7 Aftermath

The next day 7 am

Last night I couldn't sleep properly, so I a bit woke up late. Then I start doing my daily exercise and preparing to go to the academy.

On my way to Academy, I see a lot of people gathered near the Hokage tower.

Hiruzen: "People of Konoha, today I come here to tell you bad news. Yesterday night around midnight the entire Uchiha clan was massacred by Itachi Uchiha".

People in the crowd: "How did this happen"?

"Aren't they one of the strongest Clan in Konoha"?

"How can one man kill an entire clan"?

"If this is true, then isn't this the perfect time for other villages to attack us"?

Hiruzen: "Don't worry we have increased our defenses and no matter what.....

Toshiro: 'No, how can this happen? What I saw wasn't some crazy dream'.

'How could Itachi just kill Mikoto-san? How did it happen without the anbu noticing? Unless they were in on this whole thing'.

'Itachi, the guy in the mask, and even the Hokage might be involved in this. Those fucking basterds'.

At that moment Toshiro releases his Haoshoku Haki and then he passes out.

[3rd pov]

While the Hokage was giving his speech, suddenly a bust of invisible psychic energy ran wild. It made people feel sorrow, hate, regret, and frustration and almost everyone within a hundred meters radius fell unconscious. No one knew what caused this.

[Alicia pov]

I realize that I made a mistake that could result in Toshiro's death. I stop time in the Naruto world and bring him to me and start fixing my mistake.

5 minutes later

I fixed my mistake and woke him up.

Alicia: "Hello Toshiro".

Toshiro: "Hey, did something happen"?

Alicia: "Well you know how you have chakra, haki, and magic in your body. They both reacted with haki in a weird way, which caused your haki to run wild and it started damaging your soul. So I bought you here to fix it".

Toshiro: "Did you fix it"?

Alicia: "Yes, I did and I gave you a skill called sage. It will prevent anything like that from ever happening in the future".

Toshiro: I'm sorry Alicia, but if that's all then I would like to go back. I'm not in a mood for anything".

Alicia: "I understand, I brought you here at the wrong time and sorry for your loss".

Toshiro: "It's alright, I just want to go back home".

Alicia: "Goodbye".

I send him back to the hospital bed he was in and then I start the flow of time. He should wake up in a few minutes. I really picked a bad time to fix my mistake.

[Naruto pov]

I wake up from my sleep and see it's 9:15 a.m.

Naruto: 'Crap, if I don't make it to class before 9:30 both mom and Iruka Sensei will kill me. Strangely, mom didn't wake me up today'.

Then Naruto gets ready for the Academy and goes down to the kitchen for breakfast. On his way to the kitchen, he sees his mom in the living room crying.

Naruto: "Mom what happened? Why are you crying".

Kushina: *sniff* "Mikoto died".

Naruto: "How"?

Kushina: "They said Itachi killed her and every other Uchiha, except his brother Sasuke".

Naruto: "What? Why would he do such a thing"?

Kushina: "I don't know".

5 hours later.

Naruto: 'I'm currently at the Uchiha clan funeral, with mom'.

[3rd pov]

A lot of people came to pay respect to their friends, teammates, etc.

Hokage was also present, he gave a small speech about how the village is going to get revenge for their death.

It started raining. Some people who already paid respects started to leave.

[Naruto pov]

I go to Toshi, who is standing in front of Mikoto-san's grave.

Naruto: "Toshi are you alright"?

Toshiro: "I'm fine, don't worry about me".

Naruto: "Let's go, you will get sick if you stand in rain".

Toshiro: "You go on without me. I need to say my final goodbye before I leave".

45 minutes later in the Hokage tower.

[Hiruzen pov]

Hiruzen: "Did you find, what caused all those people to faint this morning"?

Twitter: "We have no idea. They have no signs of any jitsu being cast on them. All we know is that they all felt emotions like sorrow, hate, regret, and frustration".

Hiruzen: "Are you sure this is not some kind of new genjutsu"?

Twitter: "Yes, we checked them for any foreign chakra in them".

Hiruzen: "How are people reacting to this"?

Twitter: "People are upset that Itachi escaped and we have no idea where he is. Some are speculating that higher-ups are involved in this".

Hiruzen: "Why is that"?

Twitter: " There are 3 main speculation 1st one, an entire clan was killed and no one noticed it. 2nd one is at least some of the Uchiha police should be out patrolling the village, but even they died. 3rd is that anbu were sending people away from Uchiha district".

Hiruzen: "What anbu were sending people away from the Uchiha clan? Why did I never find out about this"?

Twitter: "Anbu who wear around Uchiha clan wear from Root and you order us to let the Root handle the petrol around Uchiha clan".

Hiruzen: "I see, so I'm part of the problem. Anything else"?

Twitter: "So far we have not seen any signs of attack from other villages. That's all I have to report".

Hiruzen: "You are dismissed".

'I hope that Konoha doesn't face any unknown problems'.

3 days later.

[Gei pov]

'Today I came back from the mission and heard about the Uchiha clan massacre. I go to Academy to see if Toshi is okay. At Academy, they say he hasn't come for 3 days, so I am going to his house.

*knock knock *

He opens his door he has red puffy eyes, dark circles and he looks depressed. After seeing me he smiles.

Toshiro: "Gai Sensei, it feels like it's been ages since I last saw you. Please come in. So how did your mission go"?

Gai: "Forget about the mission. Toshi are you okay? Do you need something?

Toshiro: " I am fine don't worry about me".

Gai: "You don't look like you are fine".

Toshiro: " I just didn't have a proper sleep, yesterday".

Gai: "I see".

5 minutes later

Gai: "Well, I'm going to see you later".

Toshiro: "Bye".

After I leave his place, I looking for Kakashi.

Gai: "Kakashi, I need your help".

Kakashi: "Did something happen"?

Gai: "Do you remember that I told you I have a student now"?

Kakashi: "Yes, I do".

Gai: "You see his mother figure died in the Uchiha Clan massacre and now he is depressed, but he doesn't want to talk about it. How do I help him? I don't have any experience dealing with things like this, so I thought you could help".

Kakashi: "You should take him to his favorite restaurant, make sure he spends more time with his friends. Training also helps, but do half the usual amount".

Gai: "Thank you Kakashi".

Then he runs back to Toshiro's house and he opens his bedroom window. He sees Toshiro sitting in his bed holding a letter in his hands.

Gai: "Toshi let's go to Yakiniku Q, it's my treat".

Toshiro: "Why all of a sudden"?

Gai: "W-Well we are celebrating the competition of my mission. Come on let's go".

Then he dragged Toshiro with him to Yakiniku Q.

Narrator: "The letter on Toshiro's bed was written by Mikoto. It was in the scroll she gave him, among other things".

2 years later

[Naruto pov]

Iruka: "Alright everyone that's it for today, but remember to practice your clone jutsu over the weekend".

Naruto: "Toshi let's go to Yakiniku Q".

Toshiro: "Sorry, Naruto I'm planning on training nonstop".

Choji: "Come on, it won't be the same if all of us are not there".

Shikamaru: "You need to take more breaks".

Toshiro: "Sorry, I'm a bit busy, but how about the day after tomorrow".

Naruto: "You always have to train".

Toshiro: "Once again I'm sorry".

Then he leaves.

Choji: "Do you think he will go back to our old Toshiro".

Shikamaru: "At least he's not depressed all the time".

Choji: "But now he's training all the time".

Shikamaru: "Don't worry he will eventually go back to his old self".

Naruto: "At least he's not an edgelord like Sasuke".

Sakura: "Naruto how dare you to call Sasuke an edgelord".

Ino: "He's just jealous that no one loves him like I love Sasuke".

Sakura: "I love him more you pig".

Ino: "What did you call me Billboard Brow"?

Shikamaru: "What a drag".

A few hours later in a Root hideout

[3rd pov]

Danzo: "What are you doing here Orochimaru"?

Orochimaru: "Oh, come on Danzo, you still haven't paid me for that arm that I gave you".

Danzo: "I told you I have a shortage of those eyes and I will give it to you soon".

Orochimaru: "Do you honestly expect me to believe that? After you killed an entire clan of your precious village. So give me what I want or else we will have some problems".

Danzo: "Fine, bring it to him".

After a minute an anbu brings 3 pairs of Sharingan.

Orochimaru: "Well, it's been a pleasure working with you".

[Reverse summoning]

Narrator: While this is happening a bat was watching everything from outside the building.

[Toshiro pov]

'Kushina-san was right, if anything shady is done by Konoha, Danzo is probably behind it'.

{Are you planning on killing him now?}

(Authors note: that's his new skill Sage talking)

'No, I'm gonna take my time, find everything he likes, everything he dislikes, then I'm gonna take my revenge. He's not the only one though, everyone who was involved is going to pay for what they did'.

I have been spying on Konoha higher-ups for a year using the Find Familiar spell and I finally found who was behind Mikoto-san's death.

Find Familiar lets you create bat, cat, frog, baboon, crab, fox, jackal, Scorpion, Seal, hawk, lizard, octopus, owl, poisonous snake, fish (quipper), rat, fly, raven, sea horse, spider, or weasel, etc. This is considered as a magical spirit, so an Aburame cannot control the insert that I summon. I can see through its eyes and hear through its ears, but I'm temporarily blinded and deafened when I do this. So I use my shadow clone to spy on someone and if my shadow clones find something interesting it creates another shadow clone and dispels itself.

===>To be continued.

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