65 Feels familiar

"Thank you Ren!" Takeo said while bowing to Ren.

"Don't be so stiff, aren't we friends?" Ren said as he helped Takeo up.

"Having Authority is really convenient" said Suna commenting on Ren's previous action.

"Is what you did just now okay Ren-kun? Aren't we breaking the law?" Yui asked somewhat uncomfortably.

"Won't there be consequences later?" Haruna asked worriedly.

"There won't be any consequences, after all this train station also belongs to the Shinomiya Group. As a shareholder, I can handle Takeo's problem earlier!" Ren said with a smile.

The Shinomiya Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the country. The company is said to own about two hundred trillion yen and own many banks, cars and trains.

The leader of the group was Shinomiya Gan'an. The company is also among the Big Four of the Zaibatsu.

Two years ago, when Ren was in the second grade of junior high school, there was a global economic crisis. This economic crisis was caused by the emergence of a virus called Florona which caused a worldwide pandemic.

Most people who are exposed to this virus will experience a sore throat, headache, diarrhea, skin rash, or discoloration of the fingers. Fortunately researchers around the world were able to find a vaccine for the Florona virus in just half a year.

But during that time, the global economic crisis due to the Florona virus pandemic, logistics, tourism and trade activities were the sectors that had the biggest impact from this virus outbreak. This is due to the prohibition of a number of governments to travel abroad and the closure of several tourism sectors due to the lack of foreign tourists.

At that time the global economy was in crisis due to the Florona virus pandemic, the stock market index fell. The exchange rate of the yen against the US dollar weakened due to the large number of foreign investors leaving the Japanese financial market, the stock market plummeted, affecting the domestic economy.

Many shareholders in the Shinomiya Group who have never experienced losses like this become afraid of bankruptcy and sell their shares, of course not all shareholders sell their shares.

Selling some gold bars on the black market, Ren bought all the shares sold by the shareholders, until he finally owns 20% of the shares in the Shinomiya Group.

After the economy stabilized, the shareholders regretted their foolish actions, but the rice had turned to mush, there was nothing they could do.

[Author's note: Rice has turned into porridge" means 'something that has already happened can't be undone']

"Thanks to Ren, Takeo didn't need to be suspended. You better control your emotions Takeo" Suna said to Takeo.

Takeo nodded while rubbing his head.

"Anoo… Thanks for helping me in advance, and sorry for bothering everyone"

"My name is Yamato Rinko, thanks again for helping me!"

The previous high school girl lowered her head while saying thanks.

"I'm Katsuragi Ren, nice to meet Yamato-san. This big man is Gouda Takeo, and this ikemen man is Sunakawa Makoto" Ren introduced himself while pointing at the other two people.

"My name is Kotegawa Yui, nice to meet you Yamato-san"

"I'm Sairenji Haruna, please advise"

After getting to know each other briefly, they parted ways because they were going to school soon. Because Yamato Rinko's school is different from Takeo's and others' schools, they go to their own schools.

At Sainan High School....

"Why haven't I been in the same class with Yui and Haruna? Was it a coincidence or was it fated?" Ren muttered as he walked towards his class.

After the acceptance ceremony for the new students was over, the students headed to their classes. But this year Ren is not in the same class as Takeo, Suna, Yui or Haruna.

"Oh, the share price of Shinomiya Group has increased again, not bad."

While walking, Ren opened his smartphone and checked the stock exchange of the Shinomiya Group.

"At this stock market price, the 20% stake I currently own is 2 trillion yen, which isn't a bad amount of money for a high school kid."

If anyone knew the current amount of money Ren had when he was just a high school freshman and he just felt it was a decent amount, they would have cursed him for not feeling grateful.

When other high school students asked for their parents' money or worked odd jobs, Ren already had an amount of money that they never even had even in dreams, and he just found it to be okay, it would make anyone angry to hear this.

"Is this my class?"

Ren looked at the class signboard attached above the door that read 1-C. After confirming this was the correct class he slid the door and entered.

"Why do I feel that these people are a bit familiar?" Ren thought as he surveyed his future classmate.

Since they were all new students, most of the students didn't know each other at this time. So for the most part the class wasn't too noisy because of the chatter.

But as soon as Ren entered and walked towards the empty seat by the window facing out, almost all of the girls in the class couldn't take their eyes off him.

There is only one thought on the minds of the girls in this class, which is that they are grateful to be in this class. Because apart from Ren there was one other handsome guy who was chatting with other students.

As for the men, they felt cursed for having two handsome men in the same class. That meant the girls in the class would be more focused on the two handsome guys than they were.

"Hello, my name is Katsuragi Ren, we will be in the same class this year. Please advise"

Ren reached out while introducing himself to the male student sitting beside him.

"M-My name is Nagumo Hajime, please advise too"

The man named Nagumo Hajime shook Ren's hand and also introduced himself.

"Nagumo Hajime?"

Hearing this name, Ren suddenly widened his eyes and studied Hajime closely.

Hajime had black hair, brown eyes, and a slender build, as well as a good face. Just like nerds or other ordinary high school students.

"What's wrong Katsuragi-san?" Hajime asked uncomfortably feeling Ren's gaze looking at him.

"No, it's fine. Just surprised by something"

Letting go of the handshake, Ren gave a perfunctory excuse and looked outside.

Hajime didn't ask any further, after all they were new to each other and he didn't dare to ask either.

Even though Ren looked outside, he wasn't focused but was thinking about many things.

(Nagumo Hajime? Is this world also a mixture of Arifureta anime? But if you look closely in this class there are only characters from Arifureta anime) Ren thought while observing the people in the class.

It's been 9 years since Ren was reincarnated into this world, no wonder he forgot many anime he had watched in his previous life. But at least he still remembers a rough picture of the anime he's watched.

(If it's according to the anime, then the people in this class will go to another world during class time Huh...)

(Interesting, this is really interesting, I can't wait to go to another world and learn magic to move between different worlds)

Thinking of this, there couldn't be a small smile on the corner of Ren's mouth.

When the girls in the class still looked at Ren, they were mesmerized by that smile.

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