6 Chapter 6 : A new beginning, part 1

The sun rose bathing in its light the faces of the kage carving into the stone and overlooking the village, shops opened their doors, villagers began to flock to the streets while shinobi moved from roof to roof. In short, a banal day for the village of konoha. And yet... for me this day marks the beginning of my new life as an aspiring ninja. Today, in a few hours, I would leave this orphanage in which I would have lived for almost the whole of this second life. A point of sadness and nostalgia caught me, thinking back to all this time spent here, from the moment I became aware of the world in which I found myself, through my discovery of my chakra, my night training away from the eyes. But… above all, what I will miss the most here will be the matron who will always have been there for me and who presented me with this opportunity.*Sighs*….No this is not the time to be nostalgic, if I already let my feelings invade me... I'd better give up the ninja's path. Today there is no room for sadness, only for joy and excitement for this new step in my ninja way. After all today, in more than a few hours, I would leave this orphanage to live with my new tutor, but especially my new sensei Daichi. Pfff, I can only smile, thinking back to our meeting a week ago now, with him I feel that this new start will be all except boring.

– one week ago --

"I think it must be here, the meeting place with the ninja, training ground number 67 if I believe the map..." I feel a presence, it's light, 18 meters behind me hiding in the tree. He must be the ninja I have to meet, the one who is interested in adopting an orphan. I see, he must want to observe me, see how I behave when I am alone, and see if I can wait for him without becoming impatient. Humph! This bastard… If he wants to play like that no problem, I will just wait for him quietly without showing an ounce of impatience in my behavior and on my face. *Smirk* We will see who has the most patience between us.

3 hours later…

"Hello, sorry to be late, I had a report to give, you know the usual ninja stuff ahahah... you must be Kuro? I'm Daichi, the ninja you had to meet here 3 hours ago". He told me, with an embarrassed look and a truthful smile, which if I don't know better, would deceive me.

This bastard, no, stay calm, he must look for an indication of indignation or annoyance on my face, relax all that is only a test, it is about my future, takes on you, takes on you...

"I understand Mr. Daichi, there is no problem, your ninja work is very important, I thank you for coming despite all your work and for showing interest towards a simple orphan like me" so, bastard, do you have another trick in your bag or you forfeit against lord Kuro ahahahah...

*Cough*"Your will of fire is great, but, for me to adopt you and make you the honor of taking you as my disciple, you will need much more than that. I heard from your matron that you were pretty talented. But there are lots of other orphans in this village, so I give you 3 minutes to show me what differentiates you from the others!" He said, with an air of smugness radiating all around him.

This bastard, he comes 3 hours late and he leaves me only 3 minutes to show him what I am capable of. I will show him what I can do, the fruit of my training for the past 2 years. It's now or never to play the card of the prodigy.

Thinking that, I walked to the tree closest to us, took a leaf and placed it on my forehead keeping it in place thanks to my chakra.

Seeing this, Daichi shook his head and said "impressive for a simple orphan but it is far from enou--"

Before he even had time to finish his sentence, I placed a leaf on each of my fingers always in keep them fixed thanks to my chakra. And to finish, I started climbing the tree focusing my chakra on the soles of my feet.

Once at the top of the tree on a branch, upside down only maintained thanks to my chakra on the soles of my feet and always the 11 leaves respectively on my fingers and forehead.

I said with my biggest smile,"Do you think that's enough Mr. Daichi."

A stunned look and Daichi's gaping mouth was my only answer.

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