87 First Mission

In class 1-C Sainan High School...

In the first subject, this time the one who teaches is Honekawa-Sensei.

Honekawa-Sensei is a wrinkled old man with almost bald hair and wears a button-down shirt and loose tie. Even though he is old, his teaching spirit deserves a thumbs up.

It was because of his old age, Honekawa-Sensei tended to speak a little slowly and was often seen shivering. But the students paid close attention to what he taught.

Of course not all the students noticed, such as Hiyama Daisuke who chatted quietly with his gang namely Kondō Rei'ichi, Saitou Yohsiki, and Nakano Shinji.

There are also some female students who play smartphones under the table or behind books on the table, such as Sugawara Taeko, Sonobe Yuka, and Miyazaki Nana.

Ren also paid attention to the teachings taught by Honekawa-Sensei, because he really appreciated Honekawa-Sensei who had served to teach for more than 30 years.

But suddenly, the Multiverse Dimensional Group Anime chat room had a message that caught his attention.

He shared his consciousness, while keeping an eye on Honekawa-Sensei, Ren also looked at the Multiverse Dimensional Group Anime chat room.


Yuuki Asuna : "How is it? If the events in the Sword Art Online anime were real, wouldn't there be 10,000 people trapped in SAO's death game? What should I do?"

Inui Shinju : "C-Calm down Asuna-san... Since you already know the future, why not tell the dangers of the SAO game?"

Shinju also knows the Sword Art Online anime, but she doesn't watch from the anime Ren sent, but in his world there is also that anime and she has watched Sword Art Online two years ago. She didn't expect to be able to communicate with the anime characters she had watched, it was like a dream come true.

Yuuki Asuna : "I already did that! I posted the dangers of SAO games on official forums and even gamers forums, but they thought I was crazy! No one believes me!"

Lin Fan: "What about your father? Your father as CEO of RECT should be able to do something, right?"

Mikami Satoru: "Right! Family as the closest people will believe in you!"

Yuuki Asuna : "During dinner, I told my father that the NerveGear is capable of destroying a person's brain by emitting high-powered microwaves. But my mother, who heard this, scolded me and said I said something unreasonable…"

Yuuki Asuna : "I don't know what else to do..."


In the room...

Asuna lay on her bed with a sad expression on her face, she only wanted to save 10,000 players from being trapped in the SAO Game.

But whatever Asuna did was in vain, let alone believed in, she was treated as a mental patient! Yesterday her mother took her to a mental hospital for a checkup, Asuna felt she was really going crazy from all this.

"I can only hope in this strange chat room..." Asuna said with hope.

After Asuna watched the Sword Art Online anime, now she was 100% sure of the existence of the Multiverse Dimensional Group Anime and the Sword Art Online anime really told her story.

"Please someone help me…" Asuna said tiredly while looking at the NerveGear on the nearby table in fear.

At first Asuna planned to play the SAO Game to relieve the stress brought on by constant study due to her mother's orders. But after watching the Sword Art Online anime, she was afraid to even touch the NerveGear.

Rokuhara Ren : "Honestly your problem isn't difficult for me or Itachi to solve. But the problem is we can't get to your world..."

Yuuki Asuna : "Can I only see 10,000 people trapped in the death game?"

Inui Shinju : "How much longer is the release of NerveGear?"

Yuuki Asuna : "Three more days, and the online order of NerveGear has been sold out in just an hour"

Lin Fan: "I have a solution?"

Yuuki Asuna : "Really?"

Mikami Satoru: "As expected Leader! Show us"

Lin Fan : "Screnshoot.jpg"

What Lin Fan sent was nothing but a screenshot of the mission recently released by Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group.


[Mission Name : Prevent Kayaba Akihiko's Crazy Plan]

[Mission Description : Kayaba Akihiko is development director and Game Master of Sword Art Online, as well as designer of NerveGear. A very genius scientist in his field, but due to his crazy obsession, he traps 10,000 players to conquer 100 floors and players who die in the game die in real life]

[Mission Goal : Prevent the Sword Art Online game from becoming a death game!]

[Mission Requirements: All members must participate]

[Mission Reward: Unlocks the function of traveling between worlds among group members]

(Note: No matter how long a member goes to another world to carry out a mission, the member's original world time will only elapse for 1 hour)


"It seems that the mission can only be seen by the Leader, is this the privilege of being a Leader?"

Ren saw the screenshot that Lin Fan sent was not too surprised, the chat room novel he was reading gave a lot of privileges to the chat room system owner. No wonder the mission list could only be seen by Lin Fan.

"But this Lin Fan's luck is a bit bad, the Beginner Pack he got was actually a bag of Shenzu beans..."

Ren wanted to laugh when he remembered this, for a person with supernatural powers, Shenzu beans were indeed a life-saving item.

But to an ordinary person without any kind of strength like Lin Fan, Shenzu beans were nothing more than food that kept him full for several days. Look at ordinary people like Asuna and Shinju who got magic, Lin Fan must really hate his luck.

"Besides, no matter how long I'm gone, the time in my world will only pass 1 hour. That's a good thing, I don't have to worry about reasoning with mom when I'm on a mission for a long time."

Ren was very satisfied with this, meaning that no matter how long he went on a mission in another world, the time in his world would only pass 1 hour.


Mikami Satoru : "Wow, there's a mission! It's like playing a game"

Rokuhara Ren : "Unfortunately this is not a game, failure means 10,000 people are trapped in the death game, and several thousand people will die in the real world..."

Mikami Satoru: "Sorry, I didn't mean to…"

Satoru also realized what he had said earlier, he immediately apologized.

Yuuki Asuna : "It's okay, I know Satoru-san didn't mean to"

Lin Fan: "Alright, since this mission is mandatory for all participants, let's go now!"

Rokuhara Ren : "Wait a minute! I'm still in the middle of class, I can't go yet."

Inui Shinju : "Me too… I'm still studying sports lessons on the field…"

Mikami Satoru: "I'm ready anytime!"

Lin Fan: "Uhhh... How about you Itachi?"

Lin Fan who was too excited to see his waifu was Asuna. Forgetting that everyone unlike him is unemployed with no job other than sitting around waiting for a customer to buy his cell phone.

Uchiha Itachi: "I and Akatsuki members have just extracted Ichibi from the Jinchuriki, I can't go now, I have to find an excuse for Kisame to leave for 1 hour later."

Itachi who is always silent finally appears, it's because he doesn't talk much and is busy extracting Ichibi which makes him rarely chat in the chat room.

Lin Fan: "How about another 2 hours?"

Uchiha Itachi: "No problem"

Mikami Satoru : "I'm so free, I can leave anytime"

Inui Shinju : "I think I can…"

Rokuhara Ren: "Yes"

Lin Fan: "Alright, since it's been decided, let's leave in 2 hours!"

Yuuki Asuna : "Thank you everyone...."

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