter 1

Authors note: This a fanfic written for fun and please do tell what name do you want for the MC.


I was now enjoying my time in a black void filled with nothing who would have thought going shopping for groceries results in getting hit by a truck and landing in this place of all things.

I thought "It's not like there is someone waiting for me at home."

I was counting numbers to pass time what a life suddenly I was dropped into a white room. I rubbed my back as I muttered "What the hell can't they least make the landing soft."

I suddenly heard "Sorry their kid didn't mean to make the landing that bad."I turned to face the direction in which the sound came.I deadpanned seeing an old man "Please don't tell you are GOD and I have a chance in reincarnation."

GOD grinned and said "Got it in one kid yes you are going to get a chance in reincarnation because it was not your time to die."I studied the old man and asked "So how do you decide which world.I would reincarnate in and how many wishes do I get also do I keep my memories."

GOD nodded and replied, "Yes nice questions basically you spin the wheel to decide which world you would go to and you get three wishes also you get to keep your memories."I thought sarcastically hearing all this "So my whole life depends on a spin the wheel-how wonderful."

I saw GOD snapped his fingers as the spin the wheel of my fate showed up. I saw a lot of movies and TV shows on it I said unenthusiastically "Let's get this over with."

I spun the Wheel as I watched it slowly point towards The Underworld.I muttered, "Huh Underworld I did watch all the movies that were released it was not that bad but the vampires in it was weak at least compared to the TVD/TO ones."

GOD smiled "So what are wishes kid but make sure it is not something that breaks the rule of the world your going into like anime powers or world ending abilities."

I thought for a while and said: "Okay For First wish I want to be original Tribrid similar Hope Mikelson from The originals but with all traits fully active only be killed by Hyophorbe amaricaulis (also known as the "loneliest palm") is a species of palm tree of the order Arecales, the vampires I sire will be loyal to me and won't try to backstab me and please do make sure I have all the spells and rituals from TVD universe also werewolf form instead of large timber wolves make it the werewolf from Vanhelsing movie."

GOD raised an eyebrow and asked, "You did add some little things in it but they are all manageable as werewolf you will be an alpha, also and I read your mind and saw you wanted to turn some vampires from that world."

I nodded and said, "Yes if it is possible I want to turn some of them."God replied, "Yes I don't see a problem but the person you will choose as your lover or wife will not feel the effects of the sire bond and you will be able to have kids with vampires from The Underworld."

I nodded continued "2nd wish infinite mana or energy for me perform my spells also I have full control over it third wish I already have what I want so creation magic."GOD replied "Done but creation magic you can create anything expect life you have to have understanding of thing you want to create."

I nodded that was okay with me I was a genius with edict memory so it was not hard for me remember all the details from my previous life.

God asked smiling "So which timeline do you want to be in."I thought for while and said "1000 BC I don't want to be a baby again."God waved his hand as he said "Good luck kid."

As I blacked out next thing I know I am in the middle of jungle I sighed "Where the hell am I."I did take a couple of tries to get used to the speed soon I found a pond as I looked at the reflection I saw I looked like Chris Hemsworth.

I rubbed my temples as I mumbled "I didn't choose look like him."I used creation magic to produce a map then cut my wrist took the blood and performed a locator spell.

The blood moved towards Athens I yelled "Fantastic now I have to create a base of operation then recruit vampires but have to teach them to feed and erase technique."

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