60 Otsuki Kaguya

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War Recap:

Madara has just activated the Infinite Tsukuyomi!

Chapter 59

As I fell back down to the ground I took note of Madara's Rinne Sharingan being reflected off of the moon.

"Damn it!" I cursed aloud as the light from the moon began to shine down upon the entire world. I looked over to where Sasuke, Naruto, Haku, and Kimimaro were gathered as Sasuke's Perfect Susanoo quickly shielded them from the light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. I gritted my teeth in frustration as the image of Hanabi surfaced in my mind. I'm sorry Hanabi. Just hang in there for a little while longer. Before I could succumb to the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi I quickly teleported to Sasuke's side safely inside of his Perfect Susanoo.

Sasuke turned to look at my disheveled form and commented, "You made it."

Naruto quickly chimed in, "What's going on? We've got to stop Madara! Sasuke, let us out!"

Sasuke shook his head. "No. Madara activated the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The light from his Jutsu can penetrate through all shadows and objects. Everyone in the outside world is currently being placed under his Genjutsu. Only the power of my Rinnegan can counter his Jutsu. Naruto, I know you met with the Sage of Six Paths and received a portion of his power. You wield half of his Sealing Jutsu and I wield the other half. If you or I are defeated then that'll truly be the end of the world. So for now just sit tight. We have to wait for Madara's Jutsu to pass before we can re-engage him."

Naruto gritted his teeth in frustration but said no more. I also clenched my fist in anxiousness as I thought, damn! The final step to reviving Kaguya has been completed. With the Infinite Tsukuyomi in place everyone will be ensnared by the Divine: Deep Forest Emergence technique. The only missing link is Black Zetsu who only needs to facilitate Kaguya's return by sacrificing Madara. And we're all just sitting ducks here.

Haku started pacing back and forth as he said, "There has to be something we can do right? We can't just sit around here and wait as everyone gets trapped in Madara's Jutsu do we?"

I let out a frustrated sigh as I took a seat on the ground. "Unfortunately we can't do anything right now. Only the power of the Rinnegan can resist the light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Which means only Sasuke can move about freely to fight against Madara, but we need Sasuke's Susanoo to remain and shield us from the light. Especially Naruto since Naruto is crucial to defeating Madara. The only thing we can do right now is rest and recover as much strength as we can so we can be prepared to face Madara once his Jutsu passes."

Everyone frowned at how powerless we all were at that moment but began to focus on recovering as much strength as we could.

Madara stared down at the world and smiled at his success only to be surprised when he saw Sasuke's Susanoo acting as a protective shield against his Jutsu. "Oh? The light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi can't penetrate through Sasuke's Susanoo? Is it because he possesses the Rinnegan as well?"

The seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours. The five of us sat in complete and utter silence in the dark as we waited and waited and waited until finally, Sasuke stood up. "Get ready. The time limit of his Jutsu is about to end."

We all nodded and prepared to re-engage in a fierce battle. The light from the moon slowly became dimmer and dimmer and dimmer until finally, the light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi ceased. No later than the moment that the last light of the Jutsu dissipated did Sasuke release his Susanoo and the five of us prepared to charge towards Madara.

Madara smirked in amusement as he floated back down to the ground in the distance and commented, "You five are quite troublesome. But there are only five of you left in the world. I, the savior of this world shall be the one to dispose of you."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he said, "Be careful. His four Shadows have us surrounded."

Madara stood unamused as he commented, "I won't allow you all to do anything anymore. I have just severed the karmic cycle of this world and freed humankind from their suffering and pain."

Naruto clenched his fist and shouted, "But this is all just a lie!"

Madara scoffed at him. "Naruto. You are the one interfering with everyone's happiness. Just look at this world now. All fighting between shinobi has ceased. I have transformed hell into heaven. I've corrected the First Hokage, Hashirama's mistake. He tried to reform the world but ultimately failed. He and I had the same goals at the beginning and even worked together. We tried to change the shinobi world that sent out their own children into war. We created the shinobi village, however, it did not create true peace. People can't show each other their true feelings. Fear, suspicion, resentment, hate, greed, they never subside. My opinions were pushed aside and the shinobi world moved forward in accordance with Hashirama's vision. And what happened because of it? The fighting between shinobi didn't stop. Instead, establishing ninja village's increased the military power of shinobi and created great world wars leading to countless lives lost. The First Great Ninja War. The Second Great Ninja War. The Third Great Ninja War. The fighting never ended. That is the legacy Hashirama left behind. Although I admit that I triggered the Fourth Great Ninja War, I did attempt to have things end peacefully if you all just handed over the Tailed Beasts. Right now everyone is inside the Divine Tree dreaming of their own idyllic world."

"Is this your version of world peace? You're only deceiving people!" Sasuke remarked.

Madara simply smiled. "I only wish to be the savior that ends the long history of fighting amongst shinobi. Just know this, the fighting is over."

As Madara was speaking about his vision and dreams I frantically did my best to sense for Black Zetsu's presence but couldn't detect him at all which made me panic a little inside. Just as I prepared to attack Madara a shadow appeared behind him and stabbed him through the heart.

NO! I mentally screamed. He was hidden in Madara's shadow this entire time?

Everyone was shocked at the scene playing out before us as Black Zetsu said, "You're wrong Madara. You are not the savior. And this is not the end of things."

Naruto exclaimed, "What the heck is going on?"

I quickly threw one of my special kunai at Black Zetsu and replied, "Stop them! Quick!" However, before my kunai could make it halfway Black Zetsu controlled Madara's body to activate the power of his Rinnegan and deflected it with the power of the Deva Path.

Zetsu smirked and commented, "Now now. Don't be in such a rush to end things. After all, this is only the beginning."

Madara struggled in place as he couldn't move and said through gritted teeth, "Black Zetsu! What do you think you are doing? You are my will incarnate!"

Black Zetsu simply chuckled. "Wrong. My dear Madara. Why do you think you are any different than Obito who you manipulated to this point? You have also been in a phantom dream all this time. One that I concocted. I am not your will incarnate. Rather, I am Kaguya's!"

Naruto and Sasuke immediately had a bad feeling when they heard Black Zetsu mention Kaguya's name. I ignored Black Zetsu's speech as I quickly activated my Susanoo and slashed out with Masamune. However, it was at that moment that a powerful pulse of energy erupted from all over the world. Naruto widened his eyes in shock and exclaimed, "Wh-What was that?!"

Just before my blade could hit Madara and Black Zetsu a powerful surge of chakra erupted from the ground and intercepted my attack at the same time displacing my body on the ground.

"Fuck!" I cursed as I dashed to the side. All the chakra that erupted from the ground began to gather inside of Madara at this moment. I quickly stabilized my body and shouted, "Don't let him absorb anymore!"

Sasuke, Naruto, Haku, Kimimaro, and I quickly dashed towards Madara in an attempt to separate Black Zetsu from him, however, before we could even get close the hair on Madara's back spread out into long thick and powerful ropes that ensnared us.

Black Zetsu smirked and remarked, "Hahaha! Like moths drawn into the flame. I'll absorb your chakra here and now and be done with it."

Naruto struggled and shouted, "Ugh! If we don't stop him here then everyone will end up dying!"

Black Zetsu smiled sinisterly and responded, "Don't worry. No one will die. Even when Kaguya was alive she didn't kill people, she had them wrapped nicely inside the Divine Tree and transformed them into her soldiers."

I gritted my teeth and shouted, "Like we'd let you turn us or anyone else into a bunch of White Zetsu's!"

Black Zetsu widened his eyes in surprise. "Impressive. Izaya. You figured that much out on your own huh? Correct. Those left from the previous casting of the Infinite Tsukuyomi is what White Zetsu are."

Madara struggled in his deformed state to lift his head and said in confusion, "Black Zetsu! What are you talking about? The Infinite Tsukuyomi is an Uchiha Jutsu. One that brings eternal peace to the world of shinobi."

"And what do you base that on?" Black Zetsu responded.

"The Sage of Six Paths carved that into the stone tablet!"

"Hahahaha! My dear Madara. I have been around eons longer than you have. I have had plenty of time to make revisions on that tablet of his. The Infinite Tsukuyomi is not a Jutsu that confers peaceful dreams. Rather it is a Jutsu used to amass large amounts of chakra from those enslaved in it. You acted according to what I-No, what Kaguya's will had intended. Just as you used Obito as a pawn, you too were merely a pawn. A pawn for Kaguya's revival!"

At this moment Madara's body swelled into an enormous size as the five of us were still gripped tightly in Madara's long white hair. I struggled as I shouted, "We need to distance ourselves quickly!"

Sasuke quickly replaced himself with a rock using the power of his Rinnegan while I quickly teleported out by Naruto, Haku, and Kimimaro's side effectively teleporting them out to safety one by one. Just as we all escaped, Madara's bloated body shrunk down and all the chakra in the surrounding area calmed down as it was finally completely absorbed. In Madara's place was a woman with two horns and long flowing white hair that reached the ground. She floated in place a few feet above the ground as she stared at us with her Byakugan in indifference.

Sasuke furrowed his brow as he said, "That is...Otsutsuki...Kaguya."

Naruto widened his eyes in shock. "That is...The one the Old Gramps Sage talked about!"

Haku and Kimimaro frowned as they could sense just how otherworldly powerful this woman in front of them was. Kaguya floated closer ever so slowly as she stared at Naruto and Sasuke. "These two are Hagoromo and Hamura's...No...Rather they are Indra and Asura's…" She stared at Naruto's right palm with a tattoo of a sun on it and Sasuke's left hand which had the tattoo of a moon on it. "So...It was Hagoromo who gave them the sealing formula." She then took a quick glance at Kimimaro and with a bit of a surprised look she whispered aloud, "Interesting. Hamura's bloodline is it?"

Haku gritted his teeth and asked, "What's our next plan of action?"

Before anyone could respond Kaguya chimed in. "You shinobi know nothing of the true meaning of chakra. This place, this land...it is my precious nursery. I won't let it be damaged any further. Let us stop fighting...here that is."

In a mere instant the five of us found ourselves in an entirely different dimension inside a large cave filled with deadly lava beneath us. Kaguya watched as all of us began falling to the bottom. She raised her arms and remarked, "I shall erase you all here!"

I gritted my teeth and quickly threw several kunai at the cavern wall. I then teleported to Haku, Kimimaro, and Sasuke's side as I teleported each of us to one of the kunai stuck on the wall. I then quickly activated my Wood Style and created footholds along the wall for us to stand on. Naruto had already learnt that he could fly during his fight against Madara so he simply floated in the air and steadied his mind as he took a good look around him.

Kaguya widened her eyes in a bit of surprise and remarked, "Hmpf. Futile."

I narrowed my eyes in complete focus as I stared over at Kaguya and said, "Naruto. Sasuke. You both received some sort of power from the Six Paths right?"

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah. Only Naruto's Light Style and my Shadow Style can seal her away."

At that moment Kaguya shot forth hundreds and thousands of her white senbon hair needles our way with incredible speed. Immediately Sasuke and I activated our Susanoo and shielded everyone from the attack. Kaguya quickly rushed forward and struck out with her fist as she shouted, "Eighty Gods Vacuum Palm!"

Naruto responded by creating large chakra arms to counter Kaguya's attack.


A blinding light and thundering sound spread out across the cave as both attacks met head on. With Kaguya's Byakugan she was able to find a gap in Naruto's attack and successfully struck him in the chest sending him flying uncontrollably through the air. Sasuke utilized that moment to arrive by Kaguya's side clad in his perfect Susanoo and struck down with two giant swords at her body, however, Kaguya simply raised her left arm upwards as she was surrounded in an aura of blue chakra and melted away Sasuke's Susanoo. Sasuke widened his eyes in shock at what he was seeing. Not a moment later Kaguya blasted Sasuke off to the side and sent him falling down towards the lava below.

Haku quickly shouted, "Ice Dragon Jutsu!" A large icy dragon swooped down and caught Sasuke in its mouth before bringing him back onto the wooden platform I created earlier. Kimimaro stretched out his arms towards Kaguya and shouted, "Dance of the Honey Locust Spear!" Two large bone spears shot out at Kaguya who scoffed and said, "You can even use a Jutsu similar to my own. But it is futile to resist."

Just as the bone spears got close she batted them away with her powerful aura. In that instant I arrived above her and activated my own Perfect Susanoo. A giant black armored Susanoo with dark black wings with me in the center of its forehead approached closer and closer. Kaguya stared indifferently as she cloaked her hand in blue chakra and prepared to melt my Susanoo away just as she did with Sasuke's. I gritted my teeth and crossed my fingers that my attack would work as my Susanoo unsheathed the cool black and blue blade of Masamune and struck down at her. The next instant Kaguya widened her eyes in complete shock as what happened exceeded her expectations. The moment her hand made contact with my blade it didn't melt away as she had predicted. Instead she was slammed through the air and rolled off into the distance for several miles before crashing into the wall of the cavern. I rejoiced at the fact that my spirit weapon was unaffected by Kaguya's chakra and stood floating in midair as I watched Kaguya crash into the wall in the far distance.

Sasuke arrived next to me in his own Perfect Susanoo and commented, "It seems like your spirit weapon works against her as well."

Haku and Kimimaro rejoiced and shouted, "Nice one Big Brother!"

Naruto finally stabilized himself in the air and floated over next to us. He turned to me and looked down at my waist pointing to Muramasa and asked, "Izaya, what is that katana? How come I never see you use it? Is it required for you to activate your spirit weapon?"

I looked down at my waist and shook my head. "No. This is a different spirit weapon. I can't use it yet. If I do it could potentially put us all in danger."

Without anymore time to explain further a dark portal appeared behind Naruto and dragged him inside before anyone could react.

"Naruto!" Sasuke shouted as he attempted to follow, however, the portal closed before Sasuke could even get near. Kimimaro frowned and said, "What do we do now?"

I also frowned and said, give me a moment. I placed my hands together and formed the hand signs of Horse, Ox, Rat, Bird, Hare, and Ram then said, "Flying Thunder God Jutsu: Gate Crossing!" Immediately my chakra linked up to the Flying Thunder God Seal I placed on Naruto. "Heh." I half-smiled and half-frowned.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked.

"I developed this Jutsu to help me escape Obito's Kamui dimension. It lets me teleport to any of my markers across dimensions."

Sasuke widened his eyes in surprise. "Then can you teleport us to Naruto?"

I frowned. "I could. But the problem is jumping between dimensions takes up a lot of chakra. To take us all I'll need the aid of everyone's chakra."

Haku quickly chimed in and replied, "That's fine Big Brother. We'll give you as much as you want."

Kimimaro nodded in agreement.

Sasuke simply placed his hand on my shoulder and said, "Let's hurry."

The three of them pooled their chakra and channelled it into me as I focused on Naruto's location. Just as I had amassed enough chakra with everyone's help I activated my Jutsu and teleported everyone by Naruto.

Black Zetsu widened his eyes in shock when he saw us appear by Naruto's side. He remained hidden inside Kaguya's sleeve and remarked, "Impossible! How did they get to this dimension?!"

Naruto also exclaimed in surprise. "Eh?! How'd you guys get here?"

Sasuke quickly chimed in, "It was Izaya's Jutsu. Nevermind that though, focus ahead of you. Remember only you and I together can seal her away."

I took a quick sweep around us and noted that this dimension was the one completely covered in ice and snow. Haku smiled as he took in the surroundings and placed his hands together shouting, "Sage Art: Ice Style Swallow Snow Storm Jutsu!" The ice all around us condensed into large snow birds and flew straight at Kaguya in a ferocious storm. Kaguya frowned and controlled the ice world around her to intercept Haku's attack effectively blocking his Jutsu.

Haku widened his eyes in surprise. "Eh? Can she utilize the Ice Style Kekkei Genkai as well? Or is this a function of her influence over this world?"

Naruto furrowed his brow and said, "She's merged herself with nature. She can control the environment around her."

I frowned and thought to myself, this is just like Kabuto's Sage ability to warp his surroundings to aid him in battle.

The icy world began moving on its own as the sharp icy rocks and mountains aimed to pierce our bodies forcing us to keep moving and dodging with every passing second. I quickly dodged a large ice mountain spear and placed my hands together shouting, "Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence!" Instantly a huge forest began growing right beneath us and started to obstruct and combat the icy mountains around us. Kimimaro quickly landed on a tree branch and activated the 8th breath of the Nine Dragons Breathing filling him with powerful Sage chakra and enhancing all of his Taijutsu abilities. He shot forth at an incredible speed and shouted, "8 Extreme Fists, 1st Fist of Destruction!"

Kaguya responded by shouting, "80 Gods Vacuum Palm!"


The impact of the collision generated a powerful force that caused Kimimaro to fly off into the distance for several hundreds of meters as Kaguya was sent rolling through the air for several tens of meters before she was able to stabilize herself. I used that chance to activate my Perfect Susanoo and slashed at her with Masamune. However, before my attack reached her she disappeared into a black portal. A dark portal appeared behind Sasuke in the next instant undetected as she quickly grabbed Sasuke by the collar and dragged him inside.

"Guh!" Sasuke groaned as he was pulled in.

"Sasuke!" I shouted as I turned only to see a dark portal close shut. Soon after another portal opened as Kaguya appeared before us. Naruto placed his hands in the Clone sign and said, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Thousands of Naruto's appeared as he began attacking her in a flurry of madness.

"Where did you bring Sasuke!" He shouted.

Kaguya dodged, parried, and defended as she created long ash-colored bones from her hands and began destroying Naruto's clones one by one. The moment I saw Kaguya create those long ash-colored bones I immediately became alarmed and shouted, "Everyone, be careful of those bones! If you get hit by them then you're dead!"

Black Zetsu narrowed his eyes in caution and surprise as he said, "Oh? You know about mother's All Killing Ash Bone Jutsu? Well, no matter. You're right, if you get hit then it's certain death! So die!" Kaguya quickly pointed one of her bones at me and with great speed it shot forth towards my chest. I quickly flew to Haku's location successfully dodging her attack. In the next moment a large white bone spear flew through the air aiming straight for Kaguya's head. Before it could make contact her hair flung out and caught the bone spear. She then grabbed it and squeezed crushing the bone spear into dust as she commented, "This technique is very similar to my All Killing Ash Bone Jutsu. However, it is greatly inferior in its ability to kill."

Kimimaro frowned as he watched how easily Kaguya defended against his attack. He took a deep breath and thought, we have to defeat Kaguya at all costs. She's too dangerous and powerful. If we don't go all out then we'll end up losing. Even though I don't know what the side effects will be yet I don't have the luxury to think about it. I have to use the complete Nine Dragons Breathing technique if I want to be useful at all in this fight. Kimimaro closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he felt the surrounding natural energies enter his body. He felt his cells, tissues, muscles, and bones grow stronger and stronger and stronger as they were baptized in natural energy nine total times by his technique. Sweat dripped down the side of his head and back as he felt some sort of transformation within his body.

Kaguya turned her head as she sensed a surge of familiarity coming from Kimimaro. Black Zetsu frowned and commented, "What is he doing?" Kaguya also frowned and activated her Byakugan to take a closer look at the changes happening in Kimimaro's body. She instantly widened her eyes in shock and exclaimed, "How is this possible? His bones are transforming into that of the All Killing Ash Bones. The natural energy his body absorbed has reinvigorated his diluted Otsutsuki bloodline and made it more pronounced that it has caused a change in his body's physical structure."

She quickly stuck her hand out towards Kimimaro and shot several of her All Killing Ash Bones towards him. But before it could make contact I arrived by Kimimaro's side and teleported us both safely away into the distance. Maro finally opened his eyes as he completed the activation of the full Nine Dragons Breathing technique. The purple aura of natural energy surrounding him stopped leaking outside and was fully absorbed and concentrated inside of his body. A tattoo in the shape of a dragon with nine heads appeared on his face as his eyes turned purple.

I stared dumbfoundedly at Kimimaro's transformation and remarked, "Maro, you did it! Not only did you complete the Nine Dragons Breathing technique, but you became a true Sage. The tattoo marks and the coloration changes in your eyes are proof of that. You've become the first Taijutsu oriented Sage!" Before we could celebrate further several large Ash bones came flying in our direction.

Kimimaro narrowed his eyes and quickly responded by placing his hands up and shouted, "All Killing Ash Bones! Honey Locust Spears!" Several sharp Ash Bones flew out from Maro's hands and intercepted Kaguya's Ash Bones effectively stopping her attack.

Kaguya frowned in the distance as she commented, "So he really has awakened the All Killing Ash Bones."

Without giving Kaguya time to think or strategize Haku shouted, "Sage Art: Ice Style Crystal Ice Mirrors Jutsu!" Hundreds of ice mirrors surrounded Kaguya as they reflected the image of Naruto inside. Naruto quickly activated Kokuo's steam chakra within him and shouted, "Vapor Style: Unrivaled Strength!" A huge mass of hot steam rushed out towards Kaguya as she quickly evaded by entering a portal. Before the steam could reach her she disappeared completely.

Naruto shouted in frustration, "Damn it! Where did she go?"

In the next instant a hand appeared behind Haku and dragged him inside. Kimimaro who was closest shouted, "NO!" But it was too late as the portal closed completely.

Haku glanced around him as he noticed that he was back in that lava filled cave and quickly activated his Ice Crystal Mirrors Jutsu. One mirror appeared beneath him and another mirror appeared by the wood platform that Izaya had created previously. He quickly went through the mirror and popped out of the other safely on the wooden platform. Kaguya stood floating in the distance as she stared at Haku. Haku simply stared back in wariness and said, "So your plan is to separate us and kill us one by one huh?"

Instead of Kaguya responding it was Black Zetsu who responded. "Exactly. You lot are persistent little roaches. But you all are weak when on your own. Mother, quickly kill him and then we'll go deal with the others."

Haku gritted his teeth in preparation for a fierce battle as Kaguya struck out with her palm creating a massive blast of pure chakra. Haku widened his eyes in alarm as he mentally noted, I'll die if I take that attack head on. He quickly jumped in the air and dodged her attack only to find himself facing a hundred more palm strikes from Kaguya.

Haku gritted his teeth and prepared for the impact as he whispered, "I'm sorry Big Brother, Maro, everyone. I think this is as far as I go…" Haku shut his eyes and crossed his arms while curling his body in a ball bracing himself.


A flash of azure blue and silver light passed by just before Kaguya's attack made contact.


Then it hit. Kaguya's hundred palm strike blasted Haku off into the distance and smashing into several rock pillars before crashing into the wall of the cavern. Debris and dust kicked up from the force of the impact. Black Zetsu smirked and cackled as he commented, "That's one down. Four to go. Let's leave and get the others."

Kaguya squinted her eyes and commented, "No. It's not over yet."

The debris and dust slowly dissipated revealing Haku, completely disheveled with dirt stains all around, but otherwise unharmed. A fierce blue and silver aura surrounded him giving off a feeling of immense majesty and danger. The koi fish tattoo on his forehead that marked him as a Sage transformed into that of a serpentine dragon. His eyes became a silver color.

Kaguya stared warily at Haku and asked, "What did you do just now?"

Haku simply stared indifferently at Kaguya as he responded in an echoed voice that sounded like it was a mix of his voice and a wise and ancient creature's voice. "What did I do? I simply lent this child a bit of my power."

Kaguya narrowed her eyes in confusion. "Lent him power? Then you are a different entity inhabiting that child's body? Who and what are you?"

"Correct. I have simply lent this child a bit of my power as a Heavenly Sage. I have decided to pass on my teachings onto him. After all, it's rare to find someone who has a good heart and the potential to become a perfect Heavenly Sage. As for who I am. Though we have never personally met before I'm sure you've heard of my name. I am Owatatsumi. The Heavenly Ocean Sage."

Kaguya instantly widened her eyes in shock and alarm as her body slightly shuddered. "You are Owatatsumi? THE Heavenly Ocean Sage? Impossible. I heard that you had died."

"Heh. As you can see I am still very much alive. However, I commend your Clan. They managed to injure me greatly and stole many of my treasures. The truth is that I pity you and your circumstance. But I won't allow you to kill this child."

Kaguya frowned. "You pity me? How so?"

"I pity you because you are ignorant of the truth about yourself and your family. But then again I suppose not even your own Clan knows the truth about you. If you knew the truth then perhaps you would turn against the Otsutsuki Clan. What I find ironic is that you decided to turn on them yourself despite not knowing the truth about yourself. That is why you were amassing an army of White Zetsu. In preparation for the day when they arrive here on this planet. No matter. Your intentions are good but your methods are questionable. Besides, even if you had succeeded in amassing an army of White Zetsu they do not possess the strength capable to combat your Clan. This you should know well."

Kaguya clenched her fist and responded, "Then what should I have done? Nothing? They will come. And when they do they will destroy this planet and steal its chakra fruit leaving nothing left."

Owatatsumi stared at Kaguya with his silver bright eyes filled with great wisdom and power and responded, "Yes. They will come. But you alone will not be able to stop them. Why not work together with the shinobi of this world?"

Kaguya scoffed. "Impossible. They are greedy creatures who do nothing but stab each other in the backs at any chance they can get for more power. It is best if I control the flow of all chakra. Only I know how to best use it."

Owatatsumi shook his head in disapproval. "Then there is nothing more to discuss. I shall side with this child and place my faith in that of shinobi."

Kaguya frowned and responded, "Then you will perish along with them."


Kaguya struck out with all her might as she formed a fist and shouted, "Eighty Gods Vacuum Palm!"

Owatatsumi quickly said, "Haku! I am returning control of your body to you. I have lent you my powers as a Heavenly Sage, but it won't last very long."

"Mn." Haku quickly acknowledged. He pulled back his fist and shouted, "Heavenly Sage Art: Ice Style Frozen Fist!" A mass of cold icy air condensed around Haku's fist as he punched out with all his being.


A giant snow storm erupted from Haku's punch effectively intercepting Kaguya's giant 80 fists. Kaguya widened her eyes in shock. "Impossible! He was able to neutralize my attack? What kind of power did Owatatsumi lend him?"

Haku was also shocked and mentally exclaimed, so this is the power that a perfect Heavenly Sage can grant someone?


Haku quickly turned his head as he felt the presence of someone appear next to him and exclaimed in surprise and emotion, "Big Brother?"

I huffed and panted as I slowly steadied my breathing and felt my chakra drastically drain away from me. "Haku…"


"Are you...Okay"


I felt Haku slowly sit me down against the cavern wall and say, "Big Brother. You came for me. I thought I would never get to see you or Maro again."

I felt my heart clench. "Haku. Of course I came. I wouldn't leave you all alone. I promised to protect you and Maro."

Haku silently nodded and quickly wiped away a tear from his eye before refocusing and said, "Just wait here and recover Big Brother. I'm a lot stronger right now because I received some help from the master of Ryuga-Jo Palace."

Before I could respond Haku disappeared and dashed off into the distance. I widened my eyes as I finally took notice of the drastic changes surrounding Haku. There was an azure and silver aura flowing off of his body and his eyes were a bright silver color. The tattoo on his forehead bore the mark of a serpentine dragon and he was flying. He was actually flying in midair. I rubbed my eyes just to make sure I was seeing things correctly.

"H-Haku can fly? What's with this aura around him? It feels vastly different than anything I ever felt before. Both majestic and incredibly dangerous."


Flashes of silver and blue light flooded the entire area as Haku engaged Kaguya in a battle unlike any ever seen before. I gripped tightly onto the wall so as not to fly off into the distance from the force of the residual impact of their battle. I stared in awe at their fight and wonderment. It was at that moment that I heard Senko's voice inside my head.

"Incredible. He must be using the power of a Heavenly Sage. The aura feels very familiar. If I'm not mistaken then this power must be from the Heavenly Ocean Sage Owatatsumi. I never imagined that he too would be alive and survived the Heavenly Purge."

I furrowed my brow in confusion and asked, "What? Heavenly Ocean Sage? Owatatsumi? Heavenly Purge? What's going on Senko?"

"Izaya, I should ask you what's going on. After I helped you evolve your Mangekyo into that of the Eternal I went straight to sleep. Now all of a sudden a member of the Otsutsuki Clan has appeared. And it just so happened to be Kaguya at that."

I only became more confused with every word Senko said. "Senko, you know about the Otsutsuki Clan and about Kaguya? You still haven't answered my previous questions."

Senko let out a breath of seriousness before responding. "Listen carefully Izaya. I still haven't fully recovered. It's because I keep waking up to lend you some aid. I estimate that it'll take about a year for me to truly recover enough strength where I don't need to sap any of your power to survive. I don't have much time before I need to go back to rest so an in depth explanation on your previous questions will have to wait once I've recovered. But to start, first, your brother Haku is using a powerful technique known as Heavenly Sage mode. It's an ability that only a few rare beings in the Heavenly Plane knew how to use. From what it looks like your brother Haku is borrowing some power from Owatatsumi. His Heavenly Sage mode will only last for another minute, maybe two. He isn't accustomed to its power yet and so he can only fight Kaguya to a draw. He can't kill her. Once his power runs out you'll need to teleport both him and yourself out of here to safety."

I frowned as I listened to Senko's explanation. "I'd like to do that but I only got to this dimension thanks to Naruto lending me some of his chakra. I only have enough chakra to send one of us out of here."

"I have been amassing chakra from you over the past few months. I haven't had the chance to use it all yet so I'll lend what's left back to you. That should be enough to send you both out of here. But once again it'll take longer before I recover. But, it can't be helped with your current situation. I'll do you one more favor. I know you have the skill to sense and absorb natural energy, but you lack a proper transformation system to become an actual Sage. I'll teach you the pathway system to circulate natural energy so you can become a Four Divine Symbols Sage. That should help you a little in your fight against Kaguya. Now get ready."

I simply nodded my head and stood back up as I felt Senko pass on some information to me. I also felt a burst of chakra as Senko returned all the chakra he hadn't used up back to me at that moment. I clenched my fist and returned my attention back at Haku who was still engaged in a fierce battle against Kaguya.

Haku quickly backflipped midair avoiding a deadly attack from Kaguya and placed his hands together shouting, "Heavenly Sage Art: Ice Style Multi Ice Dragon Jutsu!" In mere seconds ten gigantic frosty ice dragons condensed in the area and shot out towards Kaguya. She narrowed her eyes and clapped her hands together creating a hundred giant Ash Bone Spears that intercepted the ice dragons. Haku frowned as he noted that he was running out of Heavenly energy. Kaguya appeared next to Haku and thrust out a powerful palm strike to which he expertly raised his left arm to deflect her attack. Haku quickly ducked down successfully avoiding Kaguya's long hair attack and dashed backwards creating some distance between them. Before Kaguya could press on her attack Haku placed his hands together and shouted, "Heavenly Sage Art: Ice Style Freezing Mist Jutsu!" He expelled from his mouth a mist of freezing ice so large and dense that even the lava below froze over. Kaguya furrowed her brow and successfully escaped as she disappeared inside one of her portals.

As the freezing mist came to a stop Haku huffed and panted heavily as the aura surrounding him disappeared. His Heavenly Sage Mode finally wore off as the serpentine dragon tattoo on his forehead regressed into that of the double koi fish. Haku began falling from the air as he could no longer fly in his current form. I quickly teleported to his side and propped him over my shoulder as I sensed my marker on Naruto and teleported us back into the icy world dimension Naruto and Kimimaro were in. The instant we returned to Naruto's side Kimimaro frantically ran over to us. "Izaya! Haku! Are you both alright?"

I set Haku down to rest against an icy boulder before responding. "Yeah. We're both fine. Did you see Kaguya? She disappeared from the dimension we were in."

Kimimaro let out a sigh of relief and shook his head. "No. Kaguya hasn't appeared here."

I frowned. "Then she must have entered the dimension where sh-" I stumbled backwards a bit as my vision suddenly became obscured. Hints of cloudiness and extreme clarity tunneled back and forth before my vision stabilized.

Naruto, Haku, and Kimimaro were immediately alarmed as they quickly came to my aid and supported me so I wouldn't fall.

"Izaya, what's wrong?" Naruto asked concernedly.

I clutched my eyes as I felt a strange pulsing sensation in my eyes. It lasted for a few seconds before subsiding.

"Izaya?" Kimimaro questioned in confusion and concern.

I recomposed myself and examined my body only to find nothing out of the ordinary. "I'm...I'm fine. Sorry if I worried you guys."

Haku frowned at my answer. "Big Brother. You don't just stumble and clutch your eyes if everything is fine. Are you sure?"

I nodded. "Don't worry. I'm fine."

Naruto nodded. "What were you saying earlier about where Kaguya disappeared?"

"Right. If Kaguya isn't here then she probably left to the dimension where she sent Sasuke. We need to hurry. We can't let Sasuke face her alone. If we all pool our chakra together I can take us to where Sasuke is."

"Mn." Everyone nodded as Naruto, Haku, and Kimimaro placed their hands on my back and fueled me with as much chakra as they could. Just as I gathered enough chakra to send all four of us I quickly made the jump. Black Zetsu frowned as Kaguya just dodged an attack from Sasuke and noticed that Naruto and the others had appeared as well. He gritted his teeth and shouted, "You pesky cockroaches! Just die!"

Sasuke quickly acknowledged our presence but kept his focus on Kaguya. Kaguya however, frowned at our appearance.

I took note of our surroundings which happened to be her desert dimension.

Black Zetsu chimed in at this moment. "Mother. Since Sasuke and Naruto are reunited we can't afford to be stingy with our chakra anymore."

Kaguya stared at us indifferently and responded. "I know." She spread out her arms and utilizing the power of her Rinne Sharingan, transported everyone into another one of her Space-Time dimensions.



We all felt a heavy gravitational weight pull down on our bodies and kept us all grounded and nearly immobile. Kimimaro had the easiest time moving around in his enhanced Taijutsu state, but his movements were much slower than normal. Kaguya stretched out her palms and aimed right at Sasuke and Naruto as she shot forth two spears of her All Killing Ash Bones at them. Kimimaro quickly reacted as he shot out his own Ash Bones intercepting hers.

Black Zetsu cursed aloud. "Damn you! Mother, with his enhanced Taijutsu state the gravity isn't affecting him as much. You should get rid of him first and then kill Sasuke and Naruto."

I frowned as I heard what Black Zetsu said and retorted, "You think I'll let you hurt Kimimaro? Think again!" I placed my hands together and quickly absorbed the natural energy around me according to the way Senko had instructed me earlier. In mere moments four circular symbols appeared on my forehead with the bottom circle containing the mark of a phoenix inside.

"Four Divine Symbols Sage Mode! Sage Art: Wood Style Wood Dragon Jutsu!" A wooden dragon quickly erupted beneath Kaguya, but before it could ensnare her the world around us transformed once again as she transported us to a different Space-Time. This removed the heavy gravity from all of us allowing Kaguya to quickly fly upwards to avoid being caught in my Jutsu. She floated there in the sky staring down at all of us with a hint of frustration in her eyes while the rest of us rejoiced from having the heavy gravity off of our backs.

Haku stared at me for a moment before commenting, "Big Brother, I didn't know you could use Sage Mode."

"I couldn't. But let's just say a friend helped me out." I took note of our new surroundings which was a land filled with giant pink striped mountains and hills and thought, this is the center of all of Kaguya's Space-Time dimensions. A palpable tension passed between us and Kaguya as we all stood in silence thinking about our next plan of action. In the next instant Sasuke immediately activated his perfect Susanoo and shot into the air as Naruto created a giant Kurama and also flew into the sky.

Haku gritted his teeth and placed his hands together shouting, "Sage Art: Ice Style Grand Ice Dragon Jutsu!" A giant ice dragon with large wings condensed around Haku and lifted him into the sky as I quickly arrived by Kimimaro's side and shouted, "Perfect Susanoo!" The giant form of a black armored Susanoo flew into the air as I took Maro with me. As both sides stood on opposite ends we all knew that this confrontation was going to be the one to truly decide the fate of the world.

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