88 Offline Meeting

*ring ring ring *

Two hours passed just like that, with the recess bell ringing, Honekawa-Sensei tidied up his book and walked out.

The students in the class immediately relaxed, some chatted with their friends and some went outside the classroom.

Ren stood up and walked out of the classroom.

After walking a few minutes to the building that was no longer in use as the location of his departure, as for why not in the toilet?

What if Ren came back and someone was using the toilet? He didn't want to see a man defecating, after all he was gone for an hour and there was a possibility that the place he was using was being used by someone else.

With just a thought, a virtual screen that only Ren could see appeared.


Rokuhara Ren: "I'm ready to go"

Inui Shinju: "Me too..."

Mikami Satoru : "Ready to go anytime"

Uchiha Itachi: "I have made an excuse for my departure to Kisame, I'm ready to go"

Lin Fan: "Alright, since everyone is ready let's go."


"Hehehe… I'll make Asuna fall in love with me, even though she's only a middle school student right now, she has a developed body"

Lin Fan had imagined that in the process of completing this mission, he would with his cool action make Asuna fall in love with him.

How could Lin Fan be sure? Because he is the Leader of the Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group! From the chat room novels he read, the system owner would have female members as his harem.

Lin Fan who imagined a 2D character that could only be seen in anime, groaned under his crotch making Lin Fan's penis involuntarily stand in his pants.

"Hmph! So what if Fei Fei, that bitch broke up with me! Just watch, I'll get an Asuna who's a hundred times prettier than you!" Lin Fan said while gritting his teeth remembering his ex-girlfriend.

Seeing that all the members were ready, without a second thought, Lin Fan who had put a closing sign on the Lin Mobile Store clicked on accept the mission.

Suddenly a white light enveloped Lin Fan's body, when the light dimmed, Lin Fan's figure had disappeared.


In the world of Sword Art Online...

On the roof of a junior high school in Tokyo...

Asuna who was currently still wearing her school uniform stood nervously on the school roof. Since it was still school hours and she never skipped, Asuna only chose the school roof as the meeting location.

As for why Asuna was nervous, it was because she was about to meet a stranger she only knew through a strange chat room. She attended an all-girls middle school, apart from her father and older brother, Asuna interacted very little with boys, no wonder she was a bit nervous at the moment.

"How did they arrive..." Asuna said confused as to how the members of the Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group would come.


While Asuna was wondering how the other members arrived, a bright light suddenly appeared in front of her, she subconsciously raised her hand to her face to block the light.

After the light dimmed, the figures of five people appeared before Asuna, or rather four people and one blue slime.

"All of you are…" Asuna asked the people in front of her.

Asuna could see that these few people who suddenly appeared were not in good condition, it was seen from the cold sweat on their foreheads and looked as if they were going to throw up at any moment.

But there are also unaffected, and in good condition.

Ren stepped forward first, and introduced himself with a smile as warm as the morning sun.

"This is our first meeting in person, let's introduce ourselves again. Starting with me, my name is Katsuragi Ren, but you can call me Ren."

Lin Fan, who was still very dizzy when he saw Ren who went first, felt that his position as Leader was being challenged, but no matter how much he wanted to come forward and speak, he couldn't because of the severe dizziness.

"Hello my name is Mikami Satoru, as you can see, I'm currently just a Slime! Please advise"

A blue slime on the floor jumped up and introduced himself, looking like he was fine too.

"Huhhhh.... My name is Uchiha Itachi, nice to meet you guys"

After exhaling briefly, Itachi introduced himself briefly while looking around.

"My name is Yuuki Asuna, nice to meet you"

Asuna saw everyone reintroducing themselves, she also bowed and introduced herself.

"It seems that space transfer makes some people uncomfortable." Ren said looking at a large-chested woman and a Chinese man with an ordinary face.

"You look fine" Itachi asked Ren who looked normal.

Even Itachi felt the side effects of space transfer between worlds, but not as badly as the other two.

"I feel a little dizzy too" Satoru said as well.

The girl with long brown hair, big breasts and wearing a school uniform recovered first, and spoke nervously.

"M-My name is Inui Shinju… I may not be of much use, but please advise."

"Please advise Shinju-san too…" Asuna walked over to Shinju and shook hands.

The person who last introduced himself was none other than Lin Fan.

"I'm Lin Fan! Leader of the Multiverse Dimensional Group Anime! Nice to see you all!"

Lin Fan said with a forced smile as he still looked deathly pale.

"You chose the school roof as the location for our appearance."

Ren was currently still wearing his high school uniform, through the guardrail, he saw female students passing by.

"School isn't over yet, and I can't skip class either. If I skip school, the school will tell my mother about this." Asuna said helplessly.

"It looks very peaceful here compared to my world"

Itachi who stood beside Ren also saw the joy of the female students who were very different from the lives of ordinary people in his world.

"Well… Although I can't say there is no war in the modern world, most countries live in peace." Ren said to Itachi who was still looking at the students.

"Modern world, I really miss modern civilization!"

Satoru in his Slime form also felt nostalgic seeing the peaceful life of the modern world.

When two men and a slime looked at the peaceful lives of female students, Lin Fan didn't even care about it. His eyes were always focused on Asuna and Shinju's bodies.

Especially when Lin Fan looked at Shinju's huge breasts, he really wanted to squeeze them, but he restrained himself and pretended to be a gentleman.

(Is Shinju really a middle school student? With breasts that big, she can do paizuri on me) thought Lin Fan imagining Shinju giving him paizuri.

In Lin Fan's view, himself as the protagonist, the female member of the Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group was the woman.

Sensitive Shinju also felt Lin Fan's lecherous gaze on her breasts, and she hid behind Asuna's back.

"Leader, can you not stare at us, you scared Shinju-san…" Asuna said displeasedly, she was also disgusted by Lin Fan's blatant lustful gaze.

"Cough Cough… Sorry, it's my first time seeing an anime character come to life, I can't help myself."

Coughing awkwardly, Lin Fan looked for excuses carelessly.

"Leader, to you we are just fictional characters, but to us, we are reality. We have normal human memories and feelings."

"Let's just say that the anime circulating in the world is just a future of a world that is not known why it can be made into an anime"

Ren quickly said, as he could feel the displeasure in all the members of the Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group. But Lin Fan didn't feel it, because to him everyone was just a fiction.

It's like one day telling you that you're just a character in a movie? Will you believe? Of course not, even if those people knew he was just a movie character, that person wouldn't want to be needed unlike humans either.

Lin Fan couldn't argue, because what Ren said was what he thought. To Lin Fan, he was the protagonist who got the golden finger and the other members were just his supporting characters to reach the pinnacle of life.

Surrounded by fame, fortune, and women he was willing to use at any time. Those were Lin Fan's true thoughts.

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