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Reincarnated in MHA: OOP


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The Mc in this fan-fic is just too OOP(over-overpowered) for his universe I don't think anyone can beat this guy in the first place. For instance, he has the power of Gojo Saturo(JJK), Enryu(ToG), Gate of Babylon. Hey, that's just too much do you think there is anyone out there who can beat this guy won't he become a villain. He doesn't know about the storyline of MHA, he will do whatever he likes and for his powers, he will use it but not from the very beginning. I will write this shit just for fun so if you don't find this interesting then just BUZZ OFF. I don't own any character in this fan-fic credit goes to their respective creator. Ok, I will upload it whenever I feel like it. Maybe it will be regular or maybe not regular. That's it man what do you want from me go just read the shit.


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