Reincarnated in The originals as a human

Marcus flex was a normal Teenager a fan of tvdu but mostly The originals.What happens when he gets put in the body of another human in New Orleans?what happens when he finds out that vampires exist?what happens when he connects the dots and finds out he’s in the world of tvdu?Find out by reading!(This is the originals only fan fiction no Tvd!)

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chapter 4:meeting Rebekah

George was walking down the stairs when he saw klaus mailers on sitting down reading a diary.

George:what's that that your reading?if you don't mind me asking?

Klaus:it's our journey of 1000 years that my brother has weitten over the centuries hoping for my redemption.

George:and is it any closer?or is he just chasing the impossible.

Klaus laughs and says.

Klaus:Don't push it.klaus says in a calm tone.

George:I'm sorry I never knew that it was a sensitive topic.

Klaus snapped his neck and George landed on the ground.

George woke up to klaus drinking blood ina glass.

Klaus:whant some?

George:where is Elijah?I haven't seen him in days and he never misses our training sessions.

Klaus:Training sessions!wow it seems my brother has taken an interest in you?perhaps he thinks that because your not dead yet that your the key to my redemption because I whent trusted that many in a millennia.

George:am I?the key to your redemption?because snapping my neck 71 times in 4 days isn't exactly normal.

Klaus:wow someone's been counting SHALL I MAKE IT 100!


Klaus:ok now go and spy on marcel and the vampires I need more information.oh and hears some of my blood since you have proven to be useful to me and my goals.lalis said as he bit into his wrist and put some blood in a tube and gave it to George.

Klaus:that's all I'm giving you for now that should be enough for a werewolf bite.lets see how useful you prove to be in the long run.

George was angry it was nighttime on the city of new pleaded and he was at a bar he as Shri at klaus and his senses where heightened because of him being a vampire.This was just a Tv show to him before but now it's his life.

George than bit into a girl and drained her of blood in the dance floor.

Thierry:Hey easy there newbie don't kill her.

George ignored Thierry and continued to drain the girl of blood.

Thierry:HEY I SAID STOP!Thierry said as he threw George all the way to the wall.

George looked angry but soon realised that he was outnumbered an that the vampire in front of him was stronger than him.

George than ran away not wanting to end up desiccated in marcels garden or end up with a stake in his heart.

A few days later a blonde haired girl with blue eyes came to the house.

George watched as Rebecca came into the house and spoke to Hayley.

Rebecca:who else is in this house?come out I know your the there.

George walked downstairs as he said.

George:And you must be the sister of the rampaging monster klaus mikaelson the original hybrid himself.

Rebecca:sorry who are you?im familiar with the pregnant werewolf that my brother knocked up but you?who are you?

George:I'm George a vampire a new one Im klauses spy and a vampire who he hasn't killed though he has snapped my neck many times.

Rebecca looked suprised at the fact that klaus hadn't killed a baby vampire and had teisted someone.

Rebecca:I don't care about you or nik.now where is my brother Elijah and what has that backstabbing wanker done to him.

George:Elijah disappeared a few days ago I tried to get some information out of klaus but got my neck snapped a few times and some death threats but hey I guess I'm lucky that he didn't permanently end my life right?

Rebecca:well nik has obviously done something to him.he hasn't been answering my calls it's the only reason that I came back to this city and when I find him I'm leaving.

George:really?is that the only reason that you came back here?for your brother Elijah?


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter next one will be longer

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