1 Road roller-chan

My name is Marcello, I'm an engineering student. Today I found out I had a brain tumor and I'm not going to live longer than a year.

[Image here]

I had to stay in the hospital for an entire day. I'm currently going back home.

'Strange, why is this street so empty, it 8:30 pm?


I look up to see what's going on and see a road roller falling towards me.

I wake up, in a white room.

'Where am I'?

I look in front of me and see the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

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??? : "Hello there".

Marcello: "Hello, who are you"?

???: "I am Road roller-chan, Goddesses of Reincarnation and entertainment in training and Truck-Kuns sister".

Marcello: "Did you throw a Road roller at me"?

Road roller-chan: "Yes, I threw a Road roller at you, even if I didn't kill it cancer would have, in a few months".

Marcello: "You do have a point. Since you are a Goddesses of Reincarnation I'm gonna assume you are going to reincarnate me".

Road roller-chan: "Yes, you are going to be my first Reincarnation".

Marcello: "I see, so Road roller-chan? Is that your name"?

Road roller-chan: "Why do you not like it"?

Marcello: "It's bit of a mouthful".

Road roller-chan: "Then how about you call me Alicia"?

Marcello: "Ok".

Road roller-chan: "So do you have any questions before I reincarnate you"?

Marcello: "Yes, where I'm I going to get reincarnated into? What's the cheat? And what happens to my memories"?

Alicia: "Sorry, it's my first time doing this so I forgot to tell you about that. You are going to be reincarnated into the world of Naruto. You will get a Templat system and you will forget everything about Naruto, except the basics. My big brother also told me to remove all memory's about your family and friends, so that you are not stuck in the past. You will remember everything else when you reach the age of 4".

Marcello: "Can I pick some other world? Which is a bit more peaceful"?

Alicia: "I'm sorry, I cannot do that".

Marcello: "Tell me about the system".

Alicia: "You will have to roll Gacha to pick a character from anime, games, Manga, light novels, and tv shows".

"You will get all powers of that character but be careful you will also get, their weaknesses. Though you won't get any disease they had or personality or their appearance. You will have 2 template slots, one major slot, and one minor slot."

" You get 5 rolls of gacha, from which you have to pick one character each time. You cannot get another character until your current character reaches 100%."

"You can increase template percentage by training and it can increase over time.

Marcello: "I finally got over my Gacha addiction after so long just to fall down another Gacha rabbit hole. How do I naturally increase template percentage"?

Alicia: "Natural template percentage increase will depend on differences between your strength and the strength of the character. How much information you can handle at once".

Marcello: "Dose this system have inventory and mission"?

Alicia: "Yes, it has unlimited Inventory, daily quest, normal quest, hidden quest, are world-level quest".

Marcello: "Tell me about minor and major slots".

Alicia: "In the minor template you will get F class character to a C class character".

"In major, you will get a C rank character to Ex rank character".

Marcello: "I see, do I get their items"?

Alicia: "Yes, you do".

Marcello: What are the drop rates"?

Alicia: "For a minor slot

You have 73.9% chance for an F rank character.

You have 25% chance for an E rank character.

You have 1% chance for a D rank character.

You have 0.1% chance for a C rank character.

For major character

You have 73.88% chance for a C rank character.

You have 25% chance for a B rank character.

You have 1% chance for an A rank character.

You have 0.1% chance for an S rank character.

You have 0.01% chance for a SS rank character.

You have a 0.001% chance for a SSS rank character.

You have a 0.0001% chance for an EX rank character.

Marcello: "Exactly like a Gacha, and just like a Gacha it's going to make me cry".

Alicia: "Do you have any other questions"?

Marcello: "When am I going to be reincarnated"?

Alicia: "Few months before Naruto, in Konoha".

Marcello: "Can I write myself a letter"?

Alicia: "Ok, but not more than two sentences".

In the letter I wrote, "Don't try to show off your powers, unless you are at least a Chunin and you are confident that you can kill a few jonin. Beware of Danzo, if possible kill him".

Alicia: "Well then good luck".

Few years later

'I'm currently in an orphanage, my memory's returned a few minutes ago.

'My mother was a Konoha Chunin, and my father was an owner of a restaurant. Well because of my mother I should have at least a little bit of ninja talent'.

'My father died 3 years ago, he was killed by Rock Shinobi and my mother died 2 months ago because of a lung disease'.

I look at the mirror.

[Image here]

'I look like Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach'.

'System you there'


'This must be one of those non-sentient systems'.


Name : Toshiro

Age : 4 years

Race : Variant Human ( because of the Chakra)

Title : N/A

Chakra : (Locked)

CC : N/A


Minor template:


[Roll for a template]



Major template:


[Roll for a template]



Skills :

Life is a game


It's a gift from the Goddess because you are here to entertain her.

Effect 1: mental barrier

You are immune to all kinds of mental attacks.

Effect 2: Recovery

sleep will increase the speed of recovery.

Basic engineering knowledge [Level-7]


Because you are a engineering student in your previous life you have a brief understanding of it.

Basic medical knowledge [Level-1]


Because you had basic medical knowledge in your previous life.

Unlimited Inventory


Helps you store nonliving objects in a magical subspace.

"Open Inventory".

Letter from your past self.

I think about taking out that letter, and it appears in my hand.

I open it and it says "Don't try to show off your powers, unless you are at least a Chunin and you are confident that you can kill a few jonin . Beware of Danzo, if possible kill him".

'I don't know who Danzo is. I don't know where he is. All I know is I must kill him.


Kill Danzo

As long as he exists you can never live peacefully and Konoha can never be prosperous.

Reward: Sage body


Graduate from ninja academy.

Reward: Skill: Stealth


Pass a test from a Jonin and join a team.

Reward: +50% chakra control


Pass the Chunin exam.

Reward: +3 Chakra nature


Pass the test to become a Jonin

Reward: Skill evolution token


Achieve the strength of Kage level ninja, in physical Strength and ninjutsu.

Reward: Kekkai genkai of your choice

Super Kage

Achieve the strength of Super Kage level ninja, in physical Strength and ninjutsu.

Reward: Special Gacha token

Beyond Super Kage

Achieve a level of strength beyond that of a Super Kage level ninja.

Reward: Skill: Chakra reactor.

Planetary level

Become stronger enough to destroy a planet in seconds.

Reward: SSS rank Gacha token

'Now, how do I roll for Gacha on major template'.

I click roll for a template.

Kamijou Touma [A rank]

Kamijou Touma is the main protagonist of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series and an important character in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun series.

Epithets: The One who Purifies God and Slays Demons

Power: Imagine Breaker

Yagi Toshinor [B rank]

Yagi Toshinor was the former No. 1 Pro Hero of Japan.

Epithets: All Might and Symbol of Peace

Power: One for all

Rangiku Matsumoto [C rank]

Rangiku Matsumoto is the lieutenant of the 10th Division of the Gotei 13, serving under Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

Epithet: Lieutenant of the 10th Division

Power: Haineko

Gol D. Roger [A rank]

Gol D. Roger, more commonly known as Gold Roger, was a legendary pirate who, as captain of the Roger Pirates, held the title of Pirate King and owned the legendary treasure known as One Piece.

Epithet: The king of Pirates

Power: Haki

Genos [C rank]

Genos is an S-Class hero of the Hero Association and is the disciple of Saitama, as he seeks to become stronger to kill a rogue cyborg that killed his parents four years ago.

Epithet: Demon Cyborg

Power: Full-Body Cyborg

==>To be continued.


Author: "Hey everyone, I still haven't decided who the love interest is going to be and sorry for all Harem fans, this is not going to be a Harem, probably. I might change this later down the line".

So now let's vote for love interest:

1) Hinata

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3) Sakura

4) Tsunade

5) Temari

6) Shizune

7) Karin

8) Kushina (yes she's alive)

9) Tenten

10) Anko

11) Kaguya

12) Mei

13) Pakura(recently added)

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