1 Chapter:1 Kissed By Truck-kun And Met God

(Before Incident)

Narrator: It was a average day and you could see a handsome well built young man walking out of an manga store with the new chapter of opm in his hand reading without paying attention to the road and crossed when he herd noises next to him he suddenly turned and saw a truck coming at him would think that he would be panicking but our his expression was indifferent he was a ex-military solider so he was trained to face death and was pretty famous he had saved many life's but he was to late to move out the was and was kissed by the bumper of the famous truck-kun.

(Truck-kuns Thoughts): Yes I scored anouther one

everything went blank for our mc

(Mc thoughts): were am i?? last thing i remember was getting hit by the infamous truck-kun

Suddenly a gold light came into his view

(???): yes my child you were killed by truck-kun and he sent you here because of your past actions and truck-kun sent you here you have enough karma for 2 wishes.

(Mc): ok then. and who are you???.

(???): interesting you are the first to act this way young one and i am god.

(Mc): Ok

(God): HEHHHH??!!

(Mc): what?

(god):ehm. nothing what are you wishes and what world do you want to go to?

(MC) first wish is a sytem like noels with status,missons/quest,store,lottery,achivements

(GOD) granted

(MC)second wish is to have the highest talent in all things.

(GOD) Granted. now witch world do you want to go.

MC)One Punch man world

(god) granted now choose your apperance

the apperance is the same as cover

(God) granted now goodbye.

(Narrator) as soon as god said that our Mc fell through a hole.

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