67 Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group Part 1

This is the first day students enter school, so the teachers don't teach but explain school history, school rules, and various other things.

Aiko is no exception, even though she has a loli build and has the appearance of a middle school student. But she was still a teacher, that's why the other students heard Aiko's words.

But Ren didn't hear what Aiko said at all, he was making plans when he was teleported to another world with his classmates.

[Ding! Congratulations on joining the Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group]


Ren was dumbfounded when he saw a virtual screen similar to his Status Window suddenly appear.

"It seems that this virtual screen can only be seen by me"

He looked around, the other students were still paying attention to Aiko's explanation, of course there were some students playing cell phones under the table secretly.

From Ren's observation, no one noticed the blue virtual screen that appeared in front of him, not even Hajime who was sitting next to him noticed.

"Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group? From the name this is some kind of chat room that connects various anime characters?"

Although a bit taken aback at first, Ren quickly recovered his composure. He was a Reincarnator, he had read a lot of novels with cheated MC like this.

"But this doesn't seem to be my cheat considering I didn't choose this type of cheat, meaning I'm just part of the Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group cheat owner"

Ren made the bold guess that this was someone else's cheat and not his, and he just happened to join that person's cheat.

"Okay, I see who the owner of this cheat is"

Making a decision, Ren clicked on the chat room on the virtual screen and saw that four other people had joined the Anime Multiverse Dimensional Group.

But there is one name that stands out among the other four because it has the word 'Leader' next to its name.

"Lin Fan? Standard Chinese novel protagonist name"

Ren was speechless seeing this familiar name, in his previous life apart from watching anime and reading manga, occasionally he also read Chinese novels especially cultivation themes. And this name was familiar to Ren because he had seen many writers use this name as the protagonist.

"Forget it, it's none of my business..."

"Eh? My nickname is Campione Playboy?"

In another universe, the year 2022 earth...

China, the largest East Asian country of all Asian countries and has the largest population of any country in the world. The country has a population of 1.4 billion which makes it difficult to find work in this country considering its population.

Especially for a student who just graduated from college, without experience, background and connections. It is very difficult to be accepted in a big company.

"Good news! Good news! At the beginning of the new year, all cellphones sold at the Lin Mobile Shop will decrease in price…"

In a mobile phone shop in Jianghai city, through the speaker's voice a young man promoted his wares to passersby.

But none of the pedestrians entered the cellphone even though the young man had promoted his shop many times.

Inside Lin's Mobile Phone Store...

"Unlucky! I gave a discount, but none of the customers came."

A young man in his 20s with black hair and wearing a sports jacket looks at passersby through the glass door while eating a watermelon.

The young man had an ordinary face, he wasn't handsome but he wasn't ugly either. If he walks on the street, no one will remember him because his face is like a normal youth.

The young man's name was Lin Fan, 25 years old, fresh out of college. He is an orphan because his parents died in an accident when he was in high school.

Fortunately, thanks to the savings and insurance money left by his parents, Lin Fan was able to continue his education to college.

After applying for jobs in dozens of companies and none of them accepted, three years without getting a job, Lin Fan decided to open a cell phone shop from the money left over from his parents' insurance.

"Not even a single one was sold this month" Lin Fan complained while munching on a watermelon and watching the news broadcast on television.

"The latest news, the past few days, a young girl from Jianghai City was mysteriously reported, discovered..."

Currently on the news broadcast, a young female reporter is reading the news regarding the disappearance of a girl.

"Damn! There can't be a kidnapping in Jianghai City, right?"

Lin Fan who saw this news report became worried because this case happened in the city where he lived. He was worried for his girlfriend's safety.

"Local security forces remind all women not to go out alone at night."

"We urge the public to report immediately if they find suspicious actions or activities."

Seeing the reminder from the female reporter, Lin Fan became more and more worried about his girlfriend's safety.

"I will tell Liu Fei about this"

Picking up the cell phone on the table, Lin Fan immediately called Liu Fei.

In the fifth semester of college, Lin Fan ventured to confess his feelings to Liu Fei. And Liu Fei also accepted it and in the end the two of them became lovers.


As soon as the phone was connected, Lin Fan spoke with a happy smile on his face.

"Honey, are you home from work yet?"

Unlike Lin Fan who was not accepted into any single company, Liu Fei was now working in a rather large company.

"Lin Fan we better break up!"

From the phone, Liu Fei without further ado immediately asked for a breakup without mercy.

"B-Break up? Why?" Lin Fan stuttered, he felt his heart shattered into pieces like a glass cup that fell to the floor.

With a tone of disdain and sneer, Liu Fei said. "According to you? It's been three years since we graduated from college, what else can you do besides open a bankrupt cell phone shop, what else?"

"Now I'm really sorry, I shouldn't be dating you!"

In a panic, Lin Fan tried to persuade. "Feifei, please believe me, give me one more chance. I will definitely make money to buy a house!"

But Liu Fei is fed up with this excuse, Lin Fan has said the same thing many times, in fact nothing has changed. Then she said firmly.

"I am dating Leng Dong now, unlike you, he can buy me expensive clothes, branded bags and things you can never give me"

"Leng Dong? Isn't he an asshole! Listen to me, don't leave me, I beg you Feifei." Lin Fan said in a pleading tone.

Lin Fan naturally knew Leng Dong that Liu Fei was referring to. Leng Dong is a rich second generation. He is a playboy and often sleeps with women who already have boyfriend.

Lin Fan didn't expect one day he would get given a green hat by Liu Fei.

"Dear Feifei, just turn off the call from that loser and let's continue our fun."

From the phone, Lin Fan could hear a familiar male voice.

"Ah~ Hubby, I'm on the phone, what if Lin Fan hears my moaning sound? Ah ah ah ah...."

"Feifei, what are you doing with Leng Dong?"

From Liu Fei's groan of pleasure and the sound of two bodies colliding from the phone, even though Lin Fan already knew what had happened, he still didn't want to believe it.

"Hahahaha.... Yo, isn't this Lin Fan, the outstanding student of our university? Let me tell you what's going on right now!"

"I'm making love to your girlfriend! Oh, not now Feifei is my girlfriend! She's currently moaning pleasure under my crotch, hahaha…"

Lin Fan who was holding the cell phone had a trembling body and veins protruding from his forehead which proved his current anger.

"LENG DONG!!!" Lin Fan's anger shouted like a beast.

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